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The Warrior Eyeshadow Palette by Juvia's Place
Juvia's Place

The Warrior Eyeshadow Palette

pigmentation: pigmented
beautybayBuy ($20)

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blends well

the colors are so pigmented and easy to blend

- Ulta User

the blending on these shadows are easy and the color combinations are perfect neutrals for everyday looks and glam looks

- Ulta User


does not have fallout

i use it for everything lip color, eyeshadow, bronzer, highlighter, eyebrows, contour, blush all that all that lol but i love this palette it does have fall out a little but it's super duper pigment omg it's like one the best pigment palettes i had so far

- Ulta User

i love this palette, it's super pigmented, little to no fall out and has great warm shade/colors

- Ulta User


not creasing

my go to look with this is the dark brown all over my lid and the matte brown blended in the crease

- Ulta User

colors are beautiful, go on smoothly and doesn't fade or crease

- Ulta User

staying power


the shadow last all day and looks beautiful

- Ulta User

the colors are so pigmented and last all day long

- Ulta User



they have the most pigmented beautiful palettes

- Ulta User

so pigmented

- Ulta User
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beautybay userJuly 28, 2019

Buzzin’ about this

This palette is a great staple in everyone’s collection. If you want a neutral look for everyday or glam it up for a night out you got it in this one. Easily blended, minimal kickback, but great pigmentation (dunno how that works), long lasting, huge pans and superb price point! I think this one is my new fav.

- beautybay
ulta userMay 25, 2020

No "Wow" Factor at all...

The colors are beautiful and pigmented,of course, and they are long wearing but if you into overtime, bring it with you. As for how they wear...It's Okay...Just Okay. If you are looking for a real-metallic, shimmer or "blinged out glam" you will not find it in this palette! Even after I sprayed my brush with a setting spray, it is still just...Okay. The metallics and shimmer shadows do not own up to the "edgy-bronze goddesses" description, they are more of a workaday frost or kind of like a satin. Plus a couple of the metallic shadows turn slightly orange on the skin after they warm up. In my opinion, the shimmers and metallics in the Saharan 1 eyeshadow palette are much more true and vibrant. This is not "edgy"at all--it is just another safe and comfortable, Brown girl friendly neutral palette...

- ulta
mira userSeptember 27, 2019

Omfg. So happy with the coverage and staying power of this product. My blend looks exactly the same as when I applied it, it’s hella pigmented, and I have gotten compliments all day. Love. It.

- mira
ulta userMay 25, 2020

Love this palette!

I am a super fair skinned girl, and every single one of these shades looks good on me! I'm not a fan of a super dark eyeshadow and none of these translate that way on me. This was recommended to me by an ulta employee who said she was wearing it that day and her eyes looked amazing, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Good price point, colors are pigmented with not a lot of fallout and they do blend well. I am very happy that I bought this and it has been my go to for neutral looks since I got it! I have also received compliments when wearing the shadow from random people so I feel like that's a good sign! Juvias place is an amazing brand that I will definitely buy from again!.

- ulta
ulta userMay 25, 2020

Anastasia Who?????

The colors are mostly warm neutrals and I use them to create tanned glowing makeup looks. Although the lightest cream-colored shade has a slightly pink cast, there is no true pink in this palette. They are all orange/yellow/brown shades without being TOO orange/yellow. I have a light neutral ivory skin tone and didn't know if it would work for me because the brand markets to medium and dark skin tones. But it swatched so beautifully in the store that I tried it anyway and guess what: it totally works! It's now my favorite daily use palette. First I'll talk about the mattes: The matte colors go on pigmented with a dry brush and with LESS FALLOUT than any of the 7 ABH mattes that I have. It's impressive. They are buildable without getting cakey. (Anastasia Beverly Hills... who's that?) There are 3 matte colors in this pallete; a light neutral pinkish cream, a medium warm tan, and a dark brown. These mattes are a dream to apply and blend. I have a neutral ivory skin tone, and the lightest matte shade is lovely on it. The medium warm tan makes an EXCELLENT transition color, though a little goes a long way on me. The darkest matte brown darkens the crease for more dramatic looks and I don't use it daily. And now, the shimmers: The 6 shimmer colors are all distinctly different metallic shades, including 2 bronzes (one light and one medium), 2 golds (one VERY light neutral gold and one medium true gold), and 2 coppers (both are medium coppers). Julia's Place must have chosen these colors sooo carefully because they did a great job weeding out the overwhelming yellow and orange versions of these colors. For example, there is no intensely dark YELLOW gold... instead they have one that is a unique light gold tone and the other is a medium gold without too yellow, as is so common in a lot of other gold eyeshadows. The 2 bronzes are distinctly different shades and so wearable without being over the top that I can wear them to work every day. The 2 coppers are intense and there is no toning them down, but they don't need to be. They're very bright so I only use them for dramatic looks. My one criticism of this palette is that the 2 coppers are so similar in color that they're almost the same shade. All of the shimmer colors fall out with a dry brush, so I apply them with a wet brush or my finger. Application with a finger makes the most INTENSE multidimensional metallic shine, almost like a highlighter glow. Lovely! For more subtle everyday looks for work, I use them applied with a damp brush. The lightest bronze color and the very light gold are my go-to favorite shimmers... Hands down my favorite eyeshadows that I own. Overall, I don't know why this palette so inexpensive, but I love it. The pans are blush sized, so they're huge. Buy it for glowing warm sunkissed tan looks.

- ulta

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