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The Magic Mini Palette by Juvia's Place
Juvia's Place

The Magic Mini Palette

staying power(24)
pigmentation: pigmented

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blends well

these eyeshadow are incredibly pigmented and creamy they are easily blended and the shimmers are blinding

- Beautybay User

gorgeous variety of colours, pigmented and easy to blend

- Beautybay User


does not have fallout

pigmentation is incredible, all of the shadows blends like dream, also fallout is really small

- Beautybay User

the shadows have little to no fallout and blend like a dream, the first golden shade is literally pure gold and makes for a great center lid highlight

- Beautybay User

staying power


the shadows are consistent across all palettes and are long lasting

- Ulta User

the shimmers are stunning and stay all day on the lid

- Beautybay User


not creasing

contains your staple eyeshadows- with a beautiful warm crease shade, matte brow highlight etc but also has such beautiful unique shadows too

- Beautybay User

they stay on all day with no smudging or creasing

- Beautybay User



love this palette the pigment is soooooo good on the shimmers it’s insane and the other colours are so good but not as pigments as abh modern renaissance

- Beautybay User

this palette is very pretty, the size of the pans are huge, and the pigmentation is great

- Beautybay User
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beautybay userNovember 27, 2017

Really pigmented and blend really easy. Lasts all day without creasing.

- beautybay
beautybay userAugust 21, 2018

Good quality and good value. Easily blendable colours with high pigments and I have nothing but praise for the mattes. It sounds odd but the shimmers aren't as long lasting. I swatched all of these shades on my forearm and sprayed them with some fix plus and while most of the shadows stayed put the 2 pinks were practically gone. I've also noticed this while wearing it on the eye. The palette is bigger in person, doesn't matter how many youtube video's you watch it dons't prepare you for the pan sizes. BUT WHERE IS THE MIRROR ...

- beautybay
beautybay userDecember 25, 2017

I originally bought this palette because of the amazing reviews. I've not had a problem with any of the shimmer colours - they are absolutely STUNNING and redeem the entire palette but the mattes are so disappointing. I've used the palette for a month to test it out. The colour payoff when swatching the mattes is fantastic but when you actually come to put it on your eyes it doesn't work as they come out much more sheer or too similar to each other - Zakiya, Nana and Kogi both come out as an indistinguishable orange toned brown and take some serious work to build to a colour recognisable to the colour in the pan. Ife and Yejide come out as too similar dark, difficult to blend navy/purple colours. I have no problems with Kesi however it is very close to my skin tone. I've tried combinations of brushes, primers and I've even given the palette to other makeup enthusiast friends to try out - all to no avail as they have had the same problem. When you try to blend the mattes, I've been unable to get a nice clean blend without it being patchy or merging into an awful colour despite them being gorgeous when in the pan or swatched. The matte eyeshadows themselves are chalky in the pan. We've been unable to get the matte colours to stay on longer than 4 hours without noticing a significant fade regardless of primers, brushes, setting spray or application method. I've not had this problem with other similar palettes which suggests it's not a technique problem. The shimmer colours, however, are absolutely gorgeous - particularly Vai, Yemoja, Nubia, Osun, Yara and Faso. The pigmentation is strong when swatched and when applied to the eye with either a finger or a brush. I've received many compliments whenever I've worn a shimmer and I've had none of the problems that I have had with the mattes. I guess you do only receive 6 matte colours out of 16 colours included in the palette but I can't give this palette recommendation as a go to palette due to the matte colours. If it had been a 10 pan 100% shimmer colour palette, then this would have received full marks and a very high recommendation. If you're looking for shimmers, I definitely recommend this palette if you're looking for some 'out there' shimmer colours or as a staple palette for anyone that enjoys experimenting or vibrant looks. I wouldn't go for this if you wanted a high pigmentation matte though.

- beautybay
beautybay userDecember 13, 2018

These shadows are beautiful - highly pigmented, but blend like a dream. They stay on the eyelids without fading until I remove them. Max time I wore them was about 14 hours and they did not move, there was no fallout, no smudging, and no fading (I do use an eyeshadow base with all eye products because I have oily eyelids and no product stays on me without a base). The thing to keep in mind though is that most of the shadows are shimmery and the palette doesn't offer much in terms of transition shades. So the number of looks you can do with this palette alone is limited, however, if you already have a basic eye palette this would be a great addition for a pop of colour.

- beautybay
beautybay userFebruary 11, 2018

The pigmentation is unreal. The colours blend perfectly and feel cream creamy. They stay on all day with no smudging or creasing.

- beautybay

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