PHYTO-PIGMENTS Last Looks Cream Blush by Juice Beauty

PHYTO-PIGMENTS Last Looks Cream Blush

Juice Beauty

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745 Reviews
blends well
pigmentation: sheer
Overall Neutral Ingredients
natural, organic, luxury
Selected Shade02 Seashell

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blendabilityblends well
"i verily wear any makeup on a daily bases so this blush is just perfect because it blends well and leaves a slight dewy and healthy look on the skin"
- Petitvour User
"i am a mostly just mascara girl, i don't really experiment much,but i have to say that this blush is amazing, it looks natural on my skin tone, it blends well, it gives my tired face a pop of life, (currently pregnant with a toddler) so yeah i usually look pretty tired haha, but this blush is great"
- Petitvour User
"the color is rich and the texture smooth"
- Petitvour User
"i have very dry skin, and this cream blush is perfect for me"
- Petitvour User
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"this is a perfect cream blush - beautiful albeit limited selection of shades, natural looking (melts into the skin), easy to use (smooth gliding, not overly pigmented, not dry or cakey)"
- Petitvour User
"it feels lightweight on, and i love that the pigments are plant based"
- Petitvour User
"i personally love cream blush because it has a nice dewy finish and doesn't settle into any fine lines, and this one has a lovely, creamy texture that's totally buildable"
- Petitvour User
"the texture is perfect: silky and goes on smooth"
- Petitvour User
staying powerlonglasting
"it stays on for a while"
- Petitvour User
"i love juice beauty and equally love this blush, it’s so easy to apply, stays all day and is a great color"
- Petitvour User

Reviews User
Blends well, smooth, longlasting
I received this blush in the colour seashell in my April beauty box and I absolutely love it! The texture is smooth and it blends very easily. I mostly use it as a lip tint because it gives a natural and healthy tone to my lips. I do put on a lip balm prior to using it on my lips. I find the product builds up oddly after the second application if I don't which is fine considering this a blush and not a lip product. As a blush, I would say it is pretty long-lasting. I haven't tested it long enough to know the extent of duration. However, I have VERY sensitive skin that breaks out quite easily and, so far, this hasn't caused any sort of reaction. User
Pigmented, smooth
So I don't ever wear blush. But this was just so attractive, from the beautifully designed compact to the healthy-for-your-skin ingredients, to the pretty color, that I just had to try it...on my eyelids ;) Really, I have no use for blush, but in my highly unprofessional opinion, cream blushes work fine on eyes and lips as well as on cheeks. I've even seen those "all over face" cream colors being sold, so I know I'm on to something. In any event, it's a beautiful product, and I'm sure it would be beautiful on cheeks too, if you wear blush. Just so you know, it's not super heavily pigmented, very light and sheer. User
Patchy, pigmented
The texture and pigment of this blush is nice. You'll have to blend/smooth it out a bit, but the ingredients are the important thing for my skin type. I have oily/combo skin and one of the main ingredients is coconut oil which is a big no-no for my skin (I'll break out the next day). So unfortunately there is no use for this product so I'll probably pass it on to someone who has more suitable skin for these ingredients.


Compared to other blushes, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
91 ingredients

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