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it does not break me out in a rash and gives me a wonderful healthy look

- Ulta User

this foundation is a well balanced formula for me and i haven't reacted all

- Ulta User



this juice beauty foundation is not just better in application, the fact that it's natural, organic, and doesn't include any of the toxic ingredients that most companies use is amazing

- Ulta User

the juice beauty foundation is the best foundation i've ever used

- Ulta User



get this if you don't need a heavy mask on your face and just want a natural, skin kissing, firming, moisturizing, smoothing foundation

- Ulta User

i would probably prefer a slightly better coverage, as this is very lightweight; however, the way my skin feels and looks outweighs the light coverage

- Ulta User

pore minimizing

not pore minimizing

i do however love the refining finishing powder- that does not sink into my pores

- Beauty User

within about 30 minutes my skin starts to look greasy & it wipes off easily & then within about an hour it has sunken into my pores & my pores look enormous

- Beauty User



after placing a dot of foundation i had about 5 seconds to blend in and that was it

- Ulta User

it ends up looking streaky in places no matter how you apply it

- Ulta User

color accuracy


i am fair skined and even the lightest color made my skin look orange; i had to take the foundation all the way down my neck

- Ulta User

it oxidizes throughout the day

- Ulta User


not buildable

although it is pretty buildable but on the second layer it will change the color on you

- Ulta User

haven't really waited for product to dry and reapply for building

- Ulta User


medium coverage

i would give it a try if you want natural medium coverage

- Ulta User

it blends well and gives light to medium coverage

- Ulta User
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Pricey but Worth It

I have a gluten allergy. I can't wear most foundations, even the ones that claim to be allergen free. I have been looking for years for a gluten-free foundation. Those I found were very expensive and provided almost no coverage at all. (I have redness around the jaw that must be covered.) I was leery of this product but I tried it in store on my inner arm. It felt wonderful and even masked my prominent veins. I didn't purchase it then because I am skeptical and it was too pricey. It's also exempt from coupon discounts. However, the product went on sale on Cyber Monday and I snagged a bottle. It goes on smoothly and gives me light to medium coverage. It sets up with a nice glowy finish. After I applied a light dusting of powder, Juice gave me the coverage I needed to reduce redness and make my pores seemingly vanish. I have very dry skin so I moisturize daily and had to with this product as it is a little drying. The best thing was that I wore it for eight hours with no reaction! YAY! The only thing I don't like aside from the price is the lack of shades. The lightest worked for me but come summer, I may need something a tad darker and the Medium might be too dark. I will have to use bronzer then I suppose. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span> userAugust 12, 2015

Expectaitons NOT reached.

I initially bought many items from the Juice Beauty line to hopefully help with my bad acne. I thought organic would be way better for my not so under controlled skin. I felt fresh putting on this foundation in the lightest color they had and it felt more natural on my skin than some foundations I have tried. Unfortunately, there was NO coverage to this foundation and didn't help my acne/skin in any aspect. I don't honestly recommend this foundation to any one who has skin issues (acne, large pores, dry skin, oily skin); this is a foundation strictly for individuals that have 'perfect' skin that need just a little coverage to get through the day. Also, there are only 3 shades for this foundations! I am fair skined and even the lightest color made my skin look orange; I had to take the foundation all the way down my neck. Although, I didn't get much use out of this product, I do respect this company and what it stands for because I really believe in the good that organic can do for our bodies. On to the next face product, I guess. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span> userApril 12, 2013

PERFECT!! If you can find a shade match

I bought this in the shade Sand, but it was too dark. For reference I wear BM Ready foundation in Golden Tan, and bobbi brown Skin Foundation in 4.5 Warm Natural in winter when I'm more pale, and 5 Golden in summer when I my skin gets darker. I loved everything about the formulation! The coverage was nice and buildable and it never looked cakey even when I built up the foundation to cover some redness! Even my bobbi brown skin foundation can start to look cakey if I put too much on--and that foundation costs much more! This Juice Beauty foundation is not just better in application, the fact that it's natural, organic, and doesn't include any of the toxic ingredients that most companies use is amazing! I wore it all day (even though my mom told me my face was darker than my neck, HA!) and it wore beautifully. I have sensitive, combination skin, so I get slightly oily throughout the day and it never looked like it was fading away. I didn't set it with a powder or use a foundation primer either, I just applied it to my bare face. I contacted Juice Beauty and they told me they're looking into expanding their shade range very soon! So when they have a shade that matches me I am DEFINITELY buying it! Even though this didn't work out for me, I'm still giving it a perfect rating--I loved it THAT MUCH! If you're lucky enough to match one of the only three shades they have, PICK IT UP!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span> userMarch 4, 2014

Clearing my skin one day at a time

I went into Ulta looking for a foundation that would not cause me to break out. I've tried Lancome, BareMinerals, Benefit, Mac and many others. Lately, I have been using Mac and noticed my skin was just a wreck. So I booked a chemical peel, which was very mild and that helped a little. However, after a week of not wearing foundation because of the peel, I was embarassed enough and decided to switch my foundation. I asked for one with not too many chemicals in it, as I have sensitive, acneic skin that will react to anything it doesn't like. I was directed towards the Tarte Amazonian Clay. But since I expressed my concern with the chemicals, they recommended Juice Beauty. I have a weird skin tone..not light, not medium. It's somewhere in between and it's very hard to match. So I ended up buying the Juice Beauty Foundation in Sand (since they only have 3 shades). Once I put it on at home, I noticed it was way too dark for me, and after reading the reviews here..I realized that the Ivory will be too light. So I decided to purchase another bottle of foundation, this time in Ivory..and combine the two. BEST DECISION !! I like the coverage and the way it goes on the skin! It's a little difficult to apply since it's very watery and it doesn't have when you blend it on your skin, make sure you use a brush and apply it in very fast strokes. Other people are complaining it's a little drying..but if you use a hydrating serum and moisturizer like I do, you shouldn't have any problems. I dust on some HD powder, blush/bronzer and I'm good to go. This doesn't look like foundation. It feels like somebody just pigmented your skin. It's so hard to describe it until you try it. I know some people don't want to purchase two bottles of the same foundation since it's not exactly cheap, but if you can afford to splurge..DO IT! You can combine the two colors to match your skin and if the color was the only problem you had with this foundation..VOILA! Problem solved. My skin looks great now. It's only been a few days, but no new blemishes have formed which is a big deal for me. The coverage is light to medium, depending on how much you put on. And I do have to say, I ended up also buying the Tarte Amazonian Clay..but more for when I go out because it's a full coverage foundation. I use Juice Beauty for work/school and other during the day activities, and Tarte Amazonian Clay for when I go out and need a perfect coverage. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span> userAugust 5, 2013


I have extremely sensitive skin. I am 23 and for the last few years, out of no where my face began breaking out with strange red bump like pimples. I used bare minerals for a while, which left my skin looking dull. I have been using this foundation for a few weeks now and I love it. It is a little sheer, however, it makes you look like you are not wearing makeup at all, while, still covering the majority of redness. I chose Ivory because sand was too dark. The ivory is a bit light. I use the Juice Beauty tinted moisturizer in SAND(which is super sheer, so it is not too dark like the sand foundation), next I apply the Ivory foundation with a fluffy rounded foundation brush. I dab it on then very lightly blend in a circular motion. Afterwards, I apply two tiny dots of the Juice Beauty concealer( in ivory) just in the darkest spots of my under eyes and lightly blend with my ring finger. Putting concealer on before foundation is a popular misconception. Even makeup artists have been taught to put concealer under foundation. Tell, me what is the point of putting concealer on just to mash it all over with foundation. I finish off with the Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty highlighter/blush stick. I look dewy and radiant. Love this stuff. Cannot wait to buy the green apple facial moisturizer, I received some free samples of that line at Ulta and LOVED it. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>


Overall safe Ingredients

product page ingredient icon
Cera albaacneirritant
Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Waxacneirritant
Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oilacneirritant
Cera albaacneirritant
Stearic Acidacne
Cetyl Alcoholacneirritant
Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Waxacneirritant

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