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Gabriela Sophia
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Has anyone tried the fenty pro filt’r powder? What do you think??

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Allie Martin
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Yeah I’ve tried it! Idk how I really felt about it. On the upside, it’s really soft on the skin and feels nice. It has a bit of a scent, Idk if you’re put off by stuff like that. It’s not a bad smell but it is there. In terms of how well it works, it’s a nice powder but don’t leave it on for long because it gives flash back REAL quick.

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Yoshi R
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Pesky pimples that’s not going away for weeks? I broke out in cystic acne after using the L’Oréal infallible pro matte foundation. The pimples turned into hard bumps that’s been the same for over 2 weeks now. I tried the MB drying lotion but it gave me red bumps. Thank you!

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Angelica Priscella Ramentas
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My sis had pesky pimples that wouldn’t go away but she said she used Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 Acne Medication with Benzoyl Peroxide, 1 oz and it helped a lot.. it’s only like $5 at Walmart .. it may be worth a shot

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Angelica Priscella Ramentas
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Make sure to use moisturizer after tho!

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Arsenia Aguilar Sánchez
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OILY PRO ACNE SKIN Hello, I don’t know to much about make up. Can you recommend me products for my oily pro acne skin? Like foundation, eyeliner, blush, bronzer and makeup brush? Thanks in advance. @@

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Kelcie Osborne
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Bareminerals barepro is my favorite foundation. It’s gentle on the skin and breathable. For concealer I like the tarte shape tape Or the HD concealer by nyx. And for a setting powder I LOVE the Airspun setting powder you can find at Walmart. It’s 5 dollars and the best powder I’ve ever used, not to mention insanely affordable. Hope this helps!