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Velour Liquid Lipstick Family Collection by Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star

Velour Liquid Lipstick Family Collection

staying power(130)
chapped lips(140)
pigmentation: pigmented
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Top Reviews

staying power


i m already in love with every single jeffree star products anyways but this liquid lipstick ‘baby daddy’ is the best shade ever, the formula is so smooth, and long lasting

- Beautybay User

it was amazing, amazing colour, stays on perfectly, and easy to use

- Beautybay User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

amazing liquid lipstick , very long lasting and it’s not drying on the lips i also recommend the jeffree star lip scrubs they’re amazing + they’re edible and delicious

- Beautybay User

the j* formula is very pigmented and very long lasting, not super drying, and the applicator is very easy to use when you're not great at doing an even job like me

- Beautybay User



colour is just as shown, it has insane pigmentation, dries down completely matte but is so light weight on your lips, love this product and can’t wait to get it in other colours

- Beautybay User

the formula is absolutely amazing, so lightweight and silky and stays on great

- Beautybay User



lovely soft matte texture

- Beautybay User

it’s also a bit creamy in consistency which makes it quite easy to apply

- Beautybay User



the pigmentation is amazing

- Beautybay User

its the most comfortable liquid lipstick formula, lasts all day and very opaque, just perfect and i love it

- Beautybay User
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mecca.com.au userApril 25, 2017

Stays Till I Remove It!

I have Cool Girl and Lady Balls. If you don't have time, my TL;DR is:"It's amazing, highly pigmented, doesn't dry my lips and will last all day if applied properly!"Wear:I've applied Lady Balls at 6:30am and gotten through a whole work day, 2 Venti coffees, morning tea and a pizza lunch we had at work that day, at least 2L of water from my bottle... basically I ate and drank a lot that day. I didn't reapply until 4:45pm, and only because I wanted it to look fresher, so I removed and reapplied.I've done this many times with the nude before, but I thought that didn't count as it's my perfect match nude.Application:I cannot stress this enough: apply it sparingly. It is so pigmented! Scrape all excess off the wand tip, because if you apply too much, it won't dry properly, and it will transfer to literally everything​. If after initial application, it looks like there are places you could add more product, then just add some of what you scraped off into the tube rim, don't dip it again - and just lightly add it where you feel it needs it. This will also help with keeping a perfect application line if you're not using a liner. Let it set before you head out, and it will be faithful to you - you won't even need to blot.If you apply too much product, other than transferring to everything, it will cake up in the corners​ of your mouth. It's gross and avoidable.Lip condition post wear:I want to know this about any matte lipstick, so I'll say from my experience - this formula isn't drying. I alternate between lipsticks and balms and use sugar scrubs every 5/6 days, but even with my routine I've used other matte lipsticks that dried my lips after just a few hours of wear. This is nothing like that. Less

- mecca.com.au
beautybay userMay 23, 2018

Its alright...

the pigment is amazing when you first put it on but it does get sticky and weird after a while and when you try to re apply it, it just feels heavy and drying. its not the worst thing on the planet but I was expecting more

- beautybay
beautybay userApril 18, 2018

Lovely, long-lasting colour

Even me being over 55, this funky colour suits me very well. It lasts the whole day without adding several times and does not dry lips, is very lightweight and pigmented. No need to use lipliner, does not smudge at all. Very satisfied for the purchase, definitely recommending.

- beautybay
toofaced.com userMay 17, 2020

Love Melted Matte's!!!

I have always loved wearing matte lipstick, but could never find a formula that I really liked. They were always too drying, flaky, wouldn't stay on throughout the day, needed constant touch-ups, feathered, made my lips feel tight, settled in any fine lines on my lips, weren't pigmented, and totally just weren't worth it! Then hello Melted Matte! Solved all my matte lippie probs! Queen B was my first, and I think I wore that one every.single.day till the darling glass "tube" with that amazingly special doe-foot applicator was gone! This has been my go-to brand for matte lippie's since!! I'm hooked, and I'll never go back to anything else! Why fix what ain't broken, LOVE!XOXOXOXOMissie-Melted Matte Lifer! 

- toofaced.com
mecca.com.au userMay 15, 2019


The formula and the texture feels creamy all day, it doesn't dry my lips out like other matte lipsticks. Biggest plus - it literally lasts ALL DAY. The colour is slightly darker than I anticipated (If I compare this to say Lime Crime Cashmere, it is the same shade only 1 or 2 points darker) BUT it's coming into winter and the darker the better. Love this brand and product! I need more in the other shades that's for sure. 

- mecca.com.au