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Skin Frost Highlighting Powder by Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star

Skin Frost Highlighting Powder

staying power(48)
pigmentation: sheer
beautybayBuy ($32)

Top Reviews

staying power


the powder is so luxurious and has a creamy silky feeling, the glow is absolutely amazing and lasts all day

- Beautybay User

fantastic pigmentation and so long lasting, like all of jeffree star's products i've tried

- Beautybay User


blends well

product itself is nice consistency- blends out to a more opaque but extremely glittery, blinding highlight- especially when light is shine over it

- Beautybay User

it's super creamy and blendable, and such a lovely colour

- Beautybay User



this highlighter has a buttery texture in the pan and applies like a dream i now wear this highlighter every day and has the perfect glow to it

- Beautybay User

it has such a soft texture and it's blends into the skin like a dream giving the perfect glow

- Beautybay User



texture was smooth and easy buildable, fell in love since it foesnt give a harsch line where its applied

- Beautybay User

i brought this skin frost in the shade peach goddess and it's now my favourite highlighter ever

- Beautybay User



its a perfect pale gold n once on the skin it is gold/white/silver it is so creamy n pigmented not to powdery and does not look cakey or show my pores/textured skin

- Beautybay User

firstly the thing is huge, 15g is a lot of product and the compact itself feels nice and heavy

- Beautybay User


does not have fallout

never seen a formula like this before the highlighter feels so smooth to touch no fall out and blinding makes the skin look wet there is glitter but it’s more like star light then chunky glitter so beautiful

- Beautybay User

i have this is the shades sarcophagus and ice cold and both preform really well and are really pigmented, there is some fallout but i honestly couldn’t care it’s jeffree

- Mira User



i got this last week and i’m in love, i think from now on i will only purchase this type of highlighter because it’s sheer but when the light hits it, it shines so beautifully and it beams

- Beautybay User

after watching the launch video my instinct said money honey and wet dream for the sheer boldness and versatility of those shades; i’m not disappointed

- Beautybay User
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beautybay userJanuary 03, 2017

I got this as a gift for Christmas as I had been dying to try one of these! I got the shade Lavendar Snow ?? and if I'm honest it's the best HIGHLIGHTER I've ever had!! as I'm a very pale skin tone (Mac NC15) I find it matches perfectly! If I apply too much it is easily blended as lasts all day, such a high pigment and honestly the best Christmas present ever!! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!???

- beautybay
beautybay.com userJanuary 16, 2019

really disappointed

I have tried blending this with my fingers, brushes and a sponge but i just cannot get this to look nice. I was really looking forward to trying it as i have used Jeffree's skin frost in ice cold for over a year now and loved it, i wanted a new liquid highlighter so thought this would be a good bet. While reviews said it was glittery i was not prepared for just HOW glittery it is !! In reviews and swatches it definitely didn't look like mine and so i was kind of shocked when i first swatched mine. I wear pretty heavy makeup and wasn't aiming for a 'natural glow' but i don't think it's going to be wearable for anything other than inner corners and on my eyes as a glitter shadow. It also is impossible to remove and you're left absolutely covered in glitter !! The pump on mine also seems to be faulty and doesn't actually take in any product no matter what i try. Super sad beccause i really wanted to love it :(( Less

- beautybay.com
mira userOctober 14, 2019

This is by far the best highlighter I’ve ever used. If you want to glow to the GODS, then this highlighter is for you. It is extremely pigmented and blends like a dream. If you’re a person who likes a lore subtle glow, you may want to look elsewhere.

- mira
beautybay.com userOctober 9, 2018

Blinded by the (Hi)light! Gorgeousness.

Jeffree, you’ve outdone yourself with these hybrid light wonders... Love, Love, LOVE. After watching the launch video my instinct said Money Honey and Wet Dream for the sheer boldness and versatility of those shades; I’m not disappointed. They are incredibly pretty with a lovely smooth texture. For me, they look and behave like a super-fine glittery powder that melts into a gloss finish and glides effortlessly onto the skin. No patchy spots of glitter, just pure shine and intense glow! Finger or brush, but setting spray yes - it’s highlighter ;) Wet Dream is gorgeous but Money Honey with that subtle green reflect kills it. My new fav (and I have so many highlighters it’s almost disgraceful!). Looking forward to playing around with these... Yes girls, you can rock a glow over forty! :D Less

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userNovember 20, 2017

Perfect for a popping highlight

Absolutely in love with this product, I use it every day near enough! The pigmentation is amazing and it lasts all day. Gives a really blinding glow but still blends easily too. Product is lasting me a really long time too and I could definitely recommend to anyone. One thing I would mention before buying though is that the colour pigmentation is very strong, so as the highlight is white, and some of the other highlighters are quite bright and colourful is just to consider that you'll have a quite obvious colour mark down your cheek bones. Perfect for the wham glam look, but if you're looking to dress it down or not have too much of a bright colour, then you may want to consider this. Also it's massive so is definitely worth the price. 

- beautybay.com

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I usually use a spray on my face and let it dry down a bit then I lightly apply this. I like it and it doesn’t emphasize my dry skin you can always bounce over with a wet sponge after to mute it down a bit and blend it in
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did this look on christmas: I also used the Jeffrey star blood sugar palette
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