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Red Mini Bundle Set by Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star

Red Mini Bundle Set

chapped lips(53)
staying power(61)
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Top Reviews

chapped lips

hydrates lips

doesnt dry lips

- Beautybay User

non drying

- Beautybay User

staying power


stays on all day, amazing colours, i'm insessed

- Beautybay User

the colours are amazing, its super long lasting (i put on one application of doll parts at 9am in the morning, and it stayed on my lips until 8pm, even with eating and drinking)

- Beautybay User



feels lovely and light on the lips not drying

- Beautybay User

love the pigmentation shake it a little before every use super long lasting lightweight amazing value for money and you can try many shades and decide if it looks good on you

- Beautybay User
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beautybay userDecember 21, 2019


Amazing! The shades are gorgeous, the lipsticks dries fast and stays on for the entire day. They're really pigmented and easy to apply. I'd recommend this set to everyone who likes red shades. I'm absolutely in love with it!

- beautybay
beautybay userOctober 01, 2018

I love it. Very easy to apply without lipliner and very pigmented. Very lightweight on the lips and not drying at all but in the same time not that hydrating. Love the colors on me. I was not sure if I would like the formula of the liquid lipsticks so I bought the bundle to test the products and I was happy about it.

- beautybay
beautybay userDecember 30, 2018

Fine and nothing more

To be honest... JSC are just selling so well because of the hype around Jeffree Star’s Lamborghini’s. Are the products good enough? They are just regular. Nothing pecial about his liquid lipsticks- honeatly, my lips hate me every time I use his liquid lipaticks. They stay long- yes, but think about what kind of chemicals they put, so you can’t even remove them! I put the lipsticks on my hand and washed it more than 5 times with soap and there was still some color. His palettes are staining too, his highlighters are not practical. If you aim for high-end products JS is like a million years from high-end quality, but his prizes are close. So, if you want to spend gazillion pounda, dollars or whatever curtency for a lipstick- just do yourselves a favor and choose another brand.

- beautybay
beautybay userMarch 11, 2018

The absolute best liquid lip you’ll ever own.

These are absolutely gorgeous and such a great price if you want to try a few colours that you don’t own already. Anyone who owns any velour liquid lips already will know how amazing the formula and pigmentation is. They feel lightweight and their staying power is INSANE!

- beautybay
beautybay userMay 08, 2018

Love love love

If you're wondering if you need this, the answer is yes. Jeffree Star lipstick formula is amazing (best I've tried so far - doesn't dry the lips, long-lasting, pigmented) and this bundle just offers you an amazing range of colours in perfect quantities. Being so small they don't end up drying up and you can also very easily take them with you when you go out, regardless of how small your purse is. My complexion is quite fair, but I'm sure this bundle would look great on any skin tone (unlike the nude one, which might have shades which are too light for darker skin tones).

- beautybay

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