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Magic Star Setting Powder by Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star

Magic Star Setting Powder

staying power(103)
under eye(137)
best use(2)
coverage: high coverage best use: blending
Variation: Banana
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Top Reviews


blends well

not only is the packaging super cute the formulae is buttery smooth and provides a wonderful high coverage that blends seamlessly with most foundations

- Princesspolly User

blends like an absolute dream, jeffree never disappoints

- Beautybay User

staying power


i've been using this with it's counter part concealer (i can't comment on how it would perform with other brands) and they work perfectly together, with no creasing at all in places i'd usually get it and really makes my makeup stay in place all day

- Beautybay User

this is my second time purchasing the concealer as i bought my first stick in april (when it was released) and it’s only just ran out so really long lasting :) i also love the super pretty packaging- stands out from the crowd

- Beautybay User

under eye

good for under eye

absolutely love this product it minimises all the darkness and fine lines under my eyes and is easy to blend and long lasting would highly recommend

- Beautybay User

mainly i set my under-eye area (which is dry, sensitive and with dark circles) and it really stays in place all day, perfectly sets the concealer and doesn't look cakey

- Beautybay User



banana for brightening and topaz for ordinary settling

- Beautybay User

i love how great the coverage is and feels like it will stay on forever without making your skin look dull

- Beautybay User



it gives light coverage that melts into foundation with the lightest touch & gives a lovely natural finish, not looking at all heavy or cakey

- Beautybay User

perfect concealer, non cakey, can go on top of or underneath foundation and still gives great full coverage

- Beautybay User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i absolutely love jeffree star and knew straight away this would be good and it 1000% lives up to the hype blurs pore and leaves the face set and so soft oh and the smell incredible it smells like candyfloss

- Beautybay User

leaves my skin looking amazing, cannot see any pores

- Beautybay User



i really love the soft, smooth creamy texture

- Beautybay User

made my skin smooth and airbrushed and it smells soooo good :)

- Beautybay User


no flashback

does not look dry and have no flashback on photos

- Beautybay User

it works well with cameras and flashes

- Beautybay User


high coverage

super full coverage

- Beautybay User

a full coverage magic

- Beautybay User

best use


hands down the best concealer i have ever used, the formula is amazing, the coverage is great, no creasing, blends fab, actually stays on throughout the day and gives a glowy look

- Beautybay User

the concealer lasts whole day and does not crease

- Beautybay User
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beautybay.com userJuly 26, 2019

Best concealer I have ever tried

The smoothest and most comfortable concealer I have ever used. The shade C5 is a lovely tone for neutral fair skin as it looks brighter but not white as I have found with other concealers. The formula is AMAZING as it melts into your skin and is so easily blendable and FULL coverage. Once set, there’s no transfer and it’s not sticky at all so it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything!! Long lasting and doesn’t budge at all no matter how sweaty or busy you are. Flawless feel and look, so smoothing and looks so soft. Jeffree has done it again! I will definitely be buying as much of this collection as I can get my hands on! 

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userMarch 8, 2019

Love this concealer!

I’ve only read & seen very negative feedback & reviews about this concealer but my experience with it has been nothing but positive! I really love the soft, smooth creamy texture. It glides on so easily & only a small amount is needed as it goes a long way. It gives light coverage that melts into foundation with the lightest touch & gives a lovely natural finish, not looking at all heavy or cakey. I’ve found it works best setting under the eyes with a very light dusting of loose powder, this way I had minimal creasing - my under eyes ALWAYS crease no matter what i use or do, but this concealer is one of the best I’ve found for reducing it, which I know is the opposite to what most people have said! I use a small amount of pressed powder to set the concealer on any marks/blemishes on my face & it gives me a light natural finish I love. The shade is the perfect match for my pink toned pale skin! A bargain for the money. I also use a darker shade to contour (c9) & it works perfectly! Less

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userAugust 9, 2019

Saviour for oily skin girls!

I have super oily skin and very long eyelashes which has always resulted in panda eyes! I also suffer with very obvious discolouration under my eyes which really bothers me. However, since discovering this concealer, it’s changed my entire make up game. It gives incredible coverage, blends like a dream and doesn’t spread the mascara which transfers which has pretty much stopped my panda eyes! It brightens the face so beautifully and it’s genuinely now one of my make up bag staples. I do also use it to cover blemishes but find that my current shade is too light for anywhere other than under my eyes (I like the bright look) so will likely purchase another shade for blemish coverup. 

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userApril 1, 2020

Bang for your buck

I brought this product a couple weeks ago and haven't put it down! Its a really nice full coverage, blendable concealer. I have a light/medium skin tone with an olive undertone and purchased C6- it has a nice warm undertone to it but is a little on the light side for me personally as I brought online so wouldn't recommend testing in-store if you can actually get your hands on a tester that is!Definitely worth the money, has a natural finish to it and it's not drying for anyone with dry and sensitive eyes like mine. 100% will repurchase! 

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userMay 7, 2019


C14 is not for medium skin tone. It's SUPER light, like 4 shades lighter than other brands shade. It's dry, cakey, can't even be blended, blotchy, doesn't cover spots but only enhances it. I honestly lost all my trust in those youtubers saying this is 1 of the best concealers out there and that it works for dry skin. I have normal, non-problematic skin and it's HORRIBLE on my skin. I don't even wanna give it a 2nd try. I removed everything right after I applied it on for the 1st time. All my drugstore concealers work much better than this, leave alone the more beautiful ones and around the price range such as Laura Mercier, NARS, Charlotte Tilbury,... 

- beautybay.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Ascorbyl Palmitateacne

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Profile picture of Brianna Alexis
Brianna Alexis
CombinationCombination Skin
So no matter what type of foundation, setting spray, and translucent powder I use my skin ALWAYS gets oily/shiny and caked in my pores. I have tried a TON of remedies and no success 😕 any advice or products? Thank you!
Profile picture of Antonia Sanchez
Antonia Sanchez
OilyOily Skin
I’ve been using Jeffree Star setting powder. I love it and I stay matte all day. Before that I was using Laura Mercier setting powder and that also worked for me.
Profile picture of Sydney
OilyOily Skin
Any suggestions for setting powders? I currently use the airspun loose face powder in shade translucent and it gives me an ashy look. When I use it on my mother who is of darker complexion it works perfectly 😭 I get creases under my eyes as well.
Profile picture of elias 🦋
elias 🦋
CombinationCombination Skin
jeffree star’s setting powder has such great quality and its formula is almost like creamy 🦋
Profile picture of Lexy Morales
Lexy Morales
DryDry Skin
You already know the queen of makeup gets the job done. 👌🏻
Profile picture of Jasmine Jordan
Jasmine Jordan
DryDry Skin
Does anyone who has dry skin uses setting powder and if so which one is best for dry skin? Because I know since i have dry skin I use the spray but I also was thinking about using a setting powder as well, but would like to know if there are some that doesn’t dry up my face. #makeup #dryskin
Profile picture of Sydnee Toon
Sydnee Toon
DryDry Skin
This product is amazing! It’s scented though. I have really really bad dry skin and this doesn’t dry me out!
Profile picture of Chloe Hernandez
Chloe Hernandez
OilyOily Skin
Anyone know a good setting/baking powder for very oily t-zone?
Profile picture of Channy Monahan
Channy Monahan
DryDry Skin
This is great
Profile picture of Leslie Pacheco
Leslie Pacheco
CombinationCombination Skin
What’s a good setting powder that has no flashback at all? #advice #settingpowder
Profile picture of Alexis Vassilakis
Alexis Vassilakis
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Jeffree Star setting powder!
Profile picture of Tabitha Wiles
Tabitha Wiles
CombinationCombination Skin
What’s a good setting powder? I typically bake to set but not always drugstore or high end.
Profile picture of Sylvia Rose
Sylvia Rose
DryDry Skin
the BEST setting powder!
Profile picture of Melissa Jean Bobby
Melissa Jean Bobby
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Best pressed powder. Looking for one that will give some coverage, as well help set my makeup.
Profile picture of Hailie Behrman
Hailie Behrman
DryDry Skin
This one is sooooo gooddd ❤️❤️💕💕😭😭