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Blood Sugar Palette by Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star

Blood Sugar Palette

blends well(410)
does not have fallout(57)
pigmentation: pigmented
beautybayBuy ($52)

Top Reviews


blends well

the blend these eyeshadows creates are amazing and they are suitable for everyone’s skills and techniques

- Beautybay User

pretty sure this is the best eyeshadow palette i have ever owned, every single shadow is so buttery and they blend so so well and the pigment omg

- Princesspolly User


does not have fallout

absolutely amazing, ghe most minimal fallout ive ever seen yet the shadows are super pigmented

- Beautybay User

the formulas are amazing in this pallet very high in pigment, limited fall out and jeffree is seriously slaying

- Beautybay User

staying power


i created a look that stayed on perfectly all day

- Beautybay User

i used it a few times and it is super lasting and looking beautiful all day long

- Beautybay User


not creasing

the pigmentation is fantastic and blends like a dream - the colours are perfect to blend a strong crease colour such as the shade tongue pop

- Beautybay User

it blends well and doesn’t crease, even without a shadow primer

- Beautybay User



the neutrals in this palette are so beautiful and pigmented, and i love using them with the metallics to build that foil/victoria’s secret/charlotte tilbury type of glam look

- Beautybay User

as expected, this palette is gorgeous, the pigment is amazing and the colours are absolutely gorgeous, i've be wanting this palette for ages, love love

- Beautybay User
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beautybay userOctober 01, 2018

another great Jeffree Star product. superb pigmentation with little to no fallout. brilliant blendability and long lasting colour payoff. although there are warnings that some shades may stain the skin, I have personally not noticed them. Great for creating an everyday look or for something more dramatic.

- beautybay
beautybay userNovember 01, 2018

This was my first jeffree star product and I was not disappointed! The eyeshadows are so pigmented and blend out amazingly! So far when I’ve used it I’ve had no fall out at all. I also was amazed how long lasting it was without any fixing spray as my makeup doesn’t normally last the day.

- beautybay
beautybay userJuly 16, 2018

I really wanted to love this palette! I had high hopes having watched the tutorial on Jeffrey’s channel with lipstick nick. However, it’s not good, it’s very powdery, it goes on patchy and the darker colours take off the colour underneath. It’s very hard to use and I’ve been a makeup artist for 8 years. Honestly I wish I’d saved my money for the BeBold carnival palette.

- beautybay
beautybay userApril 20, 2019

My new favourite!

MOVE OVER ALL OTHER EYESHADOW PALETTES. Blood sugar came, saw and conquered all the others and it is here to stay! This pallet is most certainly worth the hype. The formulation of these pressed pigmes is by far the best I have tried. They are so intense and buttery and easy to blend. It's insane. This is my first JSC palette. I waited over a year to finally bite the bullet and pay for it but wow was it worth it. I was not disappointed in the slightest. There is a tiiiiiiiiny bit of fall out on some shades like cavity and root canal, but it's nothing serious. I've had other pallets that are way worse, plus it's to be expected considering it is a pressed pigment pallet. Some shades also have a bit of kickback in the pan, but what eyeshadows/pigments don't? I did experience a bit of staining with the bright pink "cavity" shade but again, nothing to worry about and it should be expected with such a pigmented, intense shade. If it didn't, and the colour was lackluster, people would complain. I can't wait to purchase more JSC palettes.

- beautybay
beautybay userSeptember 03, 2018

Thus has become one of my favourite palettes. The pigmentation is amazing and does not leave any fallout. It blends like a dream and lasts on my eyes all day.

- beautybay


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Benzyl Benzoatehazard
Theobroma Cacao Seed Butteracne
Red 6 Lakeacne
Red 30 lakeacnehazard
Red 6acne
Red 7 Lakeacne

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Eman Hajar
DryDry Skin
can someone recommend me a good pallet that’s vegan and cruelty free?
Profile picture of Haley Campbell
Haley Campbell
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Go to palette, neutral and colorful looks possible!
Profile picture of Morgan Jo
Morgan Jo
OilyOily Skin
Love this easy look I created!
Profile picture of Violet McKeefry
Violet McKeefry
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Have any of you guys tried the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette? What are your reviews?
Profile picture of Tashaa Firbyy
Tashaa Firbyy
DryDry Skin
Absolutely I love it so much ; I bought a back up ! I would highly recommend it or any of his palettes 💜 you can’t do wrong girlie , they are pigmented, they last all day , they blend beautifully and really not overly expensive! The packaging is gorgeous to so that’s a bonus ! #Beautyverse
Profile picture of Inperfection Beats
Inperfection Beats
CombinationCombination Skin
I want to buy a Jeffree Star palette? Which one should I buy?
Profile picture of Tashaa Firbyy
Tashaa Firbyy
DryDry Skin
Ohhh gosh girl you cane go wrong with any of his palettes but I love his original Blood Sugar Palette, it’s beautiful colours are pigmented and they blend so nice! The shadows hold up all day as well ! #Beautyverse
Profile picture of Mira
CombinationCombination Skin
Click here to win over $100 in free beauty products this Women’s History Month! Support your favorite female founded brands and be entered for a chance to win free product. 💄 👄
Profile picture of Madison Martinez
Madison Martinez
OilyOily Skin
I got this palette for Christmas and I love it! The colors are nice for a natural or fun look and I use it often! The packaging is also really nice and it adds a nice touch to the overall quality.
Profile picture of Kira
CombinationCombination Skin
I was thinking about buying something from jefree star but they are rly expensive! Thoughts and opinion?? (Or which products should I get)? #jefreestar
Profile picture of Kristina Campion
Kristina Campion
CombinationCombination Skin
Definitely the palettes! I really love blood sugar just because i think it’s the most usable one. It has a lot of neutrals for everyday use plus color for when you feel like being creative.
Profile picture of Andi Daniels
Andi Daniels
CombinationCombination Skin
What is everyone’s favorite eyeshadow palettes? I’m not sure what to get!
Profile picture of Kristina Campion
Kristina Campion
CombinationCombination Skin
Loving the blood sugar palette from JSC! Has great neutrals for every day as well as some bold colors for when i feel like being artsy. Blends super easy and wears well!
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Has anyone used this? Any thoughts?
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What is everyone’s favorite brand? Mines too faced😁
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