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Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette by Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star

Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette

blends well(132)
pigmentation: pigmented
beautybayBuy ($49)

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blends well

the quality of this palette is insane, the colours have a great blendability and are really good pigmented

- Beautybay User

however this is stunning when applied, nice blended in with poison and safe word

- Beautybay User



worth every single penny; the colours are downright gorgeous, the formula and texture is creamy and super easy to work with

- Beautybay User

i'm so exited to use all the colours as i have swatched them and the texture is so buttery

- Beautybay User



beautiful palette ,very very reminiscent of viseart too,the pigment is brilliant with or without primer, very smooth application and minimal fallout ,it's not as loud and busy as the beauty killer palette but it does have quite loud colours if that's the look your after, pans are huge ,only disappointment is the teal and blue shadows ,as he covered these in his bk and this could've been so much nicer and neutral if he'd changed these to maybe a peach or peanut butter type ,although he does include a good transitional colour in safe word ,the rest of the palette is superb ,he's earned his high end stars , charm and fetish are everything,surprisingly easy to wear together too , i don't think anyone will be disappointed with this palette if they buy it , i'm not a fan of the owner of this brand but truth being told he's topped everything out there with this , superb love it

- Beautybay User

such a great palette with amazing pigmentation

- Beautybay User
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beautybay userMarch 06, 2017

Where to start...This palette is worth getting if you like the warm shades in it.Frosting is an absolutely gorgeous inner corner highlight, it's a champagne gold. Excellent pigmentation.Safe word - is a lovely transitional colour. I used this this morning for an every day kind of look. Looks nice on the lower lash line. Pay off good too!Charm - a vibrant orange, brilliant to diffuse and blend Fetish! I love this colour! Deja Vu - This shade is probably my least favourite of the palette, the pigmentation is still okay. However I have a one similar from ABH which I prefer.Dominatrix - perfect for an alternative to dark brown or black. This looks beautiful blended in with fetish! Amazing pigment.Androgyny - Do I even have to explain how amazing this shade is? I've been hunting for a shade similar to this, so I'm pleased this is one of the one that performs the best in the palette.Fetish - Probably my favourite of the palette, reds are my go to shade. Fetish doesn't disappoint.Military - At first I was a bit apprehensive if I would actually use this colour as it is a khaki like green shade. However this is stunning when applied, nice blended in with poison and safe word.Poison - Nice teal - no complaints, amazing pigmentation. Doesn't swatch as well as it applies, but who cares we don't walk around with eyeshadows on our arms...Swallow - Lovely blue, good pigmentation.Overall I think this palette is well worth it, even if you don't use the last three shades.

- beautybay
beautybay userJuly 24, 2018

Not as good as reviews led me to believe

The matte shadows (other than the 3 blue/green ones) are pigmented and blendable, however from the reviews on YouTube and otherwise I had thought that this pallet would be a lot better than it actually was, it is a beautiful pallet and I bought it as a one of expensive purchase as I’d heard such good things. This pallet is good but I would not recommend it if you spending a lot on makeup as a one of. The blue shades were horrible, not pigmented, patchy and swallow and poison look the exact same on the lid. The pallet also has a fair amount of fall out. In my opinion everyone who raves about this pallet in reviews is just trying to suck up to Jeffree star.

- beautybay
beautybay userSeptember 10, 2017

This is the best pallette I have ever used personally. The colours, although they seem a little daunting at first, blend effortlessly and really make your eyes pop. The colour selection is actually very well thought out here. Basically no kick back and really creamy texture. I can't wait to come up with a look using the blues they are just stunning. I also prefer how there are fewer colours but bigger pans in comparison to other palettes. I feel like it's better value for money because you are likely to use them all as they work great together. I have often bought palettes that have more colours with smaller pans and I end up using the same 4 till they run out.

- beautybay
mira userApril 9, 2019

Blends amazingly! And goes where you place it! I love the pigmentation!🥰

- mira
beautybay userMarch 30, 2017

Have just received this palette - as everyone says, the colours are really very pigmented, blend easily and adhere well. The colours also layer well and the pigmentation means that colours can be applied over the top of others when you change your mind! The actual colours in the palette are really beautiful and will work well with the majority of skin tones. Frosting (antique soft gold) and Deja Vu (warm copper bronze) are both frosted (not glittery) and all of the others are flat matte colours. Androgyny (my favourite) is a cross between Cadbury's Milk Chocolate brown and a cool mid plum. It's my favourite and looks brilliant with Safe Word (a true beige) and Fetish (red brown) for a daytime look that's neutral, but not boring. It's a deceptively clever palette that can be used do really understated, natural nude through to edgy, strong colour combinations. It's also amazing value as the pans of colour are really big. In short, I'd be having its babies if I wasn't too old!

- beautybay


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