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Alien Palette by Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star

Alien Palette

staying power(24)
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blends well

it has easily become my favorite palette and i reach for it a lot the shades are super pigmented and blend so nice with little effort i totally recommend this and i'll surely purchase more palettes by jeffree

- Beautybay User

i'm in love with this, the pigment is amazing blends so easy the colours are beautiful together i'm obsessed with the shade oral

- Beautybay User


does not have fallout

a nice selection of colours to create different looks with, stays on well without any fallout

- Beautybay User

like super pigmented no fall out

- Beautybay User


not creasing

and omg all the colors literally felt like creamy, and so pigmented (just slightly dipping my brush once into "gravitea" was enough to create a soft definition to my crease)

- Beautybay User

absolutely amazing colours with great pigmentations, easy to blend with no creasing

- Beautybay User

staying power


i bought this for my granddaughter and she won’t use any other makeup, the colours are gorgeous and i’ve been told you only need to use a small amount and it lasts all day

- Beautybay User

super pigmented, stays on all day and night and is just overall stunning

- Beautybay User
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beautybay userFebruary 15, 2020


Fantastic palette...most of the colours were very pigmented, however, was let down a little by purple punch an hot fudge, while they are matte, i found i needed a build up for me personally, whereas the others were like woah...i wear painterly pot as a primer and while the shadows last all day, they can crease a little, but maybe thats my primer...still recommend for the price point

- beautybay
beautybay userDecember 21, 2018

This is the first Jeffree Star pallete I've used and I'm very pleasantly suprised. Firstly the packaging of the pallete is very nice to look at, however its a bit too bulky to travel with. The mirror on the inside is very clear and big and the colour scheme of the eyeshadows is so interesting and unique. There are enough neutral shades in here to make beautiful everyday looks and enough colourful eyeshadows for those brave enough to wear them. The pigment is insane, theyre all so buttery and smooth to apply and blend, even the matte purple goes on the lid with ease. The metallics apply like a dream and don't use the intensity throughout the day. Overall I would highly request this pallete if its going to stay on your vanity at home.

- beautybay
beautybay userJuly 04, 2019


Absolutely amazing colours with great pigmentations, easy to blend with no creasing. Colour stayed bright and in place all day. Just wish I had enough to buy the big palette and other products

- beautybay
mira userApril 15, 2020

I LOVE all of Jefferee star palettes; the Alien palette is very unique and the shades are very pigmented. The shimmers in this palette are so creamy and just beautiful! The mattes Blend out perfectly. It really is a palette you need in your collection! #Beautyverse

- mira
beautybay userMay 21, 2019