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PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation  by Jane Iredale
Jane Iredale

PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation

coverage: medium coverage
Variation: Amber (medium light w/ gold undertones)

Top Reviews


not creasing

it leaves my complexion looking clean and smooth, no creases or overly powdered look

- Janeiredale User

i wear sunscreen on my face and this gives me a perfect light-tanned look (medium light, blonde, green eyed)even though it’s a powder (which can settle in on look pasty on skin in your 40’s) this does not

- Janeiredale User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i use this over another brand of tinted moisturizer and i love how it gives me a polished finish and minimizes my pores

- Janeiredale User

really covers withou clogging pores leaving a smooth finish that lasts for hours

- Overstock User

staying power


it goes on like silk and stays on all day

- Viewpoints User

i use it with ny matte setting spray ($8) at nordstrom rack, stays all day

- Ebay User



i love how it looks natural, and doesn't look cakey

- Janeiredale User

love how lightweight this foundation is and the finish is beautiful

- Janeiredale User



it also makes my skin luminous and i love that it has so many good-for-you ingredients (plus a sunscreen, which is an absolute necessity for melasma)

- Janeiredale User

it's gorgeous and natural looking on the skin, easy and quick to apply and gives a lovely, radiant finish

- Beauty User



when applied alone it appears thick and chalk like but when sprayed with jane iredales balance hydration spray it melts into your skin appearing flawless with an airbrushed finish

- Overstock User

your skin does t look dry, it looks like your skin is in soft focus

- Janeiredale User


good quality

the sales manager for jane iradle provided an outstanding presentation about the science technogy and the beautiful products quality in delivering different looks to suit every occasion

- Overstock User

love the quality of the product giving my skin a natural and flawless complexion without harmful chemicals

- Zestbeauty User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

in summer, my skin can be oily in the t-zone, yet this powder stays fresh looking all day, without any color change

- Janeiredale User

it works well with eyeshadow pigment and doesn't change the colors

- Janeiredale User

water resistance

water resistant

this foundation does not sink into your pores and it lasts all day and is sweat and water proof

- Nordstrom User

it looks natural and is water resistant so a little sweat doesn't streak

- Janeiredale User


blends well

it also matches my complexion super well while blending out any imperfections i have on my skin

- Janeiredale User

i first tried this foundation over 10 years ago and it is one of the best i've used (i'm a makeup junkie, so i've tried many) its a powder but after a while it blends in to your skin and gives a beautiful finish

- Ebay User



i love that you can wear it lightly for every day and you can also build it up to wear to a special event

- Activeskin User

the build up coverage is my favorite part, and it blends together so nicely

- Janeiredale User



not only did this powder cover up my blemishes and smooth my skin tone, i seriously believe that it helped my skin

- Janeiredale User

everywhere i go people compliment my skin how pretty and smooth it is

- Janeiredale User


medium coverage

it provides medium-full coverage & looks flawless in photos (no flashback

- Janeiredale User

i prefer medium coverage with my blush, but if bold is your thing, this product lets you easily build up to a more dramatic look

- Janeiredale User
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janeiredale.com userJanuary 17, 2013

The Best

I just started using the Pure Pressed Base on a regular basis about two months ago. From someone who has tried about every higher end mineral makeup out there, I can tell you that this one is the best if you want a natural/not cakey look. There are occasions where I like to have a very full covered foundation look, in which case I use another mineral foundation to achieve that airbrushed look, however, Pure Pressed Base is my everyday foundation.It covers well, and feels great on my skin. I still have to use a concealer to cover blemishes and scaring, but I have very fair skin so every discoloration stands right out. Darker skinned individuals might be able to get away without having to use a separate concealer. It’s very buildable, and so natural looking. I have not been able to find a foundation that has matched as well as this one does to my skin, I literally have no visible line on my neck. It also does not rub off easily on clothing, pillows, etc. and my skin doesn’t freak out if I forget to wash the makeup off at night before bed, like other makeups can make it do.I also have combination skin that tends to get very dry in the cold winter months, and this foundation does not make me break out or over dry my skin at all.It’s a pricey foundation initially, but I have found that one container lasts me at least 3-4 months, and I feel like I use a generous amount every day. In the long run, I think I have saved money since purchasing this since I’m not buying it as often as I did with loose mineral foundations.Pure pressed Base can also work as a finishing powder. I used it in this way on my wedding day. Since I wanted an airbrushed face for the photos on that day, I used a very full cover liquid foundation (which I never use other than that one time, because I HATE liquid foundations) and then brushed on a layer or two of the Pure Pressed over it. My makeup looked amazing that day and stayed intact and fresh looking through humid August heat and a night of dancing. It really is truly water resistant like it says.I would highly recommend the Pure Pressed Base if you like a natural look. Jane Iredale customer service is amazing and shipment is super fast. « less

- janeiredale.com
janeiredale.com userApril 6, 2016

Makes my 60+ skin looked streaky with dryness

I've used many other products from Jane Iredale and have loved them, but if you have dry skin stay away from this product. It stays in the wrinkles and makes them look more pronounced. I even purchased the hydration spray and that made it look streaky and the spray burned my skin. Not for me. I think I got bad advice over the phone on these two products.

- janeiredale.com
janeiredale.com userJuly 25, 2018

Powder:I have been wearing this powder for a week now and I love it. This year I have been mostly doing minimal makeup looks and taking care of my skin and as a result avoiding full coverage foundation so my freckles can show.This powder has been a perfect light wash of coverage that evens my skin tone without hiding mySkin. I love that it has SPF in it because I’m trying to be conscious of protecting my skin. The ingredients are natural and don’t make me think I’m applying a lab of chemicals onto my face.When wearing the powder foundation I apply it to my dark circles under my eyes and I haven’t needed to add any additional concealer (YAY!) I’ve been setting the powder with the JI hydrating face mist they sent with the powder. I have done a little touch up on the powder later in the day during sweaty summer season.I used a color chart to pick my color knowing that I have a Neutral undertone and the shade I picked is a near perfect match. I think the SPF in the product makes the initial application a little light on the skin as a heads up.Compact:The powder came with a cute rose gold compact. I like that the compact is slim, sturdy but light weight. I’ve kept it in my purse and haven’t babied the product and it has held up well to daily jostling in my bag. The mirror in the compact is nice and sufficient for application on the go.I have been applying the product with the provided spongy powder puff which works well, the brush that came with the powder creates a lot of product fall out and I didn’t find that it improved application so I skip using it.When I run out of this product I foresee rebuying it since it’s a simple, effective, medium coverage foundation that’s good for my skin!The photo has not been edited and was shot indoors - I’m only wearing brows, mascara and lipstick in addition to the JI pressed powder foundation in this photo « less

- janeiredale.com
janeiredale.com userJuly 4, 2016

The BEST foundation

I started using this product thinking, 'I might as well try it, I've tried everything else' while I was trying to streamline the dozens of primers, foundations, and concealers looking back at me from my stash of half-used makeup. I had MUFE, Giorgio Armani, BM, Charlotte Tilbury, etc ... everything that had, at some point, been rated as the 'best' by InStyle or other websites/magazines. I have very fair, oily skin that is prone to breakout, yet wanted something I didn't have to take time to touch up through the 8 hr+ day and didn't leave my fingers feeling slimy when I touched my face well into that day. I was skeptical; I wondered, 'how different can this be from other mineral foundations that I've tried,' but am so thankful I tried it anyway! Truly the best color selection (with no color shift during wear), non-transfer, no pasty-white ghost reflection in pictures, long-wearing foundation that builds coverage without cakiness or heaviness and literally feels like you're wearing nothing ... as in, I didn't trust it because I couldn't feel it on my skin. One refill lasts a long time, even with daily use (and I can use quite a bit, depending on what I have going on that day). I have thrown out all of my other primers/foundations/concealers and am still in love after 4 months of use. My pores are unclogged after I wash my face, the redness in my skin has decreased considerably, and I no longer have random breakouts from residual congestion where the product didn't wash off. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- janeiredale.com
Beauty.com userMarch 22, 2010

Outstanding, Elegant Makeup

I wear this wet-dry pressed powder, spf 20 foundation in Golden Glow. For reference, my Bare Escentuals color match is Golden Medium. JI Golden Glow is lighter, and less yellow than the BE Golden Medium, and more beige/light tan than gold, but it's the closest BE to IE match for me. Riviera and Suntan are wonderful colors for medium skin tones as well, but the undertones seem more "neutral", while Golden Glow is definitely for "warm" skin. The Jane Iredale compact is just gorgeous, and using it makes me feel refined and elegant, (and I need all the help I can get...!) When I was a child, my mother, aunts, and grandmothers would carry their Estee Lauder powders (for their noses) in artistic, ornate compacts. JI's heavy, gold colored, high quality compact makes me remember how much I longed to wear makeup just because it was pretty and fun to touch. This compact is nice to carry around to use powder as needed, but I like best to apply it in the morning as an all-over face foundation, because it lasts so long I rarely need touch-ups until late in the day. Like most mineral makeups this adds a small bit of healthy "glow", but in this case, it really is a healthy glow; not glitter, which makes my pores look 80x worse than they look without makeup. Also, unlike other mineral foundations (especially pressed ones), this doesn't cake up too badly around my eyes. My need for a traditional "matte" foundation has faded due to glycolic and retinol treatments, and, of course, age, but if this powder had existed when I truly needed long-lasting, shine-free foundation, I think it would have been a dream-come-true. Compared to all the other brands of mineral powders I've tried, Jane Iredale pressed foundation is the silkiest, has the best coverage, has no glitter, has sunscreen protection, and performs the best around my eyes without making me look like I'm 80. (I have to be realistic, at 44. Powders are going to accentuate lines. It's just the way it is. But I choose the trade-off of the accentuation of a few lines in order to cover my pores, and even out that annoying melasma. As far as coverage, refining skin tone colors, and looking smooth, this is superior to every other pressed mineral foundation I've tried. If you're looking for a "skin-like", or "no-makeup" look, this foundation probably won't work well. It's very comfortable, and it doesn't scream, "MAKE-UP!", but, at least on me, nobody would mistake it for bare skin. This has medium coverage when applied with a brush, but it can easily work as a full coverage foundation if applied with a sponge or powder puff, or wet. The price seems utterly ridiculous, and it's the one thing that kept me from trying Jane Iredale products, for years. Now that I've been using many of her products, I do see why they get away with the high price. They are more highly pigmented, color concentrated, and elegant than many other mineral brands, and their colors seem closer to the colors of real human skin than lots of other makeup. « less

- Beauty.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Stearic Acidacne
Zinc Oxide 3%. Micaacne
Chromium Oxide Greenshazard
Zinc Oxideacne
Stearic Acidacne

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