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Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream by Jane Iredale
Jane Iredale

Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream

blends well(209)
high coverage(207)
finish: natural coverage: high coverage
Variation: BB1 (very light w/ neutral undertones)

Top Reviews

staying power


this is a full coverage and long lasting

- Neimanmarcus User

the only critique i have is that it is pretty thick, but if you mix it with the smooth affair primer you get a great consistency that's easy to apply and stays on all day

- Janeiredale User



i love how this covers my rosacea cheeks (bb5), giving a flawless finish while still feeling light weight

- Janeiredale User

what i love about this is how flawless it makes my skin look, it covers my imperfections and gives my skin a glow, and it manages to do all that without looking caked on

- Janeiredale User


blends well

it doesn't take much and with the correct amount it blends well for a natural look

- Janeiredale User

this product goes on easily, blends right in, does exactly what it is supposed to do, and leaves no evidence that what one sees is anything other than my own beautiful skin

- Skinstore User



this foundation keeps my skin smooth, hydrated, and conceals all that i need

- Overstock User

lightly protects from elements, smooths the skins appearance, helps hide color imperfections,sunspots, white spots, small red veins, all while it hydrates and protects my skin

- Ebay User



i am medium colored and love " radiant " on the liquid minerals and powder

- Janeiredale User

i love the way it glides smoothly over my skin and brightens and softens my aging skin

- Janeiredale User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i love glow time "full" coverage bb because it covers blemishes, minimizes the appearance of pores, disguises wrinkles and smoothes and brightens skin, just as it says

- Janeiredale User

i have never used makeup, but now that i am 40 i can see my pores more so i went in to a beauty store and they recomended this product plus smooth affair facial primer and i love it

- Janeiredale User



this bb cream + a dusting of my jane powder (and spritz of my hydration spray) has *hands down* given me the best, longest lasting coverage for my acne (which is, unfortunately, all over my face)

- Janeiredale User

it gives full coverage with the tiniest amount and its very light and moisturizing

- Overstock User

water resistance

water resistant

full coverage and waterproof

- Bellacuore User

very small amount offers excellent water-resistant natural looking coverage

- Lovelyskin User



i put the bb cream on in the morning and my face looks natural all day long

- Janeiredale User

i like how natural it makes my skin look

- Overstock User


high coverage

full coverage without the feel of full coverage

- Janeiredale User

this is a wonderful full coverage foundation

- Walmart User
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janeiredale.com userMay 13, 2013


This is the first review I've ever done, but felt I had to write one to express my extreme disappointment with this product. I purchased it on 5 April in England, UK, really excited to try it as it hasn't been out long in the UK, and applied it exactly as in the video, (after cleansing and moisturising). It was very thick - didn't spread so VERY difficult to blend and it clung to all the pores and emphasised them! So, I then tried it with a primer first then small dabs of Glow Time on top, but it made no difference to the overall effect. The result was awful. I found the product drying and the overall effect on me was aging. It wasn't luminous or velvety at all. I put some Purepressed base on top - an amazing product - but I just looked old and caked with make-up. Couldn't wait to remove it all. A complete waste of money. I love the fact that the products are free of parabens etc and have been using Purepressed base for several years, but this BB Cream is a disappointment to say the least. Less

- janeiredale.com
janeiredale.com userDecember 6, 2019

Flawless coverage for over two years

This foundation is the perfect fit for someone who wants natural-looking full coverage. I don't even need concealer! I originally bought this foundation in a salon after doing a makeup trial there, and it literally lasted me over two years. (I wear makeup every day.) What I love is that it doesn't take much of this product to cover my whole face and never looks caked on or greasy. I had strayed away from liquid foundations for awhile because I hated how they would congeal on my face. This foundation doesn't do that. It stays on my face all day when I use both the primer AND the hydration spray--both an absolute MUST, in my opinion. (I use the regular Smooth Affair® Facial Primer & Brightener and Balance Hydration Spray.) I have noticed that on days when I have forgotten the spray, the makeup will smear and rub off a little. If I use the spray, my makeup will stay on even after an hour of sweating in Zumba. FYI I have used two different brushes with this foundation: the blending brush and the foundation brush. I feel the blending brush yields a softer look and requires more circular motions to get the makeup to blend evenly. In contrast, the foundation brush yields a more matte look that I use when I need more concentrated application, like if I have a breakout or black circles under my eyes. This makeup has also helped clear my skin. I LOVE this foundation and will use it forever. Less

- janeiredale.com
janeiredale.com userApril 30, 2016

Best Foundation I've Used!

I'm 47 and have bad skin from lots of sun damage and acne since my teens, and breakouts ever so often. I have fine lines all over my face and a few deep lines on my temple:'( My skin tone is uneven and I have visible pores. My skin is clearer and brighter now because I decided to try VI chemical peel for the first time! :-) I asked my skin nurse to recommend me a good foundation that won't clog pores and she said Jane Iredale is the only foundation that does not clog pores. She raved about it and told me where to purchase it. I ran to Beauty Avenue immediately and bought Glow Time and other JI products. The sales lady matched my skin tone perfectly and I bought BB7. I'm Chinese and have yellow undertone, and my face is slightly more tanned than my fair neck. BB6 is same tone as my neck and I could use that but BB7 would give a more natural look, she said. She also said although the product is costly, I only need amount of a pea size since it is highly pigmented and the tube will last all year. Wow! I could not wait for my peel to complete to use it. On my 8th day, I decided to try a pea size with my SPF 50 sunscreen (I made it more sheer as I like my new skin very much!). The BB cream blends easily and it lasted me all day!!! It didn't make my skin look oily and at the end of my 10 hr shift and gym workout, my skin still looked clear and fresh:D. I was amazed and kept looking at my face:) I used a little Jane Iredale loose on top of it- no breakouts! My boss praised my skin and I recommended Jane Iredale to her. Her skin condition is similar to mine minus the breakouts. It's so easy to wash off my makeup now because I use so little of it- a little goes a long way. I've used all kinds of foundations over decades to cover up my poor skin and I can testify that JI is by far, the best for me. Thank you Jane Iredale! I feel so excited and happy. No more cakey face! 8-) « less

- janeiredale.com
janeiredale.com userJune 15, 2015

Love it!

I had been an ardent fan of DreamTint, which I had been using as a one-in-all product each morning. Unfortunately, my dermatologist implored me to use something with a higher spf, so I had to go searching again. I hate layering moisturizer, spf, and makeup, as I prefer something that feels/looks natural on my skin and like to keep things simple and easy. After trying a number of other products, I ordered GlowTime. Initially, I had stayed away from it, because as someone with oily skin any product with the word "glow" makes me run, but so many other non-Jane Iredale products disappointed me that I decided to try it. The first time I tried it, I did not read the instructions online and applied it liberally as I would have DreamTint--and I found it to be cakey. I almost abandoned it, but then stumbled upon something online that explains only to use a pea size for the entire face. Applying it this way produces a finish to die for -- no one can tell I'm wearing anything, yet it covers blemishes and evens out my skin tone like nothing else with a beautiful semi-matte finish. I was also worried that it would not provide enough moisture balance for my skin, leading to flaky or still oiler skin, but this has not been the case at all -- my skin is well moisturized with it, and I don't get too oily either. Most importantly, it does not break out my extremely blemish-prone skin. BB7 is a perfect color match for me (I wear PurePressed powder in Golden Glow and DreamTint in Medium). It definitely provides more sun protection than DreamTint, but my only wish is that it came with a still higher SPF. I do hope Jane Iredale will make such a product one day soon. In the meantime, for rare days when I plan to have more than average sun exposure, I'll have to wear an extra sunscreen. Thank you, Jane Iredale, for yet another wonderful product! You are far and away my favorite make-up line. Less

- janeiredale.com
janeiredale.com userMay 19, 2014

The real thing!

I've tried several sort-of natural BB creams, but JI's is the first to do what I've heard BB creams are supposed to do. This product acts as a tinted moisturizer/ medium coverage foundation and a concealer for the under eye area and blemishes...all while making skin clearer, brighter, and healthier.I'm very fair with neutral undertones, and BB1 was a perfect match for my face. When I first put it on, it looks geisha-pale, but when I blend it in, it changes to my natural color. I apply it by tapping spots from my fingertips all over, then blending the spots together. Then I take a little extra & apply it to the circles under my eyes, around my nose (don't know why it gets red there!), and any little blemish marks.[This might sound weird, but for really stubborn areas that need more coverage, I blend some BB cream with JI's Amazing Base (in Ivory). When it reaches a clay-ish consistency, I dab & blend it on those spots. This is only for my yearly horrible breakout...without what I've just described on my face, I wouldn't want to leave the house.]When my skin is in its usual, clear, combination, 38-year-old state, this BB cream feels non-greasy, and not heavy. It's a slightly dewy finish, like regular skin with a bit of a glow. I've gotten so many compliments on my skin, and guesses at my age that thrill me. Can you tell I love this stuff?There are only two minor cons--to be honest in my review. It's pricey, but a little goes a fairly long way. Second, I have to keep a watch out for creasing under my eyes--a mirror check every few hours.However, these are the fewest issues I've ever had with a BB cream, tinted moisturizer, or foundation--liquid or powder. I forgot to mention the importance of natural & beneficial ingredients.Short version: this is HG for me!Hope this review helps. :) « less

- janeiredale.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Chromium Oxide Greenshazard
PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard
PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard

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