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Corrective Colors Kit by Jane Iredale
Jane Iredale

Corrective Colors Kit

jane iredaleBuy ($28)

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blends well

it blends well and does not cake around tiny lines

- Janeiredale User

the colors are great to work with and its blend-ability is fantastic

- Beauty User
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janeiredale.com userSeptember 9, 2016

Too Shiny!

I purchased this product from a local spa in hopes to find a color corrector to mask my dark circles. I used the peach color, and it was amazing to see that it truly does help to cancel out the blue tones. However, this product is SUPER creamy, and I even have dry skin. It was shiny looking on my face and drew more attention to my problem eye areas. I tried the regular concealer included in the color correcting kit and another full coverage concealer brand over the color corrector, and the product is so creamy that it doesn't let the concealer cover well at it. Ultimately, it creases and doesn't last long at all. This product may be better suited for problem areas on the face, but I would not recommend for dark circles under the eye!

- janeiredale.com
janeiredale.com userJune 9, 2017

Only under eye corrective (concealer) that works for me

I received this as part of a "supply" package i purchased at a plastic surgeon's office when having an intense laser facial procedure and have been using it for about a month. I LOVE IT! And here's why: Over the years, I've tried just about every concealer or color corrector on the market (or at least, it feels like it) and none worked for me. White ones, even the ones that claim to be "reflective," are the absolute worst. If I used enough to cover dark circles, I looked like a raccoon. And that was on a good day! I was a PR major and am no art expert for sure but the fundamentals of art dictate that white only emphasizes dark colors (such as under eye circles) but certain colors will downplay others such as yellow on red. I did try a dept. store brand years ago that offered different colors to conceal but it just looked terrible. Thankfully, I did go ahead and try this one anyway. Not only did it work on the laser spots while I was healing, it actually effectively concealed my dark under eye circles, too. I dotted it on the darkest portion then spread with a brush to the lighter parts before covering with with skin color product. . I'm so thrilled to find a concealer that actually works while looking natural (most imp't to me) and doesn't dry out my under eye skin! Perfect! And worth every penny « less

- janeiredale.com
lovelyskin.com userJune 17, 2014

Great for any type of bruise

This works great for any bruising after fillers or Botox. The four colors are great as the bruise color changes as it is healing. The texture and creaminess are easy to blend and build on - not to thin or thick. A little goes a long way and this product will last a long time. Also I use a little of the yellow with my normal concealer under the eye for better coverage and brightness.

- lovelyskin.com
janeiredale.com userOctober 11, 2011

Best Post-Treatment Cover

I bruise very easily. After Restalyne injection for my eye trough area I bruised almost instantly. My doctor's office had the color corrector palate and let me use it to help cover the under eye brusing. WORKED AMAZINGLY!!! I could conceal the brusing and no one knew. The warmth of my fingers helped to blend into my skin. I even mixed a couple of the colors as the bruise faded. my mineral foundation went well over top of the concealer and did not clump up. Great full coverage and didn't even slide while I was sweating playing tennis!! Thanks for making a great post-procedure product!!!

- janeiredale.com
janeiredale.com userSeptember 1, 2018

Covers well, easy to use

I have a condition called Purpura, which causes purple bruises all over my arms and is very embarrassing. I've tried some coverage makeups but they all appear cakey. I decided to try this color corrector (along with my BB cream, setting powder & Hydration spray) and was very pleased with the results. I could not get this degree of coverage without using the color corrector. I wish I had found this product sooner. Thank you so much!

- janeiredale.com


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