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Jackie Gonzalez
Oily Skin

When I use foundation, it’s simply too thick, I don’t like the way it looks or feels on my skin. I’ve resorted to using a concealer that’s my skin tone as a foundation, but obviously that isn’t the best solution. What should I be looking for for a lighter wear that’s still something I can build off of? Looking for good light wear foundations or any other suggested product.

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Channy Monahan
Dry Skin

This is a natural thin foundation

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Edmarie Carrasquillo
Dry Skin

@Channy Monahan this foundation looks like skin with a healthy glow, very beautiful, natural looking On days I don’t want to put foundation all over my face I just use concealer only on the areas I need it, currently Elf’s hydrating camo concealer but I also really love Maybelline’s age rewind eraser concealer

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Kerstin Boggs
Combination Skin

Thoughts on The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution? I know tons of people rave about it but I’m debating about biting the bullet and trying it with my sensitive skin.

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nicole21 forever
Combination Skin

It’s really good but the ordinary doesn’t recommend people who have sensitive skin to use it although I did read on their reviews, if i remember correctly, that some people who have sensitive skin said that they loved it🤷🏽‍♀️idk what’s that about but if you do end up getting it do a patch test first.

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Kerstin Boggs
Combination Skin

@Amira Stephens See my skin is pretty weird, I had a bad reaction to 2% salicylic acid pads a few years ago. Yet since then, when I’ve used other products (even with salicylic acid in it) like acne treatments that you have to slowly start up using to build immunity, I’ve had absolutely no problems and it doesn’t take near as long to be able to use daily. That’s why I’ve been kind of iffy.

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Amira Stephens
Oily Skin

@nicole21 forever yes you're right to get a patch test. I hear it's v hit/miss w sensitive skin but if you are tolerant w salycilic acid at least w sensitive skin you are safe to use this once a week for 10 mins max

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Barbara Osorio
Combination Skin

No matter what I try, my mascara always smudges under my eyes. Does anyone have a good smudge-free mascara recommendation or maybe a solution? #recommendation #tips

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Jamilynn Flores
Oily Skin

I tend to have a lot of oil around my eyelids and such, that would make my mascara look like I had raccoon eyes but this is, by far, the best that has work for me!