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Roxanne Guzman
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If you guys had to pick, which Morphe palette would you choose: James Charles palette or Jaclyn Hill’s?

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Zach Willis
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James for sure! I personally like color so I pick James’ palette, but if you like more smokey eye looks then probably Jaclyns

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Mari Nyul
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Has anyone tried the new IT Cosmetics Bye-Bye matte foundation? If so what’s your opinion on it? 🤠 #itcosmetics

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P13 M
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It’s ok, I personally like the it cosmetics cc cream better!

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Ellie Lindler
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i can’t decide which eyeshadow palette to get, the jaclyn hill or the james charles, someone should 100% help me decide, please.

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Kody Martin
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James Charles most definitely. Has every color in the book, good range of neutrals and brights and it’s also cheaper than the Jaclyn Hill palette