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Miracle Water by IT Cosmetics
IT Cosmetics

Miracle Water


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reduces puffiness

everything is in one box, i use every product daily and i have experienced an amazing improvement of the skin under my eyes, my skin is glowing and my dark spots are shrinking

- Qvc User

by the second day of using the products, my skin was super clean without being dried out and the puffiness under my eyes was already reduced

- Qvc User



now i use it in the mornings before my daytime routine, to refresh after my workouts and at night after my double cleansing during my thorough night routines or after a gentle face wash during my lazy night routines

- Sephora User

such a gentle yet effective cleanser, one of my all-time favourites

- Sephora User



my wife has a hard time finding anything that she likes for cleansing her face and night cream and eye cream this is amazing she has been using the makeup from it for a couple of years now and she loves it so she tried this and this is the third time she's used it this week and she absolutely loves it can't do without it goes perfectly with the makeup thank you so much it cosmetics thank you jamie so much love your products made my life so much easier

- Qvc User

the confidence is an eye cream is divine, the cleanser is lovely, the cream moisturizing super cream makes my face super moisturized and the compact serum foundation covers all my imperfections perfectly

- Qvc User



i am one of those people who is highly sensitive to cosmetics in general and i am thrilled to say that this collection hydrates my skin, it is smoother and the make-up looks flawless on my skin

- Qvc User

it leaves my normal-dry skin feeling refreshed and ready for the day

- Sephora User



i love that this is anti aging and hydrating

- Ulta User

it has all the things i look for and actually works really well- smells nice, only requires small amount, quickly spreads out as you work it in (even though it doesn't lather) gently takes off all makeup, even eye make up without a lot of rubbing, easily rinses off leaving clean ,fresh feel but not dry with the bonus of anti-aging benefits

- Ulta User



i absolutely love this miracle water it leaves my face feeling so refreshed moisturizer and silky feel to my face and brightness my face too

- Qvc User

truly feel clean with added benefits, my skin looks brighter and my moisturizer sinks in deeply

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

second night i concentrated my efforts on clogged pores using my fingertips and cleanser and was impressed on how much smaller my pores were and how much better my skin looked

- Qvc User

the only thing missing from this collection is the bye bye pores powder and it sculpturing kit to give you the perfect canvas for your beauty eye and lip products

- Qvc User


good for acne

no more blemishes, reduced fine lines and pores, and it left my skin soft and moisturized

- Ulta User

i’ve suffered with acne for 4 years now and i’ve tried everything

- Sephora User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

i use it as a toner and my skin feels so soft and moist

- Sephora User

i have dark spots, acne red marks and uneven skin tone and this works great for me

- Qvc User


redness relief

like most not spray dispensers, i felt like i was wasting a lot on cotton balls so i put this in a spray bottle and mist my face, then cotton it off rather than washing tbt most work mornings i'd rather sleep longer and spray this to wake my face up rather than shower, especially if i'm not all red flushed and humid until noon from regular water in my face, regular water just red flushes me it, my face does not like tap water 0⭐️'s

- Sephora User

the dry, rough, red patches on my face and neck were soothed, hydrated, and softened

- Qvc User
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QVC userSeptember 21, 2018

Great for sensitive skin

Ok, I just turned 50 and was so conscious of my age and hence I have begun with the IT cosmetics range of beauty products. I always saw the IT cosmetics adds on QVC since they started promoting the range but never dared to try them as I was so heavily into my top range products (and yes am guilty of such purchases thinking my skin would look so grand) but I always found my make up would look caked on and or dry around my T zone namely my nose and cheeks. WOW! what can I say, I used the entire Bye Bye lines, the Miracle Moisturizer the foundation 50 primer and Celebration foundation and VOILA MAGIC! My skin has never felt so good or looked remarkable as it did no dry skin makeup flakes, no cakiness! I am new to IT Cosmetics and I am never looking back to the old makeup! I have thrown all my old (top premium labels) out! Thank you for saving a young moms make up routine the products are amazing and yes I reside in NY and the weather can be so temperamental my skin always needs some hydration and with my aging process I needed a product that would not show my lines and this does the job perfectly! The Bye Bye Makeup remover is so great over my sensitive skin and the makeup just glides off not leaving it logged in your pores apply some miracle water to wipe any bits off and tone the skin and add Miracle Sauce for your daily moisturizer routine and your skin will thank you for it - I love your products. Less

ulta.com userSeptember 10, 2017

Fine, take my money!! I love this product.

I got ahold of this gem through the recent free gift with purchase promotion. I am currentlyon day two using both the cleanser and cream samples.I usually have an extreme case of combination skin. I am either extremely oily or extremely dry and have to use a ton of product to get my face balanced. This product is absolutely amazing. I feel like I just got a facial done and so far redness on my skin has improved, stress blemishes that were starting are clearing up and my skin is balanced in one day. It's hydrated and not greasy at all. I also have very sensitive skin/ eyes and wear contacts so a lot of products are irritating my skins and eyes and this does not.And my favorite thing about this product is that I don't have to use a lot of the cleanser or moisturizer to cover my whole face. Which I like for a lot of reasons first being that there isn't any of that build up or pores being clogged and second I feel like I don't go through this that fast doing it everyday so it's worth the price of the regular size product which I will be ordering after I finish the samples!! Less

- ulta.com
Sephora userMarch 15, 2018


In case you don’t know: This @itcosmetics #ConfidenceInACleanser is Amazing !! If you have dry skin and need a moisturizing cleanser GET THIS!I tried it once and I absolutely knew that I had to get it!! I was fortunate to have two chances to try it before buying but I knew that I wanted to buy it full size since I tried it the first time.Since I’ve brought it home my skin has felt refreshed and hydrated after my shower, before I continue the rest of my Hydrating routine. Whereas previously when most other cleansers dry my skin to the point of being /feeling super tight and peeling. It was peeling so much that it was super raw and would burn. This has helped it heal so much!! I am beyond grateful.I’ve been looking for a good Hydrating cleanser for so long and this one is both of those AND it’s lightweight and smells good. It leaves my skin feeling brighter and younger overall. I truly enjoy it.I’m on diuretics that dry my skin so finding something that agrees with my sensitive skin is a tough chore! This stuff is amazing! Less

- Sephora
ulta.com userSeptember 28, 2018

It "transformed" my skin...but not in a good way

I purchased this cleanser after my favorite Murad face wash was discontinued. I had high hopes for this product because - for the most part - it has overwhelmingly positive reviews. I also bought this one because I wanted a non-foaming cleanser that wouldn't dry out my skin but would still take off makeup. Unfortunately, this just didn't work for my sensitive skin.Pros: 1.) It has a clean lemon scent that doesn't linger after it's washed off. I'm normally pretty sensitive to smells (some scents give me headaches), and this fragrance didn't bother me.2.) The cleanser removed makeup pretty well.Cons: 1.) It's irritating to my skin. After using this product every day for a week, my skin is not in good shape; I have small bumps on my forehead and cheeks, I have more breakouts, and my skin is a little red and blotchy. It's not unusual for me to have reactions to cosmetics as I do have sensitive skin, but the packaging does say it's appropriate for "all skin types" - even sensitive.2.) It burns my eyes (which is a hindrance when taking off eye makeup).3.) It doesn't hydrate my skin. I have normal/combination skin and, while this cleanser doesn't leave my skin feeling tight, it doesn't add any hydration.4.) A little bit does NOT go a long way (in my experience). When reviews were saying that a little bit of cleanser goes a long way, I figured a pea-sized amount would be enough to clean my face and neck. Nope. I needed about a quarter-sized amount to adequately clean my face and remove my makeup.5.) It's not truly "non-foaming." It does have a serum-like texture at first, but it bubbles up a little as you massage the product on your face.Ultimately, for the price point, I don't think this cleanser is worth it. If you have sensitive skin like me, this product may not work for you. Less

- ulta.com
QVC userJanuary 28, 2018

Amazing Deal!

I had never shopped with QVC before, was channel surfing and saw this deal on TV. I had already purchased IT CC thru a beauty store and always wanted the foundation brush but couldnt justify the price. I was surprised to see this offer of FULL sized moisturizer, eye cream, solid foundation, foundation brush AND the cleanser for less than $100-! If you purchase these individually it would be close to $200-. The foundation alone Im completely hooked on. Ive tried to use my old foundations up-Estee Lauder and Jane Iredale and ended up washing them off and re-doing my foundation because I did not like the way my skin looked without my IT moisturizer and foundation. I have large pores and a few wrinkles and this foundation really smooths my skin and makes it look flawless. The brush makes the application quick and gives it a more airbrushed look. The eye cream, moisturizer and cleanser are all great products. They moisturize well without making you feel greasy and they just feel good. I actually look forward to my am and pm cleansing and moisturizing routines now. I look forward to finding other IT specials! Oh! And the box it arrived in was beautiful and packed real well. Thank you QVC! Great product, great value! « less



Overall safe Ingredients

PEG-6 caprylic capric glycerideshazard
Polysorbate 20hazard
Propylene Glycolhazard
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
PEG-6 caprylic capric glycerideshazard
Polysorbate 20hazard

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