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Confidence in a Cream Hydrating Moisturizer by IT Cosmetics
IT Cosmetics

Confidence in a Cream Hydrating Moisturizer

uneven skintone(50)
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this does an amazing job, i apply it right after i get out the shower and every morning my skin feels and looks plump-y

- Ulta User

i am an "it" girl anyway but my skin is dry and i use argon oil at night and was looking for my day moisturizer at "it" and didn't see one so i was thrilled this came out

- Ulta User



i am getting signs of aging and love this cream

- Ulta User

this is an amazing anti-aging moisturizer

- Ulta User



i spread a layer of it moisturizer on first (every night), then later three other products over the top (i do not massage them in completely, i do a thin layer of each and let it sink in overnight)- shea moisture eye cream (around the eyes only), then mix a very small dollop of shea moisture anti aging moisturizer and shea moisture brightening moisturizer in my hand in my hand together then i layer them over the top of the "it" moisturizer and shea eye cream

- Ulta User

plumps skin ✔️ hydrates ✔️ softens ✔️ makes face appear brighter ✔️ didn't clog my pores and i find it's best used at night

- Ulta User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

i struggle with combination problematic skin and this has reduced my acne scars, evened out my skin tone, and left my skin with a dewy glow

- Ulta User

since i began using it my skin tone is more even, skin is smoother and brighter

- Ulta User



it feels great with no irritation

- Ulta User

the confidence in a cream soothed my face within one night, while secret sauce remained me the same irritated face the next morning when i woke up

- Sephora User


redness relief

i became very concerned with my skin; i found that as i'm aging my skin has areas of breakout redness and severe dryness

- Ulta User

no redness, no dry skin

- Ulta User


good for acne

no acne break outs

- Ulta User

no break outs yet

- Ulta User



i've been treating my skin with heavy acne products over the past 2 months (the same duration that i've been using this cream) and there hasn't been a single dry spot on my face (makeup on from 7am-9ish pm)

- Sephora User

i use it all day everyday , keeps​my skin moisturized all day and its very light weight

- Ulta User
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ulta userMay 02, 2019

Better than everything else

I have done a lot of experimenting so you won't have to! CC in a Cream is by far my favorite out of all the bigger brands I have tried. The big brand moisturizers I have used are: Dr. Perricone: More expensive, good - made my skin feel bizarrely soft immediately after application, but I was not more impressed with the long term results compared to CC in a Cream... The outcome was roughly the same and CC is cheaper so CC wins over Dr. P for that reason Dermalogica: Way too thin, and still left me with dry skin Juice Beauty: The results were not bad, although it also didn't feel as moisturizing. I should add that I am biased against "all organic" brands as the brand limits themselves from using formulated ingredients that could work better... I want my brand to have freedom to use whatever has been proven to work best First Aid Beauty: Just meh, skin never felt super hydrated, but it didn't feel gross either Mario Badescu: I cannot say enough terrible things about this moisturizer. If you look up "Top 10 ingredients to avoid in a moisturizer," BADescu's moisturizer checks off many of them. This moisturizer is the only one that made my skin red and irritated. I threw it away. Laura Mercier: More expensive and way less moisturizing than CC in Cream. Disappointed Confidence in a Cream is the winner for me. I NEVER have dead/dry skin when I use this. I use the moisturizer after showering, and then occasionally at either morning or night if my skin starts to feel thirsty. With many other brands I notice that it can feel oily and "sunscreeny," or it feels like its just sitting on my skin. This soaks in wonderfully and despite the SPF, you cannot feel it. My next complaint with other brands was that I would still seem to get dry patches on my cheeks... I forget my skin is even prone to dry patches with CC. I have combination skin and this moisturizer is perfect for the oily and dry parts. After 3+ years of bouncing around, I am choosing to settle down with CC in a Cream.

- ulta
ulta userMay 02, 2019

Feels like luxury!

This has transformed my skin (smoother, Plumper, softer) in less than a week. I feel I should mention two things though: 1) I only use at night, it does feel a bit rich for daytime wear/for me (unless you plan to go makeup free, and just dust a little setting powder over it? Haven't tried that yet but maybe will!). 2) I do use three other products along with this. Maybe it's just this or the combo of them all? Not sure. Will say when I used only the other three the results were not the same/as great. I spread a layer of IT moisturizer on first (every night), then later three other products over the top (I do not massage them in completely, I do a thin layer of each and let it sink in overnight)- Shea moisture eye cream (around the eyes only), then mix a very small dollop of Shea moisture anti aging moisturizer and Shea moisture brightening moisturizer in my hand in my hand together then I layer them over the top of the "It" moisturizer and Shea eye cream. When I wake up in the AM my skin is SO smooth and moisturized. Haven't had any breakouts yet and my skin is pretty sensitive. I love this moisturizer!

- ulta
ulta userMay 02, 2019

Very Disappointed, nasty smell too!

I was so excited to get this product since I use the CC+ product and love it. But, this cream is a strange mix of anti age ingredients and herbal smells, I NEVER get blemishes, have perfectly clear skin and just needed a new cream to replace one I loved and can no longer get. I asked if this was non-comedogenic and was told it was as are all products. But, after 2 days I have a very clogged pore and blemish right beside my nose! Also, the smell of the cream is very herbal sort of like lavender or calendula, and I find that smell annoying, interferes with my cologne, and gives me a headache. The cream itself does not seem to help my dry skin, it feels greasy on, too heavy, and sort of sticky. Not good for under makeup where I like a lighter more silky feel. Going back pronto!

- ulta
sephora userApril 04, 2018

Best moisturizer for combination skin!

I am one of those people who doesn’t look my age because I’ve always had a good skincare regimen. However, recently I’ve noticed my skin is changing, trying its best to hold on to that youthful regeneration process but struggling and starting to let go...and I knew it was time to up my game. I’ve tried every moisturizer that exists (including the most expensive ones). At my age, I’m willing to pay $$$ when it comes to my face and I’m so surprised that this moderately-priced cream ended up being the one that worked perfectly for my complicated, combination-but-mostly-dry, allergy-prone, aging, sensitive skin. It fully hydrates my dry areas that tend to flake without clogging my oilier areas that tend to break out like crazy with other heavier creams. My dry areas are usually drier than the desert and even the heaviest higher-end creams just disappear but this one softens, smooths, and moisturizes amazingly without being greasy and continues to hydrate for most of my long work days. Plus it’s loaded with anti-oxidants and great for sensitive skin! Just remember to layer your sunscreen too! I do not like the scent but I don’t even care because it’s worth all the compliments I’m getting about how great my skin has been looking. I’ve never written a review before but I had to for this. Hands down BEST moisturizer for combination skin!

- sephora
Sephora userAugust 15, 2017

Holy dry patches

I think I shed a tear of relief when I first used this product. A little background --until very recently, I had extremely oily (I'm talking 1 hour after using all the matte products in the world my face would be getting that bacon grease all over) skin with severe acne. I finally got on a strong retinoid-antibiotic-benzoyl peroxide regimen and it's been helping the acne but my skin has basically been falling off my face with how dry and flaky it's become. For months now my skin has just been so angry and red/inflamed and dry that it's cracking and peeling under my eyes and around my mouth. And when I tried to use makeup, no matter how moisturizing it was, everything would cling to my flaky skin and accentuate every problem I had. Add on top of this that all the "moisturizing" facial cleansers and lotions/oils/masks I tried were stinging so badly it would literally cause me to tear up...I was nearly at my wit's end with my skin.Until I finally tried this product 2 days ago. I know it sounds kinda nuts but the effects were literally overnight, maybe even instantaneous. This didn't hurt when I put it on. As soon as I put it on, the flakiness was not noticeable and my skin looked calmer than it has in a month. This morning I was able to put makeup on over it and not look like a flaky scaly mess. I've even noticed that the giant raised plaque of flaky rough skin under my eye has receded a bit and looks less red, and it's been less than 48 hours. I must have spent nearly 400$ buying and returning things to Sephora and trying all sorts of oils and serums to fix my skin, and I think I FINALLY found my answer. If you have a problem with dry patches or rough dehydrated skin, BUY THIS. It's worth it, I don't think I can live without it. I literally feel like I'm starting to get my confidence back after a very rough couple of months. « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Polysorbate 20hazard
PEG/PPG-20/15 Dimethiconehazard

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For as long as I can remember every foundation I’ve used just breaks apart on my cheeks and between my eyebrows REALLY bad. Like noticeably bad. People have pointed it out because the foundation will just collect and make my dead skin look like it’s about to flake off even if I exfoliate beforehand. I need a foundation that’s actually for dry skin please! #help #foundation #dryskin
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DryDry Skin
Make sure you put a thick moisturizer on after you exfoliate and then before foundation use a good hydrating primer. Also a MAJOR key for me is using a beauty blender to apply my foundation!! Brushes are terrible for dry skin! Here are some of the products I use.
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Hi, any recommendations on a face cream good for sensitive , red skin ?
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Was sent this and my life changed! Absolutely love! So hydrating on the skin! 10/10
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What’s the best face moisturizer for acne prone sensitive skin? I need something that’s non comedogenic! #help
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i really like the it confidence in a cream it’s super lightweight but still really hydrating
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Best moisturizer for very dry skin?
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Any remedies for dry, flaky skin?? Moisturizer or facemasks, anything helps :)
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CombinationCombination Skin
I love this! It really adds moisture without being oily!
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CombinationCombination Skin
My skin is very sensitive as well so I hope I can help! A super affordable moisturizer can be found at Walmart for literally like $8 it’s called earth to skin gel honey moisturizer! Gel moisturizers absorb quickly into your skin and don’t clog your pores as much! I also love the it cosmetics @Confidence in a Cream Hydrating Moisturizer it makes my skin sooo soft and hydrated!!! I prefer to only use these in the morning though! I like to use the aveeno ultra calming nourishing night cream at night! I also have been using the keep your cool skin calming gel mask- i like to use this over night but you can also just apply it for 15 min then rinse off. I hope this helps!
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SensitiveSensitive Skin
Best night cream for someone who has sensitive skin and acne?
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So, I’m acne prone and of course everyone’s skin is different, BUT from my experience, I absolutely ADORE the @Confidence in a Cream Hydrating Moisturizer by IT Cosmetics. They claim to be good for all skin types (seems to be true for me lol). It’s hydrating but doesn’t break me out. I also love their @Confidence In Gel Lotion Moisturizer too.
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One of the best moisturizers ever hands down !