CC+ Cream Illumination with SPF 50+ by IT Cosmetics

CC+ Cream Illumination with SPF 50+

IT Cosmetics

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blends well
color correcting
coverage: medium coverage
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cruelty-free, luxury
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Okay for combination skin

"...looks very natural and fresh ,i have acne and combination skin, it's a dewy finish so i powder it to tone it down a , it honestly looks like your skin but better..."

- Ulta User

"...great for my combination skin, oil free and creates a good smooth canvas..."

- Sephora User
staying powerlonglasting
"in comparison to other primers the your skin but better makeup primer felt more effective it was barely noticeable on and really made a huge difference in how my foundation stayed in place through the day"
- Sephora User
"goes on smooth stays on all day"
- Ulta User
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What can be improved?
blendabilityblends well
"i am pretty fair skinned but i got the light which gives me a nice boost of color and i put bronzer on my neck so it blends better"
- Ulta User
"love how this product feels on my face, blends well, smells wonderful"
- Ulta User
color correctioncolor correcting
"i use this daily and it actually improves my skin and helps with color correction"
- Ulta User
"the color correcting properties are unbelievable and the coverage, fantastic"
- Ulta User
"this product is amazing it is different from mostl primers because it is very light weight and hydrating at the same time it feels like a moisturizer and it locks your makeup in all day"
- Sephora User
"i love how lightweight it feels"
- Ulta User
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Blends well, mattifying, color correcting
At first I was apprehensive about buying this because I'm 23 and a lot of reviews say this is for mature skin. My aunt has mature skin and uses this and looks INCREDIBLE so I just had to try it anyway.Let me start by saying I have very sensitive combination skin. It starts off dry at the beginning of my day and becomes oily towards the end of the day. I was worried about this seeing as many reviews said this was greasy but let me tell you, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Before purchasing this I had bought the Becca backlight primer because the Ulta associate recommended mixing it with my current BB cream (Smashbox). It did nothing for me and is the same price as IT CC cream and without any of the benefits.After using Smashbox BB cream for two years now, I am giving them up for this product. It gives a beautiful glow (only buy this if you want a true glow, otherwise stick with the regular formula). It isn't glittery, it's simply beautiful. I have large pores and it does look a little odd up close (I mean RIGHT in front of my face close) but with a bit of setting powder it becomes non issue. You only need very little product and a great blending brush. This makeup has the BEST COLOR CORRECTION of anything I've ever used and that alone will keep me repurchasing. It works so well with the rest of my makeup routine and it is my new holy grail foundation.If you have issues with oily skin but want to try this awesome product, use a good primer and after you finish your makeup lightly dust a mattifying setting powder (I use NYX HD translucent compact powder) and you're good to go. I also use Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray and with these simple steps there is no reason this product wouldn't last all day or work for someone who has combination skin like me or even oily skin.I am a makeup junkie and highly recommend this product. It is definitely worth a try because it took my entire face to the next level. Hope this review helped any of those with young, combination or oily skin! « less
Sephora User
Blends well, natural, brightening
When I bought this I was experiencing a really bad allergic reaction on my face after using a moisturizer that didn't react well with my skin, which left my forehead looking tomato red and caused my whole face to become one giant dry patch. It wasn't easy to cover that up with makeup and looked even worse because there were foundation covered dry flakes all over my skin. Long story short, this allergic reaction was horrible and made my skin look gross and unhealthy. So I bought this just because I had been looking for a new foundation and since I really like the natural face makeup look and summer was right around the corner, I bought this cc cream since I had a good experience with It Cosmetics' original cc cream and I prefer to use dewy foundations....After my first application, I knew I was going to be repurchasing this product. It didn't accentuate my dry flakes and made my skin's recovery an easy process since it made it look like there wasn't even anything wrong with my skin. I highly recommend this to anyone who's having a tough time with their dry skin. It's not as full coverage as the original cc cream, but it allows your skin to peek through the makeup while giving it a perfected glow. This CC cream is perfect for everyday wear, but it's a great product for every occasion. Even though it is light-medium coverage, I'll build it up a little bit when I go out and it still looks so natural and pretty. Honestly, the little sparkles really are only evident on my skin when I pump the product onto my hand before using a beauty blender to blend it into my face. If you don't blend it properly, then you don't get the illuminated finish. Just like every other makeup product, you have to work with it to get the finish you desire, instead of just slapping it on your face and going out the door which most of the people who attacked this product probably do. I use to love full coverage foundations but this CC cream totally changed the way I like my face makeup to look. I am a senior in high school so my skin is pretty young, but I really recommend this to people with more mature skin because the illumination this product provides just lifts the skin tremendously and gives the face an ethereal glow. Will definitely repurchase this many many times...
Sephora User
Drying, not pore minimizing, low coverage
I use the regular version in Light daily. It's good for that no-makeup makeup look. I apply it with my fingers to get the sheerest coverage, but go heavy on the undereye area to help cover up my dark circles. I'm in my late 20s, have normal skin that can get a little dry in the winter, some nascent fine lines around my eyes, ruddy cheeks, an occasional pimple, don't have particularly large pores; in short, I have pretty good skin (mega undereye circles notwithstanding) that I just like to even out and protect with some SPF.I got a sample of this Illumination to see if it were less matte than the original version. It was extremely humid when I got it, so my normal skin was a little sweatier than usual. I tried this before work one morning and noticed right away that I looked really sweaty. I figured it's probably just the humidity, I'll powder it. When I powdered it, it didn't look very illuminating, just ok. I figured I'd come back to it when we moved into fall, maybe it's not a good product for warmer months?Finally got around to trying this sample again on a cooler weekend. Again, I looked sweaty. I looked closer and realized that there were little bits of glitter in every crevice of my face. Glitter in my undereyes is NOT what I want. It looked like a subtle version of that roll-on glitter I used to get ~2003 for middle school dances.I guess this works for some folks? I'm confused by the reviews that say emphatically that it's not glittery--sure, it's not noticeable from afar, but it's definitely there. You can see it if you swatch it on your hand. I think this is one of those products that photographs better than it looks in real life. I was trying to get a photo of the glittery finish, and I couldn't. Clearly there are people for whom this works, but do be aware that, even though the product says that it "enhance[s] skin brightness without glitter or shimmer," whatever non-shimmer or glitter component they're using looks a like glitter on my skin. « less


Compared to other bb & cc creams, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
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