Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream by IT Cosmetics

Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream

IT Cosmetics

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pore minimizing
color correcting
coverage: medium coverage
Overall Neutral Ingredients
luxury, cruelty-free
Selected ShadeTransforming Light Beige

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Good for combination skin

"...i'm 56, with combination skin, medium-light coloring, and i have rosacea..."

- Qvc User

"...i have fairly dry-combination skin and i use it with my beauty blender and it works amazing..."

- Sephora User
pore minimizingpore minimizing
"i am in love with how my skin looks now and i would recommend this to anyone who has redness, scars and large pores"
- Qvc User
"i like also that its noncomedogenic - doesn't clog the pores and it holds up well in the heat and humidity where i live"
- Ulta User
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"i came across this cream and was tempted to try it, but was concerned because i am very light skinned and this cream is beige - although it is touted as good for all skin tones"
- Ulta User
"this product however is fantastic and gives my face the smooth, beautiful look i have been seeking for a long time"
- Ulta User
color correctioncolor correcting
"this is honestly the best color correcting product i have"
- Sephora User
"it never creases, flakes or fades on my (lightly moisturized) dry skin and, except for the color correction i know has taken place, it doesn't look like i'm wearing anything"
- Ulta User
blendabilityblends well
"it doesn't streak or melt or magnify pores"
- Qvc User
"i'm super pale right now so any redness stands out but just a tiny amount of this cream blends so easily and 100% completely covers any red or blotchiness"
- Ulta User
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Natural, lightweight, good for under eye
I have incredibly fair skin - most make up brands that are affordable (to me) don't have my skin tone. I decided to finally splurge and buy this after more than a month of research (and heavy debate with myself). Did I really want to spend the money on something I was unsure would work, let alone work with my skin tone? I am so happy I did. I've never EVER let a review on a product because I believe that everyone's skin has different needs, tones and coverage. I have light redness on my cheeks that I could never seem to find the right coverage for but also a couple of other "issues" such as, large pores, under eye purple bags of doom, etc.. I use this product only on my cheeks, under my eyes and around my nose and it works PERFECT. It lasts all day, looks natural, and provides the best coverage. I should mention that I wear glasses almost every day and even with them on and around my nose, this make up stays all day long. This is 110% worth the money. A very small amount of product goes a very long way, which means a lot coming from someone with problematic skin needing medium/full coverage. Also, it worked for me even with being a shade lighter than Casper - you only need to apply where needed but if it works for your skin tone, you can apply as a foundation. With all seriousness, do yourself a favor and splurge to purchase this product. It's true that sometimes you pay for quality, and this product will speak for itself. Best Wishes :) Seriously User
Color correcting, pore minimizing, hydrating
i have VERY sensitive skin. I have heavy rosatia on my cheeks, and I also have Keratosis Pilaris, which causes my face to easily break out if i use too much / the wrong product. I was tired of layering foundation on my face (it was making me cake and break out anyway) to try and hide the redness, and the color wheels weren't working either.I didn't even know this product existed until i went in the store and talked with an employee. She put me in the chair and applied the correcting creme to show me how it would work. I couldn't even believe it - such little product was used and all my redness was GONE! My skin actually looked like skin and not five layers of foundation. You don't even NEED foundation when you use this - this color corrects and acts as foundation in one! The woman next to me also purchased it, she told me she's been using it since it came out and loves it (she also had rosatia).i DO suggest using a primer or pore eraser before applying, though. It can cause you pores to look enlarged, especially if you have dry skin. Its an easy fix though with some primer and pore eraser (i used professional by benefit). it had no problem staying on my face all day through a 10 hour bartending shift (with setting spray of course!!). I also suggest applying with a beauty blender or sponge instead of a brush, especially if you have the dry skin!!This is worth the money - IMO. I usually won't purchase things this expensive, but a little goes a LONG way and it totally does its job. Will be a repeat buyer for sure! « less User
Natural, creasing, low coverage
I bought this product after reading all the rave reviews on it. I hardly ever wear makeup, and if I do, I don't wear anything more than BB cream. This product is "one color fits all," which didn't bother me much because I'm fair skinned and thought this would give me a little bit of a tanner look. First off, a little bit of this product goes a LONG way. Since it's a "redness correcting creme," I was expecting a light coverage similar to that of a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer, but wow this is SUPER cakey and goes on the face very thick.I used a very small amount of this product (I dabbed my makeup brush onto the cream that was stuck to the lid, hardly used any) and even that small of an amount provided 100% full coverage, and was just way too much for me. It made my face look super pale (which is weird because the cream looks pretty dark/tan in the pot), it settled into all of my fine lines/creases and made them super obvious (mind you, I'm only 24....). I'm so happy Ulta lets you return products, because I immediately returned it the next day.Bottom line, I would say that this is for people who want FULL coverage, which is not what I want. This doesn't look natural on at all, and looks very cakey/thick when it's applied to your face. Oh well... I won't be purchasing from IT anymore. Too much obvious coverage and doesn't look natural in the slightest. « less


Compared to other color correctors, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
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