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Brow Power Micro Universal Defining Eyebrow Pencil by IT Cosmetics
IT Cosmetics

Brow Power Micro Universal Defining Eyebrow Pencil

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precise application

this brow pencil is amazing and so precise

- Ulta User

it’s very easy to work with since it is so small and creates a very precise look

- Sephora User



the brow power micro eyebrow pencil is so fine-tipped that it's easy to make "hair-like" lines on the sparse areas of my brows, and then the built-in brush makes for easy blending and shaping

- Ulta User

it does a great job filling in all the sparse areas and shaping them to perfection

- Ulta User

staying power


it goes on easy and stays on till i wash it off

- Ulta User

its so easy to apply and last throughout the day

- Ulta User
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sephora userJune 24, 2019

Natural Looking Brows for All Hair Colors!

I decided to give the IT Cosmetics Brow Power Micro Eyebrow Pencil a try because I wanted a pencil to fill in areas of my brow that have become sparse due to overplucking as a teen and age! The microtip of this pencil provided a dark yet natural hair pattern resemblance; there were no harsh lines which resulted in a natural looking brow. I have a dark brown hair yet because it is universal it can be used on any hair color; the color is dependent on the how hard or soft one presses the pencil on the brow. I was able to not only fill in my brow but also define it naturally. The skinny brush on the opposing end helped to blend the color for optimum results! The product stayed on my brow for hours even after being exposed to various elements. I have tried many brands which leave me looking like I painted on my brows instead of simply just filling them in. I plan on purchasing this after it runs out and making it my go-to brow pencil. I would highly recommend this to anyone who uses a brow pencil religiously to give this one a try…you too will be impressed!!

- sephora
ulta userJuly 23, 2019

My new brand!

I have been using this for about 2 weeks now, and I absolutely love it! It's so easy to use and the precision is amazing, it fills in the sparse areas great. You dont even have to use much and it looks perfectly blended you can't even tell I'm wearing anything. It stays on all day even when I'm sweaty, yet it's easy to remove.

- ulta
ulta userJuly 23, 2019

This is my new eyebrow product forever!

I love everything about this pencil! I have very sparse eyebrows so I have always had to fill them in and I haven't found an eyebrow product I could fully say I love until I received this one! It's not smudgy like most of them and the tip is super precise. This allows you to control exactly where the product ends up so you can draw on what looks like actual hairs rather than a patch of product. It lasts all day, and I even tested it while I slept and it was still on and not smudged at all! I highly recommend this to anyone that wants flawless eyebrows!

- ulta
ulta userJuly 23, 2019

Best Eyebrow Pencil I've Tried

The It Cosmetics Brow Power Micro Eyebrow Pencil has to be one of my must have favorite eyebrow pencil to use, hands down. I tried out the shade Universal Taupe. I always tend to use Taupe because it's a universal shade and it's not to dark or light and it compliments my blonde hair perfectly. I love how slim the eyebrow pencil is. The spooli is perfect to brush out my eyebrows and prep them before I start defining them. The eyebrow pencil has an extremely micro fine tip. I love that! It helps me be very precise when I'm defining my brows. I can draw on feather like strokes that look real. The eyebrow Pencil makes my brows look naturally defined. It does a great job filling in all the sparse areas and shaping them to perfection. The color is long lasting and wears well. It doesn't fade or smudge. I'm so happy that I got to try this micro eyebrow pencil. It's definitely a product I will be repurchasing as soon as I run out. If you're looking for a eyebrow pencil that gives you natural looking results and gives you well defined eyebrows, well this is the product for you. I recommend you run to your nearest beauty store and buy this eyebrow pencil. You won't regret it because it's amazing.

- ulta
ulta userJuly 23, 2019


I received this from Viewpoints Sampling. I have a bare patch from an accident years ago and was looking forward to this being my solution. Sadly, I have had issues with it. I have very dark eyebrows. The amount of pressure needed was fierce! I would apply in the morning before work and by lunchtime it was gone! Multiple days of trying this and always, it was gone by lunchtime. I have never been let down by IT Cosmetics before, so this was a stunning disappointment. I love all the other products that I have tried though!

- ulta