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No Sebum Mineral Powder

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really good first impression for my oily t-zone

- Yesstyle User

amazing and true to its purpose, its a very handy makeup setter and my makeup doesn't slide and it controls my oily t-zone

- Yesstyle User



it also makes your skin feel so soft and smooth, i absolutely adore it and highly highly recommend it

- Yesstyle User

it leaves like a blurring affect on your skin making look like perfect smooth skin, i feel like it does leave some colour behind because it's white but overall love this product i've been using it everyday and it actually controls my oil and i am a very oily person it also made my makeup stay in longer

- Yesstyle User



it smells lightly of mint and feels lightweight on my face

- Yesstyle User

even nice as a setting powder so that your skin will feel nice and smooth and not sticky or heavy from make up

- Yesstyle User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it is white in the container but colorless when applied, keeps me matte all day, diminishes pores

- Yesstyle User

this powder is so effective at blurring your pores and making your skin look flawless

- Yesstyle User

staying power


this mineral powder really helps both my foundation & bb cream stay on for the whole day

- Yesstyle User

it lasts all day and i never need to worry about touch ups

- Yesstyle User

under eye

good for under eye

sometimes i use it to bake under my eyes or control the oils in my t zone

- Yesstyle User

this also prevents my under eyes from creasing which is so great

- Yesstyle User


no flashback

no flashback at all and feels really soft on your skin

- Yesstyle User

and as a bonus it doesn't even make you look "cakey" although the powder is white and it does leave that white cast on you if you are not pale so i do use a skin toned pressed powder over top to bring some color back to me

- Yesstyle User



i doesn't leave your face looking ashy and gives the perfect dewy to matte glow

- Yesstyle User

i applied it in my t-zone and it really does a great job of reducing the shine in that area without making me look dull

- Yesstyle User


blends well

it does not leaves patches or white stains

- Yesstyle User

sets really well and blends in perfectly, better take it with you cause after a while you gotta redo it~ but it stay quite a while~ got a nice smell as well

- Yesstyle User

best use


does not leave skin white or flaky, totally blends in with skin

- Yesstyle User

this stuff is amazing, it's the only thing that doesn't let makeup crease under my eyes

- Yesstyle User
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My go-to setting powder

This was my first setting powder that I tried and I keep going back to it. For the price, it is fantastic and definitely lasted me for months! However, if you are going out at night, you might get a white flashback. I had white casts under my eyes in photos. Blending really well might get rid of the white flashback. userMay 6, 2017

I love this powder!

I heard a lot of positive reviews on this powder, that's why I wanted to try it out myself. I never found the perfect face powder for me, because every other powder either made my skin look cakey or dry. But this is not the case with this one. It mattifies my skin without taking aways its natural glow which makes my skin look very natural and not powdery at all. Also the cute limited edition emoji packaging is a plus. I think I will purchase another one for my handbag to always take it with me. userMarch 2, 2016

Effective & gentle on the skin.

Despite the totally white colour of this powder, it is translucent once applied and doesn't leave a white cast on the face when using flash photography. It is a fine powder that works well to mattify my oilier T-zone, and it sets my under-eye concealer perfectly too. It feels light on the skin, wears well all day and doesn't cause any skin reactions or breakouts. This is a great, affordable setting powder that does the job of much more expensive products - only better! userOctober 25, 2013

Love it very light and natural

I was very conscious of purchasing any powder because I end up getting all cakey looking, this so far hasn't done that; make sure to use it on only the places that are needed though, because I end up putting to much on my drier areas and it did get that powdery effect but other then that it stays on all day, gives you a natural shine semi dewy look later in the day if not touched up by 6 hours after :) userJuly 26, 2017

Great product!

I bought one for my sister and I to try. I have normal/dry skin and it's great for keeping my face from getting shiny especially with a full face of makeup on. I don't get any dry patches and my face still looks natural after applying the powder on. My sister has oily skin and the product works well for her too. She claims that the powder makes her skin smoother and not as oily. We both recommend it to everyone and it's really cheap!


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Combination Skin

has anyone tried the makeup products from innisfree? i’m more specifically looking for reviews on their no sebum pressed powder but anything about their cosmetics would be helpful! i love their clay and sheet masks and am looking into trying out more of the brand.

Profile picture of Kat
Oily Skin

I love their no sebum powder line. I tried the loose face powder one and I also tried the pressed powder one. I love both of them. I love the pressed powder more because it lasts longer, the loose one won't last you because it only gave you a small amount of product, because for loose powder, it tends to get everywhere and you lose some product here and there, the pressed one is not messy at all. The pressed one is great for oil-control (the loose one too), not so expensive, a nice compact, easy to work with, it doesn't break me out. I bought a bunch of their pressed powder one because I used it to touch up and setting my face. The pressed one lasts me pretty long too. I love Innisfree face mask too, as well as their clay mask (the volcano one I believe, the one with dark brown jar). Overall, I recommend Innisfree!

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Dry Skin

whats a good vegan setting powder?

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Roanne Mendiola
Oily Skin

It smells faintly of mint and has no white cast. Innisfree is a vegan and cruelty free brand.