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Skin Base Foundation by Illamasqua

Skin Base Foundation

staying power(164)
finish: demi-matte coverage: medium coverage
illamasquaBuy ($44)

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staying power


it's the best foundation i have ever used, it moistures my skin & stays put all day, it's lighter than air on my skin, highly recommend this

- Illamasqua User

i highly recommend this foundation for a flawless and pore minimising effect, that lasts all day - and all night

- Illamasqua User



good buy buildable to full coverage

- Debenhams User

love skin base, as a makeup artist this is an essential in my kit, beautiful finish and very buildable, looks flawless in photos, highly recommend for a foundation like feels like your wearing nothing

- Illamasqua User



this product is smooth, easy to blend, lightweight and only need a small amount

- Illamasqua User

super lightweight yet flawless coverage

- Illamasqua User



smooth texture, good coverage and great colour, long lasting 12+ hours

- Illamasqua User

the skin base kept her face smooth and fresh instead of looking pasted an cracked like some bases can make you look

- Beautybay User


good quality

for the past few months i've been trialing loads of different foundations from different brands, trying to find the perfect foundation to use as my staple in my professional kit but none seemed to have that hd, real looking, long lasting, good coverage quality to them

- Illamasqua User

price is reasonable for a good quality product and for me, a bottle lasts about 6 months

- Illamasqua User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

other great things about this foundation are that it doesn't cause breakouts and it doesn't oxidize or make my skin look ashy

- Debenhams User

the best thing is that the color doesn't change and get darker or red in bright daylight

- Illamasqua User


not creasing

highly recommend this, i'm a mature lady and this does not sit in all the lines and creases

- Illamasqua User

works so well for my skin, lasts all day, and doesn't crease

- Beautybay User


blends well

its easy to appy and blends perfectly leaving a smooth, flawless look

- Illamasqua User

stays in place all day and blends well with concealers and contour products, etc

- Illamasqua User



i love how moisturising it is and that you can even make it look matte or dewy but i feel it is best and looks best to use it just how it is without any primer

- Illamasqua User

my personal favourites from the starter kit are; precision gel liner- it’s great to work with because it doesn’t dry out too quickly so it’s easy to create the perfect winged eye and it is blacker than black and stays that way for days if you left it

- Illamasqua User


non brightening

on top of this it was very tricky to work with, it dried to an incredibly dull and unattractive powdery finish, and wore pretty horrendously as well, with prominent separation and caking after only a few hours

- Beautybay User

on top of this it was very tricky to work with, it dried to an incredibly unattractive and dull powdery finish, and wore pretty horrendously as well, with prominent separation and caking after only a few hours

- Beautybay User

pore minimizing

not pore minimizing

got this and tried it for a few weeks, found it to be very oily and stuck to every pore, it separated and looked patchy after a few hours and slid off my face, wouldn't recommend

- Littlewoods User

it accentuated the appearance of my pores and fine lines and it never seemed to dry down properly - it stayed sticky and cakey

- Illamasqua User



the finish is semi matte which i think makes the skin look really natural but flawless which i love

- Beautybay User

does not look to heavy, amazing shade range and nice demi matte finish

- Beautybay User


medium coverage

i love the medium to full coverage this foundation gives you

- Illamasqua User

i love low to medium coverage and previously used a mac foundation however this is my new staple everyday foundation

- Illamasqua User
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illamasqua.com userJanuary 7, 2016

Review of Skin Base Foundation in 5.5

I've been interested in this foundation for a long time but with so many shades I was afraid to even try it. I also worried about adding yet another foundation to my drawer of fails...mostly products that made my pores look like hundreds of small (or not so small) death traps that foundations filled up only enough to make them look worse no matter what primer I used. After adding retinol to my skincare regime, I thought I might have to spend the next 18 months not wearing foundation due to the retin-A "uglies". My Illamasqua order was my last ditch effort to find something that at least didn't make me look WORSE. The staff at Illamasqua gave me a PERFECT shade match (all I had to do was provide any two currently good color matches from other lines). I put the base on expecting the worst and instead, the Retin-A uglies were GONE! My dry skin looked hydrated & smooth. The coverage is great but never thick or cakey. I think this skin base will soon be given holy grail status! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- illamasqua.com
www.illamasqua.com userNovember 25, 2017

Only foundation i’ll use!

This is the only foundation I’ll use, I started buying it nearly 2 years ago and have carried on repurchasing ever since, I’ve tried so many high end foundations that have nothing on this, the coverage when first applied is probably high medium but can be built up to full coverage if wanted (I love having high medium on more natural days then full intense coverage when I’m going a bit more glam) it looks so natural and skin like but absolutely flawless, I’ve had so many comments on my skin looking amazing whilst wearing this, I have really sensitive skin and can have sudden patches of dry skin appear and it never clings onto them, when I take it off at the end of a day I find my skin feels more moisturised but not oily and the foundation can still look matte and beautiful after 12-14 hours! I have combo skin usually and can tend to lean to the oily side but never have a problem with it breaking up! It’s super long wearing, I’d say it’s more of a semi matte finish, looks amazing on, it’s kind of like a custom foundation and you can sort of minipulate it to look however you want it to look, I literally have no complaints and will continue to buy this for as long as illamasqua stock it! « less

- www.illamasqua.com
www.illamasqua.com userFebruary 7, 2014


I bought this very recently after shopping in Selfridges Birmingham when the counter caught my eye. I had heard a few good things about this foundation so I thought "why not" and asked to be matched to a colour. First of all, the shade range isn't the best for pale skin whatsoever! The shade I was matched to was 02 which is too pink in my opinion. I then asked to try shade 03 and this was too yellow. In the end, I plumped for the 02 as it was the one that was closest to my skin but I can't say I was entirely happy. I bought it anyway - and I wish I hadn't. I have dry/normal skin and I exfoliate at least twice a week, wear an incredibly rich moisturiser, I wear a primer and I unfortunately have some large pores on my nose and cheeks. This foundation was a big, cakey mess when I applied it and believe me, I've tried to make it work! I've used sponges, fingers, all kinds of foundation brushes - nothing has helped. It accentuated the appearance of my pores and fine lines and it never seemed to dry down properly - it stayed sticky and cakey. It was incredibly difficult to blend - not fluid at all. When I had the foundation on, it looked and felt like a heavy mask of makeup. £27 down the drain...I also bought the concealer to go with it - again, another waste of time. Looked cakey and didn't set properly on my skin. Would not re-purchase or recommend to friends - its just a shame I don't live locally to the store I purchased it from as I would have definitely returned it!! « less

- www.illamasqua.com
www.illamasqua.com userMay 14, 2018

Perfect for my skin type, skin tone and my rosacea!

I usually use the 4.5 and I have to say it's the only foundation I have found that matches my skin perfectly. I just need it to cover my rosacea problem areas, I don't go for full face coverage. I have yellowish pink skin and as you can imagine, it's really hard to find something that caters for that! I also have dry flaky skin with oily spots. So it has been very difficult to find something that works for me. So far this is the only foundation that matches my skin tone (I also use the skin base mixer sometimes to lighten my foundation in specific areas.) The trick with this foundation and the issue with it sliding off of my skin is the following: Spray on a matte finish setting spray. Use a matte/velvet skin base in a very small quantity. Lightly powder my skin with translucent loose powder. Apply small amounts of foundation to red areas (cheeks, nose, chin.) Wet sponge and apply more loose powder using damp sponge. Apply setting spray again! Hey presto. The foundation covers my redness and stays for most of the day(10 hours plus)! It also doesn't dry out and become flaky as always happens with me and nearly all foundations. It took more than a decade to work out the perfect regime for me and to find the perfect foundation. I recommend this for people with rosacea, dry flaky skin... oily skin and pink/yellow skin tones all in one. « less

- www.illamasqua.com
illamasqua.com userSeptember 9, 2016

Review of Skin Base Foundation in 8.5

I took very long time to decide what shade is mine so I googled the shades and discovered that there are half numbers between shades I didn't know what to decide is it 8.5 or 9 !!and went for 8.5 coz we don't have a retailer in SAUDI ARABIA and I had to purchase it online. When I got the foundation I thought that the bottle is small but I started my make up routine with a small tiny amount and shocked again that u only need tiny amount of it coz it goes along and spread generously with u, so u don't need that much .. I like the squeezing concept of the plastic bottle that means u will consume all of it for sure It is plastic not glass so no falling breaking glass issue !! Most important for me that is credited for illamasque is the non animal testing which I believe in and fight for 💪🏼 The texture is smooth , hydrating if u have oily skin u might need a setting powder.. Biuldable if u want a full coverge ... One layer is ok with me although I have blemish after acne issue but it covers it nicely it feels light on my skin not heavy I can say it is a breathable foundation but heavier than a bb cream it is not a bb cream its a foundation Love..Love..Love <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="943851120942529724-full" data-show="943851120942529724-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- illamasqua.com


Overall safe Ingredients

PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard
Stearic Acidacne
Cetyl PEG/PPG-10 1 dimethiconehazard
PEG/PPG-18/18 dimethiconehazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard

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