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Hydra Veil Primer by Illamasqua

Hydra Veil Primer

staying power(50)
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this product is, by far, the most miraculous moisturising primer i have ever tried

- Lookfantastic User

it's a gel type hydrating primer, you only need a small amount of product to cover your whole face, it spreads easily and sinks into my skin beautifully

- Lookfantastic User

staying power


must have if you want your makeup to stay on all day this lasts me nearly a whole year and i do full glam makeup every single day

- Illamasqua User

this is amazing- my makeup just stays on

- Illamasqua User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it's very lightweight, and doesn't make any claims about filling pores or blurring marks

- Debenhams User

i've got super oily skin and struggle to keep it at bay but i have to say this product is amazing it glides on to your skin like silk and really helps disguise those pores

- Illamasqua User



keeps my face feeling light and fresh when wearing makeup

- Illamasqua User

very light, no greasy or heavy feeling and just leaves a nice gleam - not sparkly which

- Illamasqua User



consistency is smooth and went onto skin nicely, you don't need a lot - but i use as a makeup base primer and find give makes a great base for my foundation but also adds a subtle glow to my skin

- Ebay User

this it's the secret to a no surgery face lift instantly smooths giving you flawless skin thank you so much

- Illamasqua User



makes my skin look dry, all my pores look bigger, skin looks uneven

- Illamasqua User

the sample size was really good but after applying it before my makeup i found my face became quite dry over the course of the day which doesn't usually happen

- Debenhams User
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Debenhams userMay 20, 2015

Fantastic Primer

I was given a sample of Hydra Veil in the Illamasqua shop and was so impressed that I had to buy the full sized pot. As someone with oily/combination skin I was worried that it would make my skin too greasy but this is not the case at all. It seems to balance out my fairly uneven skin and leaves it looking fresh and dewy. Best of all, it doesn't cause any breakouts. I've had a few people ask what Foundation in wearing since using Hydra Veil and comments about how nice my skin looks. I've tried it with a number of foundations (Estée Lauder, Illamasqua and Nars) and have found that all of them sit beautifully on it and last a full day. I find it most helpful under my eyes, where I have quite dry skin, as it really helps my concealer to look fresh and dewy. I wouldn't usually spend so much on a primer but took advantage of the duty free discount promotion and would happily buy at full price. As you only need a pea sized amount it should lost a long time as well. This is my first Illamasqua product and I'm really impressed, I'd definitely purchase again. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Debenhams
www.illamasqua.com userOctober 21, 2016

Know your skin

I bought this product the other day and was excited to use the product the next day I applied a small amount to my face and waited to next apply my foundation, It left a beautiful complexion and I had compliments of how radiant my face appeared, however throughout the day my skin felt itchy and I soon realised my skin appeared to look burnt, I wiped my makeup off in the evening and this morning it has left my skin blotchy, my skin is oily and also dry in certain areas, it made my skin look beautiful but I have very sensitive areas such as my nose and checks and its completely irritated my skin, I am not happy with this would not buy again.

- www.illamasqua.com
beautybay userMarch 23, 2018


I purchase quite a lot of new items from beauty bay and I kept on seeing this item, but I ignored it as this primer was about to take some serious coin off me!!!! BUT I have acne prone, open pores and dry/combination skin and this primer smoother all my acne scarring and made my makeup sit on my face like no other primer has!!!!! My face looked fresh and natural. BUT kept the coverage of my Estée Lauder double wear foundation (which is my go to foundation). I used quite a lot of different base products to test this out and it continued to hide my pores and make my skin feel soft and smooth!!! Also, with other primers such as the laura geller under makeup primer and the benefit porefessional. This continues to keep your makeup on for your every working day (8-10 hours) I've never been so impressed with a product and I've continued to tell everyone about this!!! I also have done my sisters makeup and her base is acne prone and oily skin and it worked on her face flawlessly!!!! If you want a long wearing FLAWLESS base where products to sit beautifully on top of it, then this primer is for you. It is expensive, but I buy a lot of makeup and it still is pricey for me. BUT it is so worth it and I have used it for 2 months now and there is still some of it left! So £17 a month on a primer is cheaper then the other primers I mentioned previously!! PLEASE BUY THIS!!!❤️

- beautybay
lookfantastic.com userJune 2, 2018

No flakes

So this primer smoothes over all the dry bits on your skin, especially on the nose or anywhere else typical of flakes, however, it isn't your typical primer like for example, The pore-fessional by Benefit. It looks like a see through gel and you just take a spatula's amount, apply it to the whole face and let it sink in before applying any more products. It does not make the skin matte and it is not so good for 'smoother' appearance of foundation, however as a person who gets bad dry skin around the nose especially when I have a cold it is amazing for smoothing over those gross bits of skin covered in foundation I have on my nose. tldr: Lifesaver for dry skin before foundation Doesn't mattify or cover pores so well

- lookfantastic.com
beautybay userFebruary 24, 2017

LOVE it! It's very unique. I have combination dry/oily skin, and I was worried this would make my t-zone greasylooking. But it's very regulating and my foundation stays on the whole day! I also see that I don't have to use as much foundation with this primer as it makes it glide on like a dream. My skin looks dewy and fresh without looking and fealing greasy. My pores gets leveled out, dry patches disappear and fine lines gets minimized. This is seriously magic in a jar!!

- beautybay


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylphenyl Methylpropionalhazard
PEG-240 HDI Copolymer Bis-Decyltetradeceth-20 Etherhazard
Butylphenyl Methylpropionalhazard

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Moisturize with serum AND lotion, and then use this @Hydra Veil it’s THE most moisturizing primer I’ve used, second best is @Base Tape Hydrating Primer