Il Makiage

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Stephanie Garcia
oilyOily Skin

has anyone tried the il makiage foundation? if so, what are your thoughts? if you’re closer to my skin tone pls tell me what shade you’re in too bc i’ve taken the quiz a couple times to see if its accurate and it gives me a different foundation each time.

Woke Up Like This Foundation

Il Makiage
Madison Wiesen
combinationCombination Skin
I did not like it at all. It was very expensive and I feel there are better, cheaper foundations. It was very Cakey and not long lasting. It went in all my creases and did not set well.
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Jessie Boyd
dryDry Skin

Has anyone tried the Il Makiage foundation? How did it work for you? (Esp. If you have dry skin)

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Emilee Regalia
combinationCombination Skin

Has anyone tried the IL MAKIAGE foundation? I see insta clips all the time on it, it looks beautiful!

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