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Hyram Yarbro: All His Favorite Skincare Products

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Oct 30, 2020
Hyram Yarbro: All His Favorite Skincare Products

Look like the Gen Z skin-fluencer and TikTok star with these skincare products

Hyram Yarbro is the Gen Z skin influencer, or skinfluencer, that everybody needs in their life. He’s the first one to tell you that the moisturizer you just bought is definitely not as clean as you think it is, and you’ll never see him promoting a brand on Instagram or TikTok just for the money. In fact, he’ll even put the most beloved brands on blast in the name of clear, glowing skin. The 24-year old has reached 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube since starting his skincare channel in 2018, and another 6.5 million on TikTok where he gives honest reviews on beauty products, gets gritty (pun intended) about skin care ingredients, and occasionally features celeb cameos from fans like Karli Kloss. In fact, he’s even gained celebrity and influencer fans who specifically request him to review their skin care routines, just like he does for viewers on TikTok! This purple-haired skin care expert has made a mark on the beauty industry, switching up people’s skin care routines in a beautiful way to help them achieve their most healthy complexion. You can get the thumbs up from Hyram (he does this gesture a lot on TikTok) with these beauty products that he’s personally approved!

Foaming Facial Cleanser by CeraVe, $15

Foaming Facial Cleanser by CeraVe
Source: CeraVe

Gen Z and TikTok go together like Retinol and anti-aging, and there’s no denying the power of the platform within the beauty community. Exhibit A? Hyram Yarbro’s TikTok videos that launched CeraVe to cult status. And helped boost the brand’s sales overnight… leading him to join a partnership with L’Oreal (who owns CeraVe). Like, what? Hyram regularly gives shout outs to the brand on TikTok, and the Foaming Facial Cleanser is one of his favorites - especially for oily skin. Like most CeraVe products, this face wash is packed with natural, simple, and powerful ingredients. Ceramides restore and maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier, Hyaluronic Acid provides a hydration boost, and Niacinamide keeps your complexion calm - and these natural substances are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Cleanse with kindness as you wash away leftover makeup, dirt, and oil from deep within the pores - without the risk of irritation or breakout. CeraVe has gone from a minimalist drugstore brand to TikTok sensation and Gen Z fave basically overnight, all thanks to Hyram Yarbro!

Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream by First Aid Beauty, $30

Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream by First Aid Beauty
Source: First Aid Beauty

The dynamic duo for repairing the skin’s moisture barrier? Ceramides and Cholesterol, and Hyram Yarbro agrees. These are lipids that bio-mimic the natural composition of the skin barrier, helping to strengthen and maintain its healthy state to keep the redness, dryness, and dullness away… and you’ll find them in one of Hyram’s favorites - the BarriAIR Renewal Complex by First Aid Beauty! He used this product for a while when his skin was “really disrupted,” as the mousse-like, light-as-air texture of this gel feels extremely refreshing and gives your skin the protection it deserves. BarriAIR also contains Propanediol and Triple-Weight Hyaluronic Acid to plump, smooth, and moisturize multiple layers of the epidermis, along with Colloidal Oatmeal and Licorice Extract to deeply condition and soothe stressed skin. Hyram gives major kudos to BarriAIR for the lightweight, barely-there texture, as most moisturizers designed to repair the skin barrier are “very thick, very heavy, very intense.” Our MIRA community agrees, with 93% of guests saying that this cream is lightweight, and 91% agreeing that it’s gentle on all skin types.

Superfood Cleanser by Youth to the People, $36

Superfood Cleanser by Youth to the People
Source: Youth to the People

“I don't know why my skin gets so upset every time I discontinue using this from my routine," Hyram told Harper’s Bazaar while doing his nightly skin care routine. "I try to experiment with new cleansers, and my skin's like, 'What the heck, bro?'" Relatable. Youth to the People’s Superfood collection is pretty addicting, as it’s basically a veggie smoothie for your face that helps you glow inside and out - just like Hyram. This cleanser features a nutritious blend of Kale, Spinach, Green Tea, Alfalfa, and Vitamins C, E, K to energize and cleanse your skin. You won’t just unclog pores and remove buildup of dirt, oil, makeup - your face will get an infusion of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential amino acids to restore and rejuvenate. This is especially helpful for Hyram, as he lives in Hawaii where the weather is humid and his skin is constantly oily. Superfood Cleanser is top-rated for all skin types, but you’ll especially love it if you have oily or combination skin!

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% by The Ordinary, $6

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% by The Ordinary
Source: The Ordinary

The Ordinary is one of our Hyram Yarbro’s favorite brands, and ours too. He calls their Salicylic Acid serum the “best acne treatment he’s ever tried,” and can’t get enough of the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Solution for exfoliation. But for now, let’s talk about the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. Hyram loves to review his fan’s skin care routines on TikTok, giving the thumbs up or down on their daily products, and he’s always thrilled to see this solution. It reduces blemishes and balances oil on the surface of the skin, as Hyram tends to be on the oily side, and evens out complexion with just a few drops. Simplicity is everything when it comes to The Ordinary… and while these products are affordable and easy to use, they’re packed with enriching ingredients to take your skin to the next level. 89% of MIRA guests say Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% reduces redness, and 87% agree that it’s good for acne and ideal for sensitive skin.

Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum by Versed, $22

Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum by Versed
Source: Versed

There are two types of people in the skin care community - those who understand the beauty of Retinol, and those who don’t. But don’t worry, Hyram Yarbro is definitely the former. He loves this cult favorite ingredient for repairing damage like dark spots that he gets from the Hawaii sun, along with anti-aging benefits that keep him looking 24, forever. A Hyram favorite? Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum by Versed. This serum features the duo of microencapsulated Retinol, which delivers the active ingredient deep into skin without the irritation, and natural alternatives like Arophira and Bakuchiol to provide all the Retinol benefits, without the redness or skin sensitivity. What benefits are we talking about, exactly? They’re endless. Less fine lines, more even skin tone, skin exfoliation, acne treatment and more to make your skin that much more gorgeous. Since Retinol should be slowly incorporated into your skin care routine, this gentle serum by Versed is the ideal product to enhance your complexion without overwhelming it in the process. And don’t even think that you’re too young for Retinol, as countless people in their 20’s (like Hyram!) and 30’s can’t get enough of this ingredient.

Eye Repair Cream by CeraVe, $11

Eye Repair Cream by CeraVe
Source: CeraVe

“My mind was blown at Target. I was like, how is niacinamide the second ingredient?” gushes Hyram about the Eye Repair Cream. “Automatically, I fell in love with this product.” Us too! Niacinamide, or Vitamin B3, is a restorative antioxidant that brightens, improves skin tone, and softens fine lines - among many other skin benefits, as it’s truly a powerhouse ingredient. Perfect for the fragile under eye area! But wait, there’s more - as Eye Repair Cream is also formulated with Marine & Botanical Complex to reduce dark circles and enhance brightness, 3 essential Ceramides to restore and maintain the skin’s moisture barrier, and Hyaluronic Acid for a boost of hydration that smooths out fine lines. Or prevents them, because 20-something skinfluencers like Hyram are all about a good anti-aging routine. Just how much does he love the Eye Repair Cream? He says that he “can’t think of a single that he dislikes about this product,” and isn’t even motivated to try out other eye creams these days… as he’s already found the perfect one!

Great Barrier Relief by Krave Beauty, $43

Great Barrier Relief by Krave Beauty
Source: Krave Beauty

“This saved my skin,” Hyram Yarbro says of Great Barrier Relief by Krave Beauty… which is quite the compliment coming from a skinfluencer like him! “This makes sure that my moisture barrier is as strong as possible, and when I started using this product, I immediately noticed that the redness in my face was gone and my skin was more hydrated.” Indeed, this Krave Beauty serum works overtime with Niacinamide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Squalane, Glycerin and more powerful ingredients to care for your complexion. As it protects against environmental aggressors, a must-have for Hyram Yarbro’s home of Hawaii, Great Barrier Relief also hydrates, balances skin tone, calms sensitivity, and fades discoloration for your most healthy and radiant skin. You know how much we love serums, and this one is Hyram-approved for a glow up like your favorite beauty influencers.

Mineral Sunscreen Face Tint SPF 30 by Sun Bum, $18

Mineral Sunscreen Face Tint SPF 30 by Sun Bum
Source: Sun Bum

Any skin care enthusiast will tell you about the importance of wearing sunscreen every single day, even if you never asked, and Hyram Yarbro is no exception. When you’re soaking up the sun’s rays in Hawaii every day, and slathering your face with as many skin care products as he is, you need to protect yourself from UV damage and aging effects with the right SPF. Like the Mineral Sunscreen Face Tint SPF 30. It contains zinc oxide, which Hyram calls the “best sunscreen ingredient ever,” along with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Sodium Hyaluronate to hydrate your skin while protecting against UVA/UVB rays. The coconut smell of this sunscreen will give you ultimate island vibes, which is always nice when you’re stuck at home in quarantine, and keeps the fine lines, dark spots, and aged skin away for a hot minute. Apply by itself for a tinted effect, or underneath your foundation to illuminate your complexion.

Pore Treatment Strips by Peace Out, $19

Pore Treatment Strips by Peace Out
Source: Peace Out

Hyram Yarbro is a busy guy - between his daily posting on YouTube and TikTok and interviews with big publications about the life of a skinfluencer. Living the dream, are we right? But this also means that he has no time for breakouts, and needs the occasional pimple patch to zap imperfections overnight before a big interview with Byrdie. Enter another TikTok favorite… the Pore Treatment Strips by Peace Out. Also known as hydrocolloid patches, these strips contain absorptive hydrocolloid polymer technology to remove dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells. And once these impurities are gone, Vitamin A helps to refine skin texture and keep blackheads from forming! Because nobody has time for that, especially not Hyram Yarbro. Peace Out has become a favorite in the skin care community for patches that provide instant exfoliation, blemish-fighting power, or a touch of Retinol with just a few hours of wear - and they’re perfect for a quick skin touch up before a big event, presentation in Zoom school, or TikTok video that channels Hyram and Charli D’Amelio.

Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask by Herbivore Botanicals, $48

Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask by Herbivore Botanicals
Source: Herbivore Botanicals

You know that Hyram Yarbro really loves a skin care product when he makes an entire video about it. Not just a “Best Of” lineup, but a complete, 5-minute YouTube video in which he gushes about the glowing and exfoliating power of an exfoliating mask. Like he did with Blue Tansy back in 2018, before his channel really blew up! This Herbivore Botanicals favorite is a lightweight gel that feels refreshing on your skin - made with anti-inflammatory Blue Tansy Oil to reduce redness and soothe dry skin, White Willow Bark to unclog pores with a natural BHA and Salicylic Acid, and Fruit Enzymes for an AHA that gently exfoliates to remove dead skin and create a radiant, refined complexion. Any fan of Hyram’s knows that he loves his AHA’s and BHA’s, and he’s said that Blue Tansy is the only exfoliating mask that leaves him with glowing skin - without any irritation or redness. Add this face mask to your self-care routine and use up to three times per week to get that Hyram-approved radiance!

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