Best Hydrating Natural Essence That Reduce Redness

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Hydrating Floral Essence by tata harper
tata harper

Hydrating Floral Essence

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hydratingbrighteningevens out skinredness relief
Concentrated Brightening Essence by tata harper
tata harper

Concentrated Brightening Essence

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brighteningevens out skinhydratingredness relief
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Profile picture of Ryan Addis
Ryan Addis
Dry Skin

I need foundation advice. I have dry skin with very vibrant red discoloration all over my cheeks. I have smooth, even skin despite the redness. I need a foundation thats hydrating with a luminous/natural finish with HIGH coverage. I like Nars Radiant Longwear but my redness and freckles still poke through. #dryskin #foundation #foundationhelp #redness #fullcoverage #hydrating

Profile picture of Danielle Arnold
Danielle Arnold
Dry Skin

My skin is so similar to yours! My redness drives me crazy. I highly recommend you give It Cosmetics CC cream a try. It really takes away my redness!! It also feels like I’m glowing with it on vs. just being a stale color across my face. You can get samples!

Profile picture of Ryan Addis
Ryan Addis
Dry Skin

@Danielle Arnold This is one ive been hesitant to try out due to it being called a cc cream but ill def give it a try! My redness drives me up a wall so I feel you girl

Profile picture of Bianca Alyssa Bonetti
Bianca Alyssa Bonetti
Combination Skin

I began using hydrating water essence around my eyes (it doesn’t say you can’t) and I developed redness and a rash. I stopped for a month and tried a special eye repair gel every night and I’m getting the same redness and rash. I knew I had sensitive skin but I can’t tell if it’s some kind of allergy or it’s a reaction to the product. What products do you suggest to reduce the redness and rash, and eventually to put on as a night eye cream?

Profile picture of Adriana Fuller
Adriana Fuller
Combination Skin

I use the Tula glow and get it eye balm in the morning and if I’m having a particularly bad day with my under eyes I use the stella and grace eye masks love them they reduce my dark circles and make it look like I’ve actually slept well. I also use the eye cream QMS at night before I apply my regular night cream and it works great too.

Profile picture of melanie
Combination Skin

i've been trying to lower how much makeup i use so i want to find a concealer that i can just use to hide my dark circles and some redness on my nose so it's more of a natural makeup look. any cheap concealers for combo skin?

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Profile picture of nora
Combination Skin

Good coverage made for dark circles & pretty cheap 😊

Profile picture of Shannon Stark
Shannon Stark
Dry Skin

@nora this is the best thing ever

Profile picture of Erica Carman
Erica Carman
Dry Skin

@nora YES!!