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The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette by Huda Beauty
Huda Beauty

The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

pigmentation: sheer

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the shades are gorgeous and so pigmented and the texture is creamy and blends beautifully

- Sephora User

great colors allows for day and night looks, easy to blend , creamy textures

- Sephora User


blends well

i love how it blends

- Sephora User

i love how it blends

- Sephora User


does not have fallout

every color glides on smoothly, is well pigmented, and there is minimal fall out

- Sephora User

the colors are super pigmented, hardly any fall out at all

- Sephora User


not creasing

the perfect blend of mattes and shimmers, the glitters are an amazing addition for glam looks, and its absolute genius to include a concealer right in the palette for cut creases

- Sephora User

the perfect blend of mattes and shimmers, the glitters are an amazing addition for glam looks, and its absolute genius to include a concealer right in the palette for cut creases

- Sephora User

staying power


she absolutely loves it and says that the glitter shadows stay on beautifully throughout the night

- Sephora User

the shadows last all day

- Sephora User



plus all these shades work together to create a variety of looks from sheer everyday to all out night glam

- Sephora User

the colors go on pretty sheer with the first dose, but with a second dip into the pan they have full intensity

- Sephora User
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sephora userJanuary 24, 2019

Simply stunning.

As with all things, there are a few issues with this palette. There is significant fallout on almost every color, so you will have some waste. The included eye primer was a great idea, definitely for making a cut-crease over a look, but the formula is just not as smooth and creamy as other brands. Those issues aside, I have to say, this is probably my favorite palette that I have ever owned. I received this as a gift from my mother, and I am seriously considering repurchasing it, just to have a spare for myself. As someone who loved the Naked 3 palette, the colors here are perfect for me. I love that it really does give you a wide range from more neutral to more dramatic. I'm an attorney, so I wear pretty conservative makeup, and I thought I would only be reaching for this on my days off or for nights out. Not true. The nude/peachy shades just blend to a perfect neutral eye. I get stopped all the time by people wondering where I found these colors. After receiving this palette, I watched some youtube tutorials on how to use the various colors. A lot of beautytubers said that this palette was for experienced makeup users, claiming that it didn't blend easily. That was not my experience. I have barely any idea how to even find the crease on my hooded eyes, and I have been able to blend these colors easily. I find the shadows to be very smooth and creamy and exceptionally blendable. There is great pigmentation, so I do not need a lot of product to build the look I want. As for the glitters, they are just so, so pretty. They are not chunky AT ALL when applied to the lid, which I found very surprising. I love how I can make a dramatic eye look so easily and with laughably little makeup skills. All in all, I think this palette is exceptionally beautiful and just so unique. I realize it has a steep price tag, but, as I said before, I'm considering buying another as a backup. That's how much I love it.

- sephora
boots.com userFebruary 8, 2020


The speckled shades are gorgeous and buttery [Crave, Fantasy, Daydream & Charmed]. They almost look molten as they gleam so vividly. Just stunning. Just remember; it's best to use a finger, sponge-tip applicator or Huda's Fender Blender to apply this finish.Huda's pressed pearl metallics are my favourite shadow formula and we get a fantastic warm pink shade [Kinky] in the New Nude palette; as a pink shadow lover, I'm delighted - like with the speckled formula, the metallic is buttery and almost-molten in appearance.There are ten soft mattes in delicate berry tones, rose and muted copper and golden taupe's in New Nude. The mattes are a world away from the ones in Huda's first eyeshadow palette [the original Rose Gold palette - I don't have the Remastered edition to compare]; they are buttery smooth, mega easy to blend, great to mix together to create new shades and they have next to no fallout. They're softer & easier to blend then the brand's Obsession palettes and the Desert Dusk palette - the formula reminds me of Charlotte Tilsbury's matte shadows.Finally; the pan labelled 'Concealed' is not a shadow, it's a cream base meant as a primer. It is actually a really good primer, especially for the shimmers, metallic and the glitters - almost as good as using a glitter glue.All of the shadows are non-fading, and I haven't experienced any creasing - I apply them in the morning and they'll still look good in the evening, when I remove it. The metallic shades have a bit more fallout in comparison to the other shadows which have very little, which isn't a dealbreaker for me but I still thought I'd mention it. Fallout in shadows doesn't really bother me as I do my eyes before my base - all pigmented & softer shadows have fallout, so I do think that all good-quality shadows should kick-up a bit.On the not-so-great side; I don't think that the two pressed glitters [Excite & Infatuated] line up with the soft/traditionally feminine/everyday theme of this palette, so would have loved the glitter shades to have been in her pressed pearl formula instead.There's nothing wrong with their formula so I decided not to remove a lippie - I'm just not a fan of glitters.The cream base idea is good, but it's not really practical; it does work really well, but why put a cream in a palette with fifteen soft powders and two pressed glitters - and why put it in a pan that's the same size as the shadows when it's meant to be used every time you wear something on your eye?I have around half a dozen small palettes and two other large palettes by Huda Beauty, and I haven't bothered looking at them since I picked this up on it's date of release - I've not been using any of the fancy new stuff I go for Christmas much either. Between this and the Kat Von D Lolita eyeshadow palette, I've been feeling my preferred makeup style swinging back towards the soft n quieter, almost-neutral side lately and this palette fulfills all my needs and wants Less

- boots.com
Sephora userJanuary 3, 2019

Prettiest palette I’ve ever seen

This palette is so visually appealing I have no trouble finding inspiration for color combos. The mattes are very pigmented and blendable, the normal shimmer is good, the glitters are very impactful and don’t have fallout, and the marbled shades are stunning and foiled. The concealer shade is on the sheer side but it does the job for cutting the crease. This is hands down Huda’s best palette! Haven’t used anything else since I got it. 

- Sephora
sephora userJanuary 10, 2019


LOVE LOVE LOVE. It’s so worth the cost, the formula of these shadows blends super easy is very very pigmented so a little goes a long way. Also the glitter shades really stay put after an all day wear I didn’t have any fall out or creasing. My only criticism is that even though the shades look all very different they all have that same cranberry undertone (which I love)

- sephora
Sephora userMay 3, 2019

If you don't like pink, don't buy! BUT YOU SHOULD!

Yes this pallet should be called the PINK-MAUVE Nude pallet because that's exactly what it is! This is a stunning pallet and I took the plunge because of the shimmers and glitters and soft pinks all in one seemed convenient and a great deal because how many times do you end up with a mess of different pots or small compacts everywhere but forgetting what you have because it's all spread out? Plus all these shades work together to create a variety of looks from sheer everyday to all out night glam. There's so much to work with in here that for me having a pretty compact smaller pallet to fit in my drawer was a no brainer. Also the mattes and shimmers apply like a dream and stay on beautifully. However, you will need to buy a glitter primer -I love Too Faced Glitter Glue which can be applied on top of this shadow without disturbing your work) for the two glitter shades to not end up with fallout all over your face. I thought it was a added bonus to have the concealer included to have on hand in a pinch to help the glitter adhere. so I don't mind that, that was added. And there's no major powdery messy kickback. The trick is to use a soft flat brush or a silicone one for the shimmers. This is SUCH A FUN pallet! The looks you can create are etherial and romantic. Your eyes at night will catch any light and dance with the shimmers and glitters mesmerizing your man ;) It's just such a romantic pretty pallet that I think would look great on all women including women of color to porcelain. You can't go wrong with this and the day to night looks are endless. I really think this is a must buy for everyone because none of the shades are too bright or dark aggressive and can be worn year round. So for that, a great value. At first glance online I thought it might be a boring pallet but what sold me was swashing it in the store and seeing the quality and gorgeous shimmer possibilities. It's just a unique stunning pallet that you can't find anywhere else. Totally worth the $. Less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Stearic Acidacne
CI 42090hazard
Cocos Nucifera Oilacneirritant
Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oilacneirritant
Cire D'abeilleacneirritant
Stearic Acidacne
CI 42090hazard

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