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How to Transition Your Makeup Routine in 2021

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Feb 8, 2021
How to Transition Your Makeup Routine in 2021

Revamp your 2021 style with these beauty tips

How will 2021 makeup routines differ than 2020? Well for starters, there may actually be a motivation to wear it. Many of us just weren’t in the mood to do a full face of glam for Zoom meetings, especially when we were low-key wearing pajama pants without our bosses knowing. And you know what? That’s totally okay, because you and your skin got a well-deserved break! But the stack of eyeshadow palettes collecting dust in your closet are just begging to be used, and the new year is a time to transition your makeup routine into bolder hues and trendy, TikTok-approved products. You already know about the best makeup trends to try in 2021, and now it’s time to start online shopping with these tips on how to transition your routine.

Shop indie brands

The Big Clean by Kosas
Source: Kosas

The year 2020 has taught us many lessons, one of which is the importance of supporting local business. Buying makeup products from indie brands isn’t just edgy and affordable - it also helps local artists and businesses with financial support in these trying times. That’s why MIRA BEAUTY has provided you with the top indie beauty brands to shop in 2021 - from 100% clean beauty brands like Kosas to the plant-powered True Botanicals. Let’s get started with Kosas, as the brand makes your new favorite mascara that’s perfect for your natural, everyday makeup looks. The Big Clean is formulated with Castor Oil to nourish, Provitamin B5 to revive, and Biotinyl Tripeptide-1 to support lash health. Whether you’re doing an everyday makeup look for virtual math class, or going full glam as you follow beauty influencer YouTube tutorials… this clean mascara will give your lashes the love they deserve. And Kosas is just one of the many indie beauty brands you should be shopping in 2021.

Skincare-makeup hybrid products

True Skin Serum Foundation by ILIA
Source: ILIA

You shouldn’t have to worry about drying out your skin or causing acne as you apply your top face makeup products - and you’ll never have to with the best makeup-skincare hybrids. The year 2020 taught us all about the importance of caring for your complexion, and you’ll do just that with the True Skin Serum Foundation by ILIA. It’s a buildable, medium-coverage foundation to blur imperfections and melt into the skin for a luminous look - also infusing a variety of nutrients in the process. Aloe Leaf, Rosehip, Jojoba and Marula Oils work together to soothe irritation and calm redness while reducing the appearance of fine lines, and Mastic refines the pores and keeps the oil production to a minimum. As the name suggests, this top-rated product by ILIA is a serum and foundation in one… leaving you with a flawless complexion that’s always soft, hydrated, and sparkling. There’s also plenty more makeup-skincare hybrids to be purchased in 2021, with your favorite brands launching Vitamin E-infused eyeshadows and Hyaluronic Acid lip gloss by the second. Take care of your skin this year, sweetie!

Neutral eyeshadow

Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette - Warm Neutrals by NYX Professional Makeup
Source: NYX Professional Makeup

Nude eyeshadow is a classic makeup trend that’s just as timeless as red lipstick and rosy pink blush. These subtle-yet-sexy colors produce a variety of beauty looks for any occasion, from a simple touch of champagne on your lids to get you through the Zoom school day, to a gold cut crease that brings the evening drama. And don’t even get us started on the warm brown, grey, taupe, and pink shades that neutral makeup dreams are made of. Why are they a must-have for your 2021 makeup routine? Because neutrals can do no wrong, frankly. They’re the ideal way to dip your toes (or in this case, makeup brush) back into the eyeshadow palettes that you’ve avoided all throughout 2020, and can match both your minimal and glam makeup moods. Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette - Warm Neutrals by NYX Professional Makeup is the perfect eyeshadow palette for your “new year, new you” collection - as it has all your favorite hues to tone down and glam up your eye looks. Taupe, champagne, burgundy, burnt orange, copper… you name the shade, and it’s ready to be beautifully blended on your lids. Goodbye, naked eyes of 2020… and hello to sexy nude shadows that just scream “new year.”

Protect against faded foundation, and blue light damage!

Screen Time Hydrating Mist by Volition Beauty
Source: Volition Beauty

When you spend the entire year on your MacBook - whether it’s for Zoom school, virtual date night, or a Google Meet for work - you begin to realize the true effects of blue light damage. This type of light is emitted from electronic devices like iPhones, tablets, and TV screens, and has the potential to do some serious damage. It penetrates even more deeply than UV rays, and can lead to premature wrinkles, discoloration, and other skin issues. Eek. You may know about the best blue light protection skincare products, but did you know that your makeup can keep you covered too? All you need is the Screen Time Hydrating Mist by Volition Beauty, an influencer-founded fave that protects against damaging blue light while leaving you with a hydrated and dewy complexion. Founded by beauty mogul Tezza, this mist works as a fantastic setting spray that locks in your everyday and glam makeup looks all day - and that’s just the beginning. It also contains 12 oils and extracts including Marigold, Sunflower, and Indian Ginseng to soothe your stressed skin, smooth fine line and wrinkles, and leave you with a healthy and hydrated look. Even when you’ve spent hours scrolling through Instagram. Wear Screen Time alone or over your best makeup looks to stay pretty and protected!

Trust in TikTok beauty products

Vivid Brights by NYX Professional Makeup
Source: NYX Professional Makeup

Listen, we’re definitely willing to admit that a lot of TikTok beauty trends are a bit weird and questionable. Such as using glue to remove blackheads or painting the arms instead of the eyes. But you’ll also find a ton of high-quality beauty products on the platform - and brands like CeraVe and The Ordinary have reached cult status basically overnight after testimonials from Hyram Yarbro and Kaelyn White, respectively. One of our favorite makeup products that’s commonly used by Gen Z stars on TikTok? Vivid Brights Eyeliner by NYX Professional Makeup. This liquid eyeliner is available in eye-catching shades like green, red, purple and orange, and you can go from a simple pop of color on the top lid to a graphic masterpiece in just a few swipes. Vivid Brights lets you channel your best Hunter Schafer makeup looks from Euphoria, while also being subtle enough to wear for everyday makeup looks for Zoom school. Such a 2021 vibe!

Recyclable beauty products

Lipstick by MAC
Source: MAC

Sustainability often starts with your makeup bag. One of the best ways to transition your makeup routine in the new year is quite simple: use beauty products that are kind to the planet.  You can aim to purchase only the most sustainable, zero waste beauty and makeup products… and check if your favorite brands offer recycling programs to help the environment. This is far easier than it sounds, as one of the biggest makeup brands in the world is as famous for its recycling efforts as it is for lipstick. Yes, we’re talking about MAC. BACK 2 MAC is a recycling program that’s been in place for years - encouraging customers to collect six empty product tubes or containers and return them to a local MAC store for a free lipstick. Who doesn’t love MAC and their tendency to give out free lipstick? According to the company website, the BACK to MAC program has “prevented nearly one million pounds of material from ending up directly in landfills per year, saving 500 tons of energy” in North America alone. Around 107,000 pounds of material is recycled each year with this program, and you can rest easy knowing that all the MAC Lipstick you buy each year is for a good cause.

Bold colors

take me back to brazil bh cosmetics
Source: BH Cosmetics

The neutral eyeshadows we told you about earlier are “a thing” in every year… but it’s also okay to show your true (and ultra-bright) colors every once in a while. Especially after a year like 2020. Get ready to brighten up the year ahead with pops of blue, pink, green, yellow or all of the above, as even the top makeup artists agree that bold shades are in style. Fenty Beauty global makeup artist Hector Espinal spilled to Harper’s BAZAAR that these poppin’ colors work beautifully alongside your neutrals. "There’s been a big focus on being more minimalist and just enhancing natural colors and features - so think beautiful neutrals and earth tones ranging from chocolate browns to sage greens,” he told the publication, and it checks out. But don’t think that the colors aren’t coming. He continued, “there are also those who are really turning to bright bold colors as a moment of self-care and fun.” The best eyeshadow palette to get these two things, and much more? Take Me Back to Brazil by BH Cosmetics. This set has basically every hue of the rainbow, and these 35 shades are blendable, ultra-pigmented, and have extreme staying power - keeping the bright colors at play all day. Use them to go from virtual yoga class to Zoom happy hour while making a statement with vivid shades!

Cream blush

PHYTO-PIGMENTS Last Looks Cream Blush by Juice Beauty
Source: Juice Beauty

We know you’ve missed your hot yoga sessions and spa facials while staying inside during 2020… and it’s likely for a lot of reasons. Like the healthy, natural flush of color you get after an ah-mazing facial massage perhaps? You can recreate that same rosy complexion with the best cream blushes, with a buttery and blendable texture that applies effortlessly to the cheeks for streak-free radiance. Unlike a lot of powders, the creamy texture melts right into the skin for natural, lit-from-within color… without the icky fallout or fading throughout the day. It also looks incredibly subtle and sweet on your laptop camera, which is something you’ll still very much need going into 2021. A MIRA-approved cream blush pick? PHYTO-PIGMENTS Last Looks Cream Blush by Juice Beauty. This pretty color won’t just pop on your cheeks without looking overly clown-like, it’s also packed with vitamins to nourish the skin. Powered by plant-derived Phyto-Pigments and age-defying serum technology, this creamy formula is ultra-buildable and produces a natural flush of color that resembles your “back from the gym” look. It’s one of the best cream blushes on MIRA with top ratings for being smooth, creamy, blendable and long-lasting… and an excellent addition to your 2021 makeup routine.

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