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How to Organize Your Makeup Collection this Spring

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 10, 2020
How to Organize Your Makeup Collection this Spring

Get a fresh start this spring by giving your makeup bag a makeover.

Is there such a thing as too much makeup? The obvious response for most of us is “absolutely not,” but the truth is that there might be. It’s easy to mindlessly buy 20 red lipsticks, or that palette with a shade named after you that you don’t really need. And then let these products collect dust at the bottom of your makeup bag as you swear that you’ll definitely use them the next time you go out or make a TikTok video.

With most of us staying indoors this season, it’s an incredible opportunity to clear out our minds and makeup bags for a bit of spring cleaning. While you may encounter a bit of dust and shadow fallout at the bottom of your makeup bag, you’ll also experience nostalgia and a newfound appreciation for the products that help you feel beautiful every day.

Lay out all your makeup

Step one? Channel your inner influencer. Lay out all your products on a flat, clean surface like you’re about to snap the most VSCO-worthy flat lay ever. While it may seem counterintuitive to dump all your palettes, concealers, and liners into one big pile, it lets you see the bigger picture. Not just that you may have a serious brow gel problem, but that you really don’t need all this makeup, and it’s easier to start sorting products into groups when you have everything you own right in front of you.

Check expiration dates

One of the biggest makeup mistakes you can make is using expired products. In addition to dreaded clumpy mascara and cakiness of powder that’s past its prime, these often carry bacteria that you’re literally applying onto your face. Come on, that’s just gross. Do your skin and makeup collection a favor and toss these expired products - you’ll feel better and it’s an excuse to buy more makeup.

As for how long these products last? Face makeup like concealers, primers, and foundations typically last between 1 to 2 years, while you should be more careful with eye products like mascara and liner. Replace them after 3-6 months, or just if you haven’t used them in a while.

Swatch, swatch, swatch

Source: Unsplash

Beauty trends are constantly evolving, and your vanity should be too. That Barbie-pink lipstick you bought for a party a few months ago may not have a place in your collection anymore, and swatching helps you get up close and personal with every shade. Do I still like this color? Does it still apply evenly, or go on clumpy? What was I even thinking when I bought this? Just a few things you’ll be thinking as you swatch a few shadows and lipsticks that were probably never your color to begin with, and should probably be tossed.

Use clear, transparent cases

People are visual. But you knew that already, that’s why you love creating beautiful makeup looks. Once you organize your collection into categories of your choosing - eye makeup, concealer drawer, special occasion only, etc. - place your products in clear, acrylic containers. These look pretty on your vanity and make for a great #shelfie shot, while also giving you clear and easy access to all your products, without having to dig through a bag.

Try multipurpose products

You already love your contour and highlight stick and 4-1 brow pencil… why not save time in the morning and room in your makeup drawers with more multi-purpose beauty products? We’ve already told you about the top 5 most versatile tools you should have in your collection, which allows you more space to stock up on all the spring trends.

Like florals. Groundbreaking.