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How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Jan 5, 2021
How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Look lit-from-within with these glowing skin tricks

The only thing better than glowing skin from your highlighter palette? Glowing skin that’s 100% natural and lit-from-within. “Skinimalism” is one of the best ways to upgrade your skincare routine in 2021, going back to basics and using only 2, 1, or even 0 beauty products to light up your look. This natural radiance doesn’t just look better on Zoom calls - it also helps you save time and money while providing a variety of wellness benefits. Seriously, did you really need another reason to eat avocado toast? You have one now. Get ready to radiate into the new year with these tips and tricks on how to get glowing skin naturally.

Never skip moisturizer

Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream by Youth to the People
Source: Youth to the People

Even when you’re super tired from a long day of Zoom school, you can’t forget to moisturize. Ever. This iconic skincare product lives up to its name, and gives your skin a boost of hydration to defeat nearly any skin issue you can imagine. Have a major breakout that won’t go away? Moisturizer. Your skin is red and inflamed? Moisturizer. Need a boost of extreme brightness before your work presentation tomorrow? Illuminating moisturizer. We could go on. This product does anything you need it to - balance natural oils in the face, smooth fine lines to look more youthful, treat inflammation and produce a radiant glow. Even one day of “forgetting” your morning or evening moisturizer can cause your skin to freak out and lose its natural glow, which shows just how important this skincare essential really is. While you should always choose a moisturizer based on your skin type, the Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream by Youth to the People is a MIRA favorite that has top ratings for brightening, hydrating, anti-aging and evening out skin.

Sleep well

cerave skin renewing night cream
Source: CeraVe

Whoever said that nothing good happens after dark was so, so wrong. In fact, your body does its best work while you sleep… and a solid resting schedule does wonders for your body and mind. Goodbye dark under eyes, and hello glowing skin! Did you know that while you’re snoozing, your body goes into overdrive replenishing the collagen you’ve lost? This substance is naturally produced by the body, and is the key to glowing skin, shiny hair, and nice nails. However, our collagen production begins to decline as we grow older… resulting in a loss of elasticity and shine that makes skincare a little less fun. Not cool. But your nightly eight hours of sleep is the answer to your skincare woes, as it keeps your complexion looking young, bright, and beautiful. Need proof? Jennifer Lopez, the 51-year-old who could definitely pass for 30, has said that one of the biggest J.Lo beauty secrets is getting eight or nine hours of sleep each night. And if a superstar performer like J.Lo can find the time to get a good night’s rest, you definitely can too! Preferably after applying a nourishing product like the Skin Renewing Night Cream by CeraVe for an extra boost of brightness.

Healthy diet

Lip Glowy Balm by Laneige
Source: Laneige

It’s not just a cliche, you are what you eat. When you eat too much candy or fast food, you don’t just have a tendency to break out… you’ll also notice dark circles, dryness, and dullness that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Spoiler alert: it didn’t. If you’re looking to get healthy and glow inside and out, try eating more fatty acids! These include fish like salmon and tuna, and nuts like almonds and walnuts, which all boost collagen production to give you naturally youthful, glowing skin. You’ll have more energy, be more alert, and simply look and feel brighter than ever before… what’s not to love? You can also boost the brightness with more Vitamin C, which can be found in fruits like oranges, papaya, pears and strawberries. When you’re not snacking on a bouquet of colorful fruits, you can also wear them on your lips 24/7 while nourishing and moisturizing your pout! Lip Glowy Balm by Laneige is a cult favorite product that’s formulated with Murumuru and Shea butter to hydrate your lips, and it’s available in four fun flavors. Berry, Grapefruit, Pear, Peach… each one gives your skin a colorful tint and boost of moisture while reminding you to get your daily fruit intake for glowing skin!

Stop stressing

Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream by Glow Recipe
Source: Glow Recipe

It’s natural to be stressed sometimes, but your skin doesn’t have to show it. When you’re worried about a final exam, work project, or just the state of the world… your body goes into “fight or flight” mode. As a result, you may notice less glow and more acne, dark circles, and dullness. Lovely. But it doesn’t have to be this way, as all the best skincare products for stressed skin are here to restore your natural radiance and get you back into a good s tate of mind. And good state of skin, of course. Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream by Glow Recipe is the anti-stress moisturizer you need in your beauty routine, powered by your favorite fruit for a healthy mindset and even healthier complexion. Banana is rich in vitamins and minerals, including potassium and Vitamin E, to deeply hydrate your skin and leave it feeling soft - and this cream also contains Magnesium, Centella Asiatica, and Turmeric to heal your stressed out skin. After balance is restored to your complexion, the glow up begins as you instantly look and feel better with this Glow Recipe favorite… and MIRA reviews agree. 100% say this moisturizer is mega-brightening and 97% call it hydrating and lightweight!

Dry brushing

skin gym dry body brush
Source: Skin Gym

This extremely simple technique is a celebrity favorite, and shows you how to get glowing skin with just a few swirls. Invest in the Dry Body Brush by Skin Gym, which has a wooden handle and natural cactus sisal bristles to exfoliate, and gently massage your face and body in an upwards motion to slough off dead skin cells and get glowing. It’s that simple. Most generally do this technique before showering, and use a completely dry brush on an even more dry face to get the best results. What are these exactly? Dermatologists have suggested that dry brushing doesn’t just exfoliate dead skin and boost brightness - but it also increases circulation, plumps the skin, and helps with lymphatic drainage for an overall boost in wellness. It’s the best way to get not just radiant cheekbones, but a full-body glow that you’ll love showing off in 2021!

Eat avocados

Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado by Kiehl's
Source: Kiehl's

You already know that a healthy diet will make your skin glow, but avocado is in a league of its own. This superfood doesn’t just have a place in your favorite skincare products, like the Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado by Kiehl's, it’s also an antioxidant-rich snack that you should indulge in regularly. It’s a healthy fat that’s packed with vitamins, potassium, magnesium, folic acid and more to nourish your body inside and out. Avocado has intense hydrating power that not only locks in moisture, but replenishes the skin’s natural moisture barrier to keep you glowing for good. It also protects against free radical damage to prevent dryness, dullness, or irritation… giving your skin a shield against environmental stress that dulls your natural sparkle. So next time you’re in the mood for avocado toast for the third time this week, just do it… it might just provide your most glowing skin yet!

Gua Sha

Jade Gua Sha by Skin Gym
Source: Skin Gym

A small, affordable stone that has the power to glow up your complexion and give you the chiseled cheekbones of your dreams? Believe it, because the Jade Gua Sha by Skin Gym is the real deal. The gua sha technique, or skin scraping, originated hundreds of years ago as a form of Chinese medicine. Practitioners would use a flat stone to apply pressure and scrape the skin, treating muscle pain and tightness while alleviating chronic pain symptoms. This massage was just as intense as it sounds, but don’t worry… today’s “facial” version of the gua sha treatment is much more relaxed. In fact, gua sha is now known as one of the greatest home beauty tools and self-care treatments around. These beauty tools are small stones typically made out of rose quartz, jade, or amethyst, used to scrape the skin in an upward, outward direction to release muscle tension and promote the drainage of tissues. This causes your features to become sharper, skin smoother, and complexion brighter than ever before.

Stay off the electronics

Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum by Chantecaille
Source: Chantecaille

You’ve been hearing since childhood that you should “stop watching TV and go play outside,” but the year 2020 made it a bit difficult. Most of us stayed inside glued to our electronics, on Zoom calls for work and watching Neflix in our spare time, and we had the dull, tired skin to prove it. This is due to blue light, the substance that emits from our electronic devices and penetrates even more deeply than UV rays, leading to premature wrinkles, discoloration, dullness and other skin issues. Not cool. We’ve already told you about the best blue light protection skincare products, like the Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum by Chantecaille, but you can also get your glowing skin back by just avoiding your iPhone altogether. Crazy, right? Just take an electronic break to the extent you’re comfortable with - whether that means shutting your laptop after your last work meeting and taking a bath instead of watching The Office, or swapping out your Zoom happy hour for a phone call instead. The options are endless, and a brief electronic blackout can do wonders for your physical and mental health. You won’t just restore your glowing skin, you’ll also just feel better without the constant need to reply to texts or scroll through Instagram!

Exfoliate regularly

Sugar Face Polish Exfoliator by Fresh
Source: Fresh

While this beauty tip towards glowing skin may seem obvious, it’s really not. Exfoliation is a necessary step, as it deep cleans your pores and removes all the bad stuff like oil and blackheads - but tons of people actually believe that cleanser is enough, and skip exfoliation. Gasp. For the record, it’s definitely not… and you should be exfoliating 2-3 times each week to pull impurities from deep below the skin. This doesn’t just brighten up your complexion, it also creates a smoother, softer canvas for makeup application that’s less prone to wrinkles. A MIRA-approved exfoliator you need to try? Sugar Face Polish Exfoliator by Fresh. This two-in-one facial scrub and mask is made with Brown Sugar to gently sweep away dry and dull skin and eliminate impurities while sealing in moisture. It also gets a little help from Wild Strawberries, packed with Vitamin C to brighten and soothe, and Plum Seed Oil to hydrate and nourish. The goal is to find an exfoliator that shows you how to get glowing skin, without being too harsh and causing irritation or redness in the process… and this one by Fresh does exactly that. 97% of MIRA guests say that Sugar Face Polish Exfoliator is super brightening and pore-minimizing, while 95% agree that it evens out skin tone.

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