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3 Simple Tips for Your Best Brows

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 10, 2020
3 Simple Tips for Your Best Brows

Eyebrows can completely change the shape of your face and polish your look, and these quick tips prove it.

Any beauty enthusiast knows the importance of eyebrows. It’s the feature that can make or break your look… and countless studies have shown that they’re the first thing people notice on your face. That’s why it can be a little traumatizing to look at photos of your untamed or overly plucked brows from years ago, but also a gentle reminder of how far you’ve come in your beauty routine. All you need is a few brow essentials to achieve your most impeccable arches. Here are our top 3 tricks!

Use the right brushes

Eyebrows are a work of art, and no artist is complete without the right tools. Your new best friend? A dual-ended angled and spoolie brush… like the Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie from Benefit. Sure, your fluffy concealer brush does a fine job and has been by your side through the many, many bad brow days. But there’s no comparing it to the impeccable brows you’ll achieve with your new tool. Once you dip the angled side into your favorite brow powder, shape them to perfection, and brush through with a spoolie, you’ll never go back.

Don’t go too high with arches

You want to look like your favorite influencer after their 10-step tutorial, not an animated character with angry cartoon brows. That’s why it’s important to watch how high and pointy you make your arches. It’s easy to get a little carried away with your brow pencil, but the trick is to hold the tool against your nostril and line up diagonally with the center of the eye. That’s precisely where you should make your arch.

Don’t forget to brush eyebrow hairs downward with your spoolie brush, and fluff them up after drawing in your arches for a more natural appearance.

Define brows with concealer

Is there anything that concealer can’t do? This skincare favorite doesn’t just mask blemishes and dark circles, it also elevates your arches and gives brows major definition. Grab a light shade of concealer and use a flat brush to trace above and below your arches, and gently blend to create sharper and more defined brows. It’s a quick, simple and effective step... and even helps to conceal stray hairs or those too small to get with tweezers.

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