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How does MIRA BEAUTY Work?

MIRA BEAUTY connects beauty enthusiasts with premium makeup and skincare products from a wide variety of brands and categories. MIRA helps you explore and test the right products for your specific needs and preferences, risk-free. Try before you buy to make sure you feel good about your purchase, before committing to a full-sized product!

Step 1: Curate

MIRA BEAUTY works with brand partners to curate an experience that helps you try new products that you'll love through our premium deluxe minis.

Step 2: Sample

Choose any 6 free deluxe minis you want from our select partner brands, just cover $4.95 for shipping and handling.

Step 3: Redeem

If you find something you like, come back for 20% off every full-sized product you purchase!

Step 4: Connect

Connect with MIRA BEAUTY partner brands to share more about your experience with their product and receive special deals & promotions! 

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