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Pure Essence Mask Sheet Damask Rose by holika holika
holika holika

Pure Essence Mask Sheet Damask Rose

beautequeBuy ($1.99)

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redness relief

definitely reduced the redness in my skin and even the next day my skin was looking brighter

- Beautybay User

i had a wedding to attend to the next day and it also made my skin feel soft and reduced dryness/peeling of the face since my skin is currently very dry due to london’s weather

- Beautybay User



i absolutely loved this mask, it is so moisturising and makes my skin feel super plump and dewy afterwards

- Beautybay User

really hydrates my face

- Beautybay User


good for acne

this face mask has worked wonders for my skin, i have oily/acne prone skin and scars and i left the mask on for 15-20 minutes and it was very smoothing and cool and nicely fragranced

- Beautybay User

i have extremely dry skin (although i am acne prone as well) during colder times of the year and i must admit this was very helpful

- Beautybay User



great face mask, was very hydrating and didn't leave my skin irritated or breaking out

- Lookfantastic User

it makes my skin bright and moisturised, doesn’t irritate it

- Beautybay User



super thin mask, actually stays on your face for the set amount of time unlike other sheet masks, can hardly feel that its on your face, also stretches out to fit your face shape, great when you get little sleep an need a quick refresh, brightens u complection and makes your skin fell so soft

- Beautybay User

after that this mask makes my skin incredibly smooth, bright and “bouncy”

- Beautybay User
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beautybay.com userNovember 18, 2019

Pleasantly surprised

This mask exceeded my expectations by a long shot. I have sensitive oily skin but also have eczema (an odd combination, I know), so I find it difficult to treat my skin type without causing further irritation, but more recently I have been looking into Korean skincare as they have a more gentle approach to targeting skin concerns without overloading products with active ingredients that can be detrimental to the skin barrier and this one did the trick. The mask itself is thin so the serum is easily absorbed with enough excess product to continue reapplying and is the first I've tried that actually fits my face shape. upon application, it had a very soothing effect though I did feel it getting warmer as the product was absorbed (no discomfort/ redness though) and I did notice my skin was brighter and nourished afterwards which was nice. I'd say that this is a good mask to use as a pick me up especially if you've not had much success with masks due to similar skin concerns in the past, it is gentle but effective which I think will cater to a lot of people with varying skin types. Less

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userNovember 24, 2018

Best sheet mask

I have extremely dry skin (although I am acne prone as well) during colder times of the year and I must admit this was very helpful. I have tried the Garnier ones before but they are not as good as this. My skin felt so hydrated and smooth and it looked glowy after applying makeup. 

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userJune 29, 2017

I was sceptical at how well the mask would work because it was so cheap. After using it though I was completely amazed! My acne prone skin is glowing and feels like I've just had a professional facial! My redness has completely subsided and it feels like I've just been to the salon! The best part is that I didn't even have to leave the house! 

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userJanuary 24, 2020

dont buy

This made my skin red and made me break out instantly. Do not buy this! 

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userMay 24, 2020

Highly Recommend

Highly recommend, i love these face masks and they work SO well with my combination skin (oily and dry). But this and the lemon one especially helps and since i started using these i have seen such a difference in my skin, less redness, less blackheads and it helps relax my acne. 

- beautybay.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylene Glycolacne
Butylene Glycolacne