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Pure Essence Mask Sheet Acai Berry by holika holika
holika holika

Pure Essence Mask Sheet Acai Berry

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my skin is extra dry and this was one of the best mask i used

- Beautybay User

this mask remarkably enhances the look and feel of my skin - it looks luminous and smooth, and feels more plump - and the effect lasts for days

- Beautybay User



strawberry is known for its brightening purposes and this mask is sooo soothing to the face and makes your face look so pretty and bright and you actually feel the difference from within

- Lookfantastic User

this mask leaves a very hydrating and bright face i love it

- Lookfantastic User


redness relief

skin was super hydrated, no redness and nice and plump

- Lookfantastic User

it reduced redness and had a cooling effect on my windburned face

- Yesstyle User



really good face mask, left my skin super hydrated and smooth

- Lookfantastic User

my skin felt so soft, smooth & clean after the use

- Lookfantastic User



i purchased this mask as a christmas treat along with other products and i was surprised, it has very gentle scent and nice hydrating effect

- Lookfantastic User

it is very gentle and very easy to use

- Beautybay User


bad for acne

i have the worst breakout of my life because of it

- Lookfantastic User

min hy fick krupp av denna, acne, torr, glansig osv

- Lyko User
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beautybay.com userMay 26, 2018

Amazing for acne AND dry skin

My skin is super sensitive and I really struggle to find a product that calms my acne down without giving me dry skin, but this product does the trick! Skin is instantly calmer and less red, its a really good product 

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userNovember 30, 2018


I usually prefer sheet masks to any other kind and thought I would give this mask a try and I was very happy I did, it doesn’t really smell of anything and when I opened the packet it was full of moisture which was great as sometimes sheet masks can be a bit dry. Left it on for 20 minutes, took it off and rubbed the excess into my skin... felt amazing, skin was so hydrated and soft and I was just really happy with it as I have ultra sensitive skin and I have broke out in rashes from other masks before but this was lovely. 

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userMarch 22, 2019

Not impressed

Used this face mask as directed and my when I took it off my face was blotchy red. I don’t have sensitive skin and have never had a problem with any product before. I am disappointed. 

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userApril 5, 2018

Such a lifesaver

I have a dry skin, that gets upset whenever I fly or spend time in other heavily air conditioned surroundings. This mask remarkably enhances the look and feel of my skin - it looks luminous and smooth, and feels more plump - and the effect lasts for days! It makes my pores literally disappear and also seems to somehow miraculously wipe away blackheads which are my skins solution to too dry air. Definitely worth the money! 

- beautybay.com
beautybay.com userAugust 24, 2019

Great mask

This mask is very good when you have problems with dry skin. My skin is extra dry and this was one of the best mask I used. It is very gentle and very easy to use. Right amount of product on the sheet. Love it 

- beautybay.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylene Glycolacne