Good Cera Super Ceramide Moisture Balm by holika holika
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Good Cera Super Ceramide Moisture Balm

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very rich cream yet the consistency is so light, good for dry and sensitive skin, just like mine

- Yesstyle User

i have extremely sensitive skin and an oily t-zone, and the fact that this moisturizer is able to adhere to all those concerns is a blessing

- Yesstyle User



perfect hydration, skin feels smooth again with no dry patches

- Yesstyle User

this moisturizer is really nice and hydrating and makes my skin feel so soft

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i repurchased this several times, i absolutely love it, it hydrates my skin and it does not feel heavy, one of the best moisturisers i have ever used; it is slightly fragranced, but i am wiling to oversee this because it is that good

- Yesstyle User

the cream is definitely heavy, great for healing dehydrated skin/your skin barrier, and an altogether great occlusive

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good for acne

i have combination, eczema-prone skin and this has worked really well

- Yesstyle User

my skin dries out in the winter but also breaks out with many moisturising products, and this is one of the few moisturisers that hydrates me without breaking me out

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redness relief

my skin just drinks it in, provides great moisture and keeps my normally super reactive skin calm and reduces redness

- Yesstyle User

my skin became super dry, inflamed, flaky

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no irritation or clogging

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my skin is great the morning after i use this and it's gentle on my sensitive skin

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Soo rich and soothing!

For dry skin this one is bliss. It looks very creamy at first - imagine a failed attempt to make custard - but once you spread it it feels much lighter. It is very hydrating and I imagine occlusive enough to be used as a last step of the routine. Not too sticky, not super matte either. I have to say I love it and I will buy again as soon as I finish it. As a day cream I would suggest it for dry skin (for normal to oily only in the heart of winter). It is a great sleep pack for all tho and it makes sense to take advantage of the restructuring properties of ceramides once the day is over, maybe after peeling or on top of retinoids. It unfortunately contains water so it is probably not a perfect match for vitamin serums. userMarch 7, 2019

Favourite thing ever.

I have dry/combo/reactive skin with mild rosacea.I have had no break outs from this, or anything bad happen. I have been using this for a month (With another 3 in my cupboard) I love this! It is VERY moisturising and absorbs very quickly leaving my face moisturised all day. It works well under makeup too. It has a little scent which I was worried about but everything has worked out great. userJune 12, 2020

Will repurchase forever

I randomly came across Good Cera (I think after reading a Glow Pick review?) and was so surprised by the amazing ingredients and wonders it did for my dry skin. It's also AMAZINGLY affordable and a great dupe (even better?) then Dr. Jart. Buy it buy it. It is magical for dry skin (and oily skin) and great for the skin barrier. userJanuary 23, 2020

Not for me

This cream is super moisturizing but it broke me out! My skin probably has trouble with something in the long list of extracts. I'm really sad about this, when I tried it it sank into my skin really well and did a fantastic job moisturizing. If you don't have problems with extracts I would recommend it. userMay 15, 2019

HG Saved my skin

I never had acne until this year so my derm perscribed adapalene + benzoyl peroxide AND differin and my skin was destroyed. Some days my skin was sensitive that even splashing it with water was painful. My skin became super dry, inflamed, flaky... So I went back to my derm and told her I wanted to give up. I prefered acne over having pain everyday. She told me I should start using this EXPENSIVE cream with ceramides and that would make a huge difference. I went to r/asianbeauty and read some reviews about this cream so I decided to give it a shot. I use it as my last layer at night (because this is thiccccc) and in the morning I mix it with squalane oil to make it lighter. This saved my skin and I cannot go without it. Already repurchased another one. 


Overall safe Ingredients

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Olea Europaea Fruit Oilacne
Stearic Acidacne
Propylene Glycolhazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Cetearyl Alcoholacneirritant
Polysorbate 60hazard
Olea Europaea Fruit Oilacne