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Aloe 99 Soothing Gel by holika holika
holika holika

Aloe 99 Soothing Gel

Variation: 1.8 oz
1.8 oz8.4 oz
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Top Reviews


good for acne

works very well for skin blemishes and keeps makeup on/ reduces inflammation

- Beautybay User

helps reduce the redness in my face, i have acne and i love it sooo much

- Ulta User


redness relief

its genuinely cooling, doesnt make my skin feel sticky,slimy,congested or dirty and has honestly evened out the redness on my cheeks, soothed and smoothed my shoulders and aided in calming razor rash

- Beautybay User

i have really sensitive skin and it helped so much with reducing redness and texture of my skin

- Beautybay User



this gel is hands down the best i've ever used, it has done wonders to my skin making it soft and hydrated which is a must in this weather

- Beautybay User

helps keep the skin hydrated

- Ebay User



since then i've been applying it in the same manner every night and i have to say it has helped my skin tremendously and i highly recommend it for soothing really irritated skin

- Lookfantastic User

it’s cooling, hydrating and calms any skin irritations like a dream

- Beautybay User



my skin now is smooth, hydrated, radiant and all of this because of this product

- Beautybay User

absolutely love this product leaves ypur skin very smooth

- Groupon User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

since i use it my face colour is healthier ( not full of red spots) pores smaller, and its a good moisturizer

- Beautybay User

is a great moisturiser for people with oily skin as it helps lick in moisture and progeny grease from blocking pores

- Beautybay User



it cleans very good even make up and the skin is bright and shinny

- Yesstyle User

it is very brightening and improves texture

- Beautybay User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

very calming and it’s even out my skin

- Ebay User

so refreshing after i cleanse and tone my skin

- Beautybay User
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beautybay userSeptember 29, 2019


I use this all over!! it amazing and it calms down my irritated red skin, and also smooths over the dry skin. I saw a tip on the internet saying to use this as a primer before foundation and IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE as i have combo skin and the foundation never looks right or stays on.

- beautybay
beautybay userApril 03, 2020

A little disappointed

I was expecting more from this. I purchased it because of the reviews on the site. I have dry sensitive skin and it made my skin red and tight feeling. The packaging on the other hand is really nice and the feeling as you first put it on is really nice as well, cooling. But when it dries, it makes my skin feeling tight.

- beautybay
beautybay userMay 08, 2020

I Aloe-ve it!

This is the stuff of dreams. When my friend recommended this I didn't believe her thinking that something so moisturising will not help my combination, acne-prone skin. How wrong I was! I love this gel so much. It is very brightening and improves texture. I'm not sure why but sometimes the effects are more instant then other times. Once I had amazing, acne-calming and brightening effects overnight, sometimes my skin became a small bit softer after a week. I don't mind because it always does something positive to my face. I find that it works a little better after I massage a small bit in, add another thin layer and leave that to dry/sink in before I apply moisturiser. It does need moisturiser afterwards, because despite it having a hydrating effect deep inside, overall it does leave your skin feeling quite dry if you put nothing on after. If I remember I put it on my neck, on my decolletage and shoulders after sun exposure, and on old scars I have in other places on the body. Unfortunately the beautiful packaging is VERY fragile but I don't have the heart to take away a star for that. I recommend it for every single person reading this :)

- beautybay
beautybay userJune 29, 2019


I always use this as my moisturizer, because my skin is very sensitive to creams that contain any oil, so i thought just aloe vera will be a good choice and it was! It leaves my skin so plump and moisturized and hydrated and glowy! I have really sensitive skin and it helped so much with reducing redness and texture of my skin. Love it! Will buy again!

- beautybay
beautybay userMay 25, 2019


This product is so affordable and a lot bigger than expected, smells amazing and feels incredible on the skin. Soaks in lovely and leaves skin matt, lovely vase for before moisturiser/primer. Tiny amount goes a long way! Really reduces redness and blemishes and dry patches in as quick as a day! Love the products from this brand. Highly recommend for anyone with problematic skin to sensitive and even normal! Works for everything. Hydrating yet not oily. Love it!

- beautybay


Overall safe Ingredients

Sodium Polyacrylatehazard
PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oilhazard
Triethanol aminehazard
Sodium Polyacrylatehazard

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Sydney Bockius
DryDry Skin
Does anyone know of a moisturizer or cream to help redness? I have really bad eczema and it breaks out like this a lot.
Profile picture of Rico Rosa
Rico Rosa
CombinationCombination Skin
This really changed the game for me when it came to my eczema. I use it first before my other products.