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Eye Def Metallic Eyeshadow by Hard Candy
Hard Candy

Eye Def Metallic Eyeshadow

4.3 (210)$28.41
longlastingpigmentedblends wellnot creasing
Sheer Envy Primer  by Hard Candy
Hard Candy

Sheer Envy Primer

4.1 (266)$8.00
Sheer Envy Primer Dark Spot Correcting by Hard Candy
Hard Candy

Sheer Envy Primer Dark Spot Correcting

4.1 (264)$9.00
smoothlonglastingpore minimizinglightweight
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Profile picture of Lili Hardy
Lili Hardy
Combination Skin

So I never curl my hair unless it is professionally done, but I want to start trying to curl my hair at home. What is your favorite curling iron that isn’t too hard to maneuver? p.s. i’m ok with buying a more expensive so price isn’t an issue! #curlingiron #hair #curledhair #help #reccomendations

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Profile picture of Berkeley Deutsch
Berkeley Deutsch
Dry Skin

I LOVE the t3 whirl trio!! This curling iorn is amazing it cones with 3 different curling attachments! This iorn makes it so easy to curl my hair fast and it makes the prettiest curls!! You will not regret buying this!

Profile picture of Yoshi R
Yoshi R
Oily Skin

High end cleanser for oily/sensitive/acne prone skin? Please help me! I’m having a really hard time finding a cleanser that won’t dry me out. Things that break me out: - Vitamin C - Vitamin E - Salicylic Acid - Glycolic Acid

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Profile picture of Adela Bogdanic
Adela Bogdanic
Combination Skin

Try mandelic acid. Its for oily/acne prone/sensitive skin. And if you’re worried about dry outs,always remember to add moisturizer after cleansing. Even with the most gentlest cleansers water evaporates and leaves the skin dry; this will make the skin go “oof its dry. time to overcompensate “ and this leads to super oily skin and more breakouts. I get one pic at a time so I’ll spam some products

Profile picture of Adela Bogdanic
Adela Bogdanic
Combination Skin

This kit i love. Super gentle. My sister bought me this for my birthday. And its great. The “oil to foam” makes my skin baby soft and cuts through makeup like nothing. If you’re worried about too much hydration,follow with an acid wash that doesnt exfoliate. Or rise once. Then wet a face towel to really get it off.

Profile picture of Adela Bogdanic
Adela Bogdanic
Combination Skin

This brand is dermatologist approved. And is super affordable.

Profile picture of Corin Ann
Corin Ann
Dry Skin

What is the best foundation for dry skin? I love light weight foundations but it’s so hard to find a good foundation coverage for my dry skin.

Profile picture of Courtney Goldstein
Courtney Goldstein
Dry Skin