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Halloween Inspired Makeup to Try In October

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 15, 2020
Halloween Inspired Makeup to Try In October

Look ghoulish and glam with Halloween makeup

Just as happy haunts will materialize, your Halloween makeup looks will too. Spooky season is upon us, and while stay-at-home orders have put a halt on trick-or-treating, parties, and haunted houses…there are still plenty of exciting ways to celebrate Halloween in style.

Scary movies and a bag of Reeses definitely doesn’t hurt, but have you tried Halloween makeup? We don’t just mean gory SFX, skull paint, and Corpse Bride makeup either. While we’re totally down for you to get as creative as you want with your indoor Halloween costume, just a touch of black lipstick doesn’t hurt. Or black and orange eyeshadow that pays homage to the ghost of Halloween’s past.

You know, before 2020. You can collect dozens of Halloween-inspired makeup palettes to put you in the spirit - from smokey eye sets for your Lady Gaga costume to bold brights that show your true colors, even when surrounded by black hats and black cats. Check out our favorite Halloween makeup palettes and products for October below!

Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Uninvited by Fenty Beauty, $25

Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Uninvited by Fenty Beauty
Source: Fenty Beauty

Black lipstick isn’t just for witches and heavy metal icons, it’s a very real trend from one of beauty’s biggest names: Rihanna. Googling the shade Uninvited from the Stunna Lip Paint collection will bring up images of her, Gigi Hadid, and countless other beauties of all skin tones and types looking flawless, and not at all witchy, in the hue - which you’ll be wearing long after October 31st. Stunna Lip Paint is one of the top lipsticks on MIRA, as our community says its lightweight, long lasting, hydrating, and delivers precise application. Each shade is specially formulated to look gorgeous on all skin tones, and delivers a smooth matte finish that stays on for hours. Uncensored is the one of the best red lipsticks ever that you’ve seen all over Instagram, which pairs well with your bombshell or more glamorous Halloween costumes. But we’d recommend you go a bit more bold with Uninvited, a deep black hue that melts onto the lips and makes you look scarily gorgeous all season. Wear it with your scarves and boots for the best edgy fall makeup, with a smokey eye for a runway-inspired look, or channel your inner Wednesday Addams this Halloween while staying home!

Ultimate Shadow Palette - Smokey & Highlight by NYX Professional Makeup, $18

Ultimate Shadow Palette - Smokey & Highlight by NYX Professional Makeup
Source: NYX Professional Makeup

Dark makeup is a Halloween classic, and you can do it in a subtle way with a traditional smokey eye. Or you know, bring the spook up a notch with a skeleton face. Ultimate Shadow Palette - Smokey & Highlight lets you do both! Warm taupe, ashy gray, deep brown, rich black… all the smokey eye essentials are featured in this palette to bring out your eyes and do Halloween makeup in the “normal” way. Though being normal is still vastly overrated (name that Halloween movie,) are we right? Each of these 16 shades is creamy and pigmented with minimal fallout, and produces a variety of color combinations to fit every costume you can imagine. Going as Billie Eilish? Blend in a bit of green to match your wig. Pennywise the clown? Violet and grey. And of course, you can also make yourself look dead in the glam way with all the gray, brown, and black in this eyeshadow palette. It’s only $18, and you can hit pan on every shade all through fall while doing neutral eyeshadow looks.

Super Brow Extreme Long-Wear Pomade by KVD Beauty, $20

Super Brow Extreme Long-Wear Pomade by KVD Beauty
Source: KVD Beauty

When talking about monochromatic makeup, one is usually referring to the same color on the eyes, cheeks, and lips - think runway models. The brows, eyelids, and waterline? Not so much… but that’s exactly the case with Super Brow by KVD Beauty. This longlasting, volumizing, and waterproof formula doesn’t just create the most impeccable arches, it also glides effortlessly across your lids for sharp eyeliner like KVD herself, and blends out as eyeshadow to give your face a colorful lift. And we mean that literally, as this product is available in vivid hues like red, blue, yellow, and green to look vibrant with your Halloween makeup. Bright fuschia brows to match your pink eyeshadow and liner isn’t something you knew you needed until now, and you can also stock up on the classic hues like black or brown for your everyday simple makeup looks!

Perfect Eye Shadow Pencil by IMAN, $10

Perfect Eye Shadow Pencil by IMAN
Source: IMAN

If there’s one beauty product that’s become synonymous with Halloween makeup, it’s black eyeliner. You wear it whether you’re dressing up as a princess, pirate, skeleton, or beauty influencer - or in the case of 2020, a beauty lover sitting at home in her pajamas. Perfect Eye Shadow Pencil by IMAN gives you a dose of dark magic with the shade Mystery, a sparkly black that glides onto the lids and blends out like a Halloween dream. Smudged liner, black shadow, a deep black contour to hollow out your cheeks for a skeleton costume… this pencil can do it all. Add it to your Halloween stash, and we’re talking about makeup and candy, to add a little sparkle to spooky season.

Oat Mask With Pumpkin Seed Extract by Aveeno, $10

Oat Mask With Pumpkin Seed Extract by Aveeno
Source: Aveeno

Okay, it’s not technically makeup… but this mask puts you in the mood to carve pumpkins and makes your skin feel smooth and soft before applying Halloween makeup. Made for dry and sensitive skin, especially those with eczema or rosacea, this mask is basically a pumpkin spice latte in a cream. “I love how extra gentle and nourishing this Aveeno Oat Mask with Pumpkin Seed Extract is!,” one MIRA review says. “The scent is wonderful and makes it a nice, relaxing experience when using this mask.” With feverfew extract to soothe and pumpkin seed extract to rebalance and revive the skin, applying this mask is an act of self-care that can even double as a simple costume. Even if you can’t go out and wear your most frightening Halloween masks this year, you can still hang out in your living room with Netflix, candy, and a face mask packed with powerful pumpkin seed extract for a fresh complexion.

Halloween Skull Highlighter Blood Of My Enemies by Revolution Beauty, $6

Halloween Skull Highlighter Blood Of My Enemies by Revolution Beauty
Source: Revolution Beauty

Now this is Halloween makeup at its finest. The design of this liquid highlighter is just as awesome as it sounds, with a skull bottle that drips bright red sparkles onto your cheeks, forehead, or jawline for a bloody brilliant look. We’re talking reflective red particles that look even more awesome in the moonlight. Let’s be clear, this red highlighter is definitely not for the faint of heart… and it’s more for the hardcore Halloween makeup enthusiasts (you know who you are) than those who just want a little spook factor. But Halloween Skull Highlighter is truly one-of-a-kind, and will definitely help you win this year’s Halloween makeup contest at work… even if it’s over Zoom or Google Hangouts!

Fantasy Makers MegaGlo Highlighting Powder-Not Your Basic Witch by Wet N’ Wild, $6

Fantasy Makers MegaGlo Highlighting Powder-Not Your Basic Witch by Wet N’ Wild
Source: Wet N' Wild

You may have already tried Wet N’ Wild’s MegaGlo Highlighting Powder, which adds sparkle to your features with intense pigmentation, blendability, and staying power. But like many of the greatest things in life, it gets a spooky twist around Halloween, and transforms into Not Your Basic Witch! Available in an ashy black hue, this highlighter is now imprinted with a skull for a frightfully unique glow - adding a Halloween highlight as you sweep across your cheekbones, forehead, or jawline. And don’t think it will make you look muddy or scary, either… as this one-of-a-kind black highlighter makes you look stunning and spook-tacular as you get in the spirit for a different kind of Halloween in 2020. “This highlight is by far the best I’ve ever tried. It has such a natural yet super beautiful shimmer to it,” says one MIRA review of this $6 highlighter. “ It lasts all day, yet it’s very light. You don’t feel caked up with this on.” Perfect for all-day Halloween festivities!

Black Magic Metallic Shine Lipstick by UOMA Beauty, $26

Black Magic Metallic Shine Lipstick by UOMA Beauty
Source: UOMA Beauty

You love your metallic eyeshadow palettes, why not get yourself a metallic lipstick to go with them? Black Magic is shimmering lipstick that melts into the lips and gives your pout a multidimensional shine, making you look just the right amount of witchy without being too OTT. We promise you’ll be a pretty witch like Sabrina Spellman or Cordelia Goode from American Horror Story: Coven, not Bathsheba from The Conjuring. Black Magic lipsticks are available in six metallic shades, including plum, gold, and multiple variations of red, and each one contains Brazil nut oil to moisturize the lips and nourish them with vitamins and minerals while enjoying the blindingly beautiful pigment. Oh, and they’re also super long lasting and smudge-proof, so you can eat all the candy you want without having to worry about your lipstick fading!

Heavy Metal Face & Body Glitter Gel by Urban Decay, $22

Heavy Metal Face & Body Glitter Gel by Urban Decay
Source: Urban Decay

Glitter has a place in every beauty routine, but it hits extra special when doing Halloween makeup. Maybe you’re dressing up as an alien or mermaid and want a little sparkle in your costume, or just want to adorn your eyes in pink glitter for a look that’s ethereal but not too weird. Anything goes with the Heavy Metal glitter by Urban Decay. The brand is known for their products that blur the lines between edgy and exquisite, and this ultra-pigmented, high-coverage formula lets you sparkle like never before. Regardless of your Halloween plans, you’ll want to collect every color of this high-impact glitter, which our community says blends seamlessly into the skin for an all-over glow and stays put for hours.

Take Me Back To Brazil Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics, $20

Take Me Back To Brazil Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics
Source: BH Cosmetics

Ready for a carnival of color to follow you all through October? Take Me Back to Brazil is here to brighten up your Halloween makeup looks. Sometimes you just want a break from the black (though this palette has it too!) and to embellish your eyes in pops of blue, purple, green, yellow and basically every hue of the rainbow, and these 35 shades are blendable, ultra-pigmented, and have extreme staying power. Whether you’re staying home on Halloween and filming a makeup tutorial or dressing up, the options are endless. One MIRA review says. “Amazing colors. Black and white are included to make colors darker or lighter to fit what you like. Very easy to blend and very pigmented.” We totally agree, and you’ll be taking a staycation this Halloween with Take Me Back to Brazil.

Modern Matte Powder Lipstick in Dark Fantasy by Shiseido, $26

Modern Matte Powder Lipstick in Dark Fantasy by Shiseido
Source: Shiseido

Halloween at home? That means Bordeaux. Both in your glass and on your lips. If you’re not in the mood for black or sparkles, try a fall lipstick classic that makes your lips look vampy and stained with wine - the ideal mix of elegance and edginess that’s ideal for All Hallows’ Eve. Modern Matte Powder Lipstick by Shiseido is one of the top rated lipsticks in our community, made with lightweight waxes and oils to keep your lips full of vibrant color while providing intense hydration, along with velvet powders for an airbrushed, matte finish that stays in place for 8 hours. Even when the air outside is cold and crisp, as it generally is throughout spooky season, you can wear Dark Fantasy every day in October to keep lips soft and moisturized while showing off your Halloween makeup style.

Descendant Palette by Lunatick Labs, $42

Descendant Palette by Lunatick Labs
Source: Lunatick Labs

You can’t get more into Halloween makeup than with an eyeshadow palette shaped like an actual coffin, with a bat mirror. Descendant has 10 matte shades inspired by nature, suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions, with Halloween-esque names that make you want to bring out your stash of horror movies. Warm Bones, Coffin Dust, Flesh Ground, Dead Like Me… mix and match for scarily beautiful eye looks that look incredible on all. Looking for more makeup that’s Halloween-approved? Lunatick Labs has plenty of eye, face, and lip makeup products for ghoulishly gorgeous Halloween makeup effects.

Do Halloween the right way with the best spooky eyeshadow palettes and makeup on MIRA.