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Brendan Weaver
Combination Skin

Hey everyone! I’m pretty new to makeup but I’ve been trying it a lot more lately but I had a general question for y’all, how do you feel comfortable wearing makeup out. I’m a guy so I feel like there just a lot of judgement whenever guys wear makeup out and I’ve just been way too self conscious and nervous to try to wear anything other than brows out.

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Combination Skin

I would recommend trying more natural or minimal foundation looks including eyeshadow. Once you feel comfortable perfecting this look then try bumping up your glam game. There are no rules for makeup...don’t limit your creativity. Have fun with it!! Good Luck.🥰

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RAYndom James
Combination Skin

For a guy, I do my makeup quite well 💁🏼‍♂️

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Reagan Welch
Oily Skin

Your eyelashes are mad long and I'm jealous

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RAYndom James
Combination Skin

Thank you! Natural ones!

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jas bhatti
Dry Skin

Hey guy! Quick question: does Covergirl still make this concealer? And where can i buy it?

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Molly Claire
Dry Skin

I haven’t seen it in stores lately but you would definitely be able to find it on amazon!