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Maureen Boorum
sensitiveSensitive Skin

To Lash Curl or Not to Lash Curl? My eyelashes have grown lately (woo!) and I’ve been finding that my my mascara tends to weigh them down and make them go flatter/droopier than normal. Would using an eye lash curler be my best bet?? I’ve always been afraid to use them and would probably prefer not to.

Natasha Marcum
combinationCombination Skin
Using waterproof mascara will work, but it’s not good to use that on a daily basis. Your best bet if you don’t want to use a curler is to find a mascara with a lightweight formula. I’ve recently discovered Brooklyn and Baileys “Lash next door” and it is AMAZING!!! I used to need to curl my lashes but with this one I don’t
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