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HD Glamour Creme Blush Palette by graftobian

HD Glamour Creme Blush Palette

$28.99 + SHIPPING

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April 15, 2011

Too much work

Env: developmentI purchased my Graftobian Bream Foundation Palette in Warm from bought this because I am a make-up artist and I just wanted to see if it was really as great as I heard it was.I paid aound $25.00 for 5 tiny squares of foundation in varies shades.It arrived in a envelope from Graftobian along with some other products and a gift from Graftobian for me to keep which was a mascara,waterproof in black.When I take the palette out the first thing I notice is the size,websites can be decieveing.Graftobian takes their pictures close so I guess it can give the illusion of it being larger than it really is but ok maybe I should of reas their ad a little better.The foundation had orange red splotches like water spots.I didnt care for that too much it made me think of water colors.The lid was clear with the word Graftobian ontop and the bottom of the tiny package was black.It opened and closed really easy.It had no foundation brush which was ok because it didnt claim too and I have a bunch of brushes anyways.First I take my foundation brush and I rub it into the brightest shade and i notice that it is king of hard but it comes off onto the brush so I am good.I put some on my face and I begin to try and smear it and it just seemed really tough to smaer,far to hard to smear.Now I understand being beautiful takes time but this is far to agrivating to me.Finallt after more than a few applications and endless smears I am done.The consistancy is oily and creamy at the same time but the over all look is really nice but not almost $30 nice.I put on my setting powder and go.The pros are you can blend shades and the colors are nice.The Cons are blending forever and red-orange water spots.Would I purchase anything else from probley but not foundation.I did not care for their customer service eaither it was conflicting.This is definately over rated.Save your money or just call me to do your airbrush foundation.Env: development Less user
April 23, 2014

Fabulous for makeup artists!

I am a professional makeup artist, and have been using Graftobian creme foundation palettes for 4 years now. The colour range is so extensive, that I can match any skin tones from the fairest to darkest, including almost pitch black skin, as well as all Indian and Asian skin tones. The foundation is also super pigmented, so a little really goes a long way. The texture is so creamy, and gives a "real skin tone" finish, that looks stunning in photographs. I often sheer out the foundation with a little moisturiser when I don't need too much coverage, and have found that it works well with almost any creamy moisturiser. The price for this quality of palette is really good, when compared to other brands. I would definitely recommend trying theses foundations out, especially if you are a makeup artist. Less user
January 4, 2014

Love the finish

Not sure which color would fit my NC15 skin tone so I brought the Warm 1 pallet.Ingenue matched perfectly. I use Graceful Swan to uplift the corner of my nose and around my lips. The texture is very creamy and easy to blend. The finish is JUST Amazing resulting in a dewy yet nature finish.; The only thing to be aware is that if you have big pore, the product tends to sink into the pores like most cream/liquid products do. The key is to prime and apply the foundation in a downward motion so the product doesn't fill the pores. user
July 31, 2012

the best for dark circles

I have been searching for the best corrector and at last it has been found, the most creamy texture and blends so well.... i have found it to be long lasting all day and really does take away the blackness under my eyes user
April 17, 2012

The Best Foundation I Have Ever Used! Great For Older Skin Too.

Env: developmentI don't like foundation. You know why? Because I can see it on almost everyone who wears it. I know, I know. If you are a foundation fanatic, you are probably saying to yourself, that I just don't know how to apply it. Or maybe that I never met anyone who knew how to apply it.I have heard it all. Seriously. You don't know HOW many times I have allowed someone that said those very things to me to SHOW me how to do foundation the right way. They proudly take the time to apply the foundation in what they assure me is the flawless correct manner.I watch carefully as they give me the best they have, and you know what? I can STILL see their foundation.I work on a lot of older clients. Older people have a lot more challenges when it comes to foundation. They have pits, and creases, and wrinkles, and oftentimes craggy skin and enlarged pores.I came across a foundation that professionals use which is designed for the HD market so that you can even use it in front of the unforgiving HD lenses which magnify all sorts of imperfections and problems with makeup so EVERYONE can see it up close and personal.**Product Details**Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour foundation comes in various forms. You can get it alone in a round container. You can get it in a long narrow container with five selected colors which fall in a particular range from super Snow White pale to Dark Ebony beautiful. You can also buy it in super palettes which will give you 18 colors in a selected range of either neutral, warm, or cool.The texture of Graftobian is a cream yet pretty firm. The prices range from $12.50 for a single color to $19 for a five palette to $260 for three super palettes, a corrector palette and a instructional DVD.**Product Performance**At first I was rather put off by the Graftobian palettes. I have all three super palettes as well as the corrector palette and their lip color palette. The squares seemed to be so small, and the colors seemed to be so odd to me, having never dealt with this line before.However, as I have used them over and over on various people, I have found that the colors are easily adapted by mixing and using combinations of on various people and skin tones.What impresses me most of all about this line of Hi Def Foundation is that if warmed up with fingers and applied carefully in a patting motion on the face, I have been able to put this foundation on the most difficult of skin textures with it being completely undetectable. I even put it on men who refuse to wear makeup to cover up bruising coloration and dark circles, and who had enlarged pores, lots of wrinkles and creases and blemishes and discolorations. This foundation is the only foundation I have been able to use in such a case where it is almost impossible to see that the person is wearing any foundation at all.The finish was set with mineralized skinfinish powder from MAC or similar mineral powder and the foundation lasted all day long and into the night with no trace of foundation settling or creasing being seen.The trick with this makeup is that it is firm and has to be warmed up with the finger (after using hand sanitizer, of course) and then patting it around the entire face gradually and lightly. It makes fantastic contour, eye contour, and even highlighter, making it easy to sculpt the face beautifully.I have never worked with such a nice foundation that looks good on any skin from older to younger and stays that way if applied carefully.I have also not seen too many lines of foundation which carry very dark neutral colors that are not orange or red in tone as well as very light colors in various tones which look good on even the lightest of skintones.**The Bottom Line**Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme Foundation is the best foundation I have ever found for young and older skin. It goes on virtually undetectable if carefully applied and covers up most intense discolorations too. Long lasting and wide variety of colors are only a few reasons why I really love using this foundation.Although it is not like most of the foundations I have used in the past, it is the best performer for photographs as well as daily wear.You can get Graftobian products at and the record, foundations I have worked with in the past are MAC, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Revlon, Almay, Ulta, Lancome, Loreal, Elizabeth Arden, Bare Escentuals, Chanel, Clinique, Dior, Mary Kay, Avon, Laura Mercier, Too Faced, Makeup Forever.Env: development Less

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