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Everyday Essentials Brush Set by Real Techniques
Real Techniques

Everyday Essentials Brush Set

4.8 (835)$19.99
good qualitysoftnot sheddingdensely packed
Sculpt And Blend 2 by BH Cosmetics
BH Cosmetics

Sculpt And Blend 2

4.6 (1232)$21.00
good qualitynot sheddingsoftdensely packed
Airbrush Complexion Kit by ecotools

Airbrush Complexion Kit

4.6 (438)
good qualitynot sheddingsoft
Starter Set 2.0 by Real Techniques
Real Techniques

Starter Set 2.0

4.5 (362)
good qualitynot sheddingsoft
Advanced Airbrush Set by Sephora Collection
Sephora Collection

Advanced Airbrush Set

4.5 (481)
not sheddinggood qualitysoftdensely packed
Enhancing Eye Set by ecotools

Enhancing Eye Set

4.6 (653)$5.99
good qualitysoftnot shedding
Brush Set by Nude by Nature
Nude by Nature

Brush Set

4.7 (96)$79.00
good qualitysoftnot shedding
Bamboo Brush Set by ecotools

Bamboo Brush Set

4.5 (360)
good qualitysoftnot shedding
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Too many options?

Profile picture of Kayla Daehn
Kayla Daehn
Combination Skin

what are some good brush sets which include these brushes: foundation brush bronzing brush fan brush concealer brush powder brush comment plz & ty!!

Profile picture of Kate Siefert
Kate Siefert
Combination Skin

look at morphes they can be a little pricey but they're nice

Profile picture of Heather P
Heather P
Dry Skin

Is BH cosmetics makeup brush sets good? Is their certain sets that are better than others?

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Profile picture of Danni Calliope
Danni Calliope
Combination Skin

My current set is from them and I really like them as to certain ones being better then others I’m not sure

Profile picture of Heather P
Heather P
Dry Skin

That’s good to here. I bought two sets during a sale and I should have asked y’all up here first if they were good or not.

Profile picture of Brina
Combination Skin

I don’t have a lot of make up brushes. Any make up brush sets that are good but not over 25$? I need a little be of everything.

Profile picture of Kyler Joseph
Kyler Joseph
Combination Skin

bh cosmetics has great brushes for cheap, i especially love their 13 peice rose gold brushes