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Zit Stick by Glossier

Zit Stick

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it did absolutely nothing except for irritate my skin

- Glossier User

i also tried to use on small bumps on my face and it just irritated my skin and caused redness where there wasn't any before

- Glossier User


causes flare ups

it also tried out large patches of my skin, causing redness the skin to peel

- Glossier User

i applied a bit of product on my face after performing a test on my hand, and it started burning after a few minutes creating red pages on my face

- Glossier User


bad for acne

it didn't even get rid of the pimples

- Glossier User

this doesn't get rid of my pimples at all, but rather made them more angry

- Glossier User
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glossier userJune 15, 2019

Best non-RX acne treatment ever

I was really skeptical about this but getting desperate. I couldn't afford the $150+ price tag of the retin-A creams my doctor was giving me anymore. I'd tried all the fancy brands names from magazines and drug stores and Sephora and nothing helped and most of it made it worse. But I love love love Glossier's balmdotcom so I figured id try. My only regret is not buying this sooner and only buying one! This literally does make a difference within hours and makes even the biggest, most swollen, painful, even scabby acne go away. Most of the negative reviews are from people who didn't read the product description and warnings. Yes it's strong. Yes it can dry your skin out. That's literally how it was designed and why they told you that on the site, and the box and the bag and the stick itself! I love this and will buy it for years and I've gotten three other friends to buy it to.

- glossier
glossier userMarch 28, 2019

Red, Dry, Blotchy skin - very disappointed

I had a gift card and decided to try some more Glossier products, since I have only ever used the mascara and Solution (both of which I love and use on a regular basis). I generally have very smooth, even skin and don't break out regularly, but when I do, they are large, red zits that take weeks to go away. I'm pretty pale too, so they are very noticeable. I noticed a small zit forming on a Monday morning and remembered that I had purchase this product. I cleaned my face and put it on the two spots of my face where I was breaking out and went to bed. I woke up the next morning and my face was red and dry and very blotchy. It was just in the spots where I had applied it and looked like a burn mark? I threw away the stick instantly and it took about 3 days for my skin to clear up completely. It's possible I just had a bad reaction, but my skin generally is not picky and does well with most products, so I was surprised.

- glossier
glossier userJuly 02, 2019

Goodbye hormonal acne ✌🏼

This product is my holy grail spot treatment. tbh i even just broadly spread it across my jawline during period breakouts and it brings the acne to a head so much faster than normal! I love how it absorbs quickly and isnt sticky AT ALL. great under makeup and even over makeup tbh. the only issue is the packagaing, sometimes the product doesnt come out until a third or fourth click and it bursts sometimes but no product is wasted on me due to the amount of acne i have anyway

- glossier
glossier userJune 23, 2019

Worked within 24 hours

I am a 16 year old girl who struggles with acne, and having tried everything possible to calm my hormones and acne I was extremely skeptical to try this. I was convinced this product would end up in my drawer of useless acne creams but it has exceeded all expectations i had. This zit stick cleared up my acne within 24 hours of using it. I applied it multiple times a day and by the end of the first full day of use I lay in bed so completely content because I forgot what having clear skin feels like. Maybe in a couple days of use it won't work anymore but all i could ever ask for is just one day of feeling confident with my skin. Thank you Glossier, for creating a dream come true to me and my skin.

- glossier
glossier userApril 02, 2019