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Super Pure by Glossier

Super Pure

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redness relief

i use it in the morning immediately after i cleanse my face and it really kills any redness and keeps me clear

- Glossier User

it helped a great deal with redness as well amd marks

- Glossier User



this is my first real serum and i have adult acne and sensitive skin prone to redness, and it not only didn't irritate my skin but has helped stop new acne from forming

- Glossier User

the product itself is super effective, and when i go without it, my skin is irritated and red

- Glossier User


good for acne

and when i started this product, it helped calm and heal any pimples so fast

- Glossier User

i've tried so many things for my pimples and this (along with the mega greens galaxy face mask also from glossier) are the only things that have really ever worked

- Glossier User



this is probably my favorite skincare item i own, and i'm a rose-obsessed moisturizing junkie

- Glossier User

this is the best moisturizing serum i have ever used

- Glossier User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

even helps with blackheads and dullness

- Glossier User

i can tell the difference in how soft my face feels and how small my pores look

- Glossier User



i feel like my skin has been very well moisturized, and brighter since using this product

- Glossier User

now, looking at my skin i can say that its brighter, more clear and i don't feel the need to wear any face makeup at all, which is saying a lot from someone who wears concealer/foundation whenever leaving the house

- Glossier User



its lightweight, refreshing and actually helps soothe and clear blemishes

- Glossier User

and unfortunately for me this time, it was on my face, and there wasn't a turtleneck chunky enough to hide it

- Glossier User



my pores were smaller, my skin was smoother, and i got compliments on how clear and glowy my skin looked even when i wasn't wearing face makeup

- Glossier User

while i have not really seen any blemish clearing properties ( i don't have spotty skin anyway ) i can say that this serum has made my skin super super soft and silky

- Glossier User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

in the morning, i follow it up with glossier's priming moisturizer, and let me tell you - i don't wear foundation anymore and my skin looks so smooth and even-toned

- Glossier User

my skin went from red, irritated, and breakout prone to eventoned and smooth

- Glossier User



but let me share how i use this product and my everyday routine: - first, i cleanse my face thoroughly, then pat dry with a towel (helps with wrinkles) - second, i wipe my face with witch hazel that i put on a cotton ball and make sure to focus on areas that have pimples on them (witch hazel helps with pimples) then wait for witch hazel to dry - third, i drop the super pure serum on those areas with pimples or acne scars and gently pat and rub into skin and wait for it to dry - lastly, i put moisturizer on hopefully this product works for you like it did for me

- Glossier User

for reference, i'm using the super glow and primer in the morning and then the super pure and my regular anti-aging cream at night

- Glossier User
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glossier userOctober 17, 2018

This product is amazing

I have wanted this product for such a long time now. Finally, a month ago, I bought it. Within the first three uses I could already notice a difference in my skin. I wasn't sure if it was just a fluke of a few good skin days, but after a month of using it I am convinced that my skin is so clear and radiant thanks to this! This product is easy to use and a little goes a long way! I fill up my dropper about halfway and apply it to the areas of my skin that need the most attention (i.e. Forehead, Nose, Cheeks, Chin) every night 30 minutes before I go to sleep. Since I am still 17 my skin use to fluctuate all the time. With dry/combination skin I had slight breakouts on my forehead, nose and then of course there was the little blackheads and whiteheads on and around my nose (barely noticeable but I couldn't stand them). With this product all of my problems have simply vanished. I feel so confident in my skin that I rarely wear any makeup at all anymore, my skin glows in all the right places, is soft to the touch and is so clear that people's ask me what foundation I'm wearing! I'm not sure how the product would work on someone with constant acne, but I assume it would still help loads. The fact that this product has done this much to help my skin in just a month is mind boggling to me! I encourage you to stock up and begin use right away. Glossier really cares about the beauty from within showing on the outside, and this product, along with Glossier's whole collection, is honestly amazing. I am so glad I found this product and I 100% recommend everyone to try it out!

- glossierMore
glossier userDecember 17, 2018

A Daily Staple

I have oily skin and hormonal acne, and I have been recently working to find ways to manage acne, but also take care of the healthy skin around my breakouts. Super Pure has been a HUGE part of this endeavor. I absolutely LOVE this product. So much so that I am already on my second bottle. I use this as a part of my morning routine in order to gently treat my acne and calm redness before makeup application, all without over drying my skin. I have seen a major improvement in the quality of my skin overall, and in the appearance of active breakouts. I have also seen a rather recent reduction in the frequency of my breakouts, and I think using Super Pure in conjunction with nightly chemical exfoliation (my oily skin needs this!) has been a big factor. The product absorbs quickly and easily and leaves the skin soft and refreshed with no residue, which makes it perfect for under makeup. Though I primarily used this in my morning routine, I have used it overnight a few times when my skin was feeling a little too tight for AHA/BHAs, and have found the overnight results to be equally beneficial. My only qualm with this product is that the price is a little steep for the amount of product. I would encourage Glossier to consider a lower price point option to reach a wider variety of customers (I say option, because I do LOVE the glass packaging). But it lasts quite a while, and is a fantastic formulation for my skin that I highly recommend. I think this serum is a FANTASTIC option for: -People who find other acne medication to be too drying -People who are looking for daytime care that won't be too much with intense nightly treatments (prescription or over the counter) and plays well with makeup

- glossierMore
glossier userFebruary 24, 2019

it's great!

i got this at the glossier pop up shop at rhea's cafe in sf, not really expecting much. i got it just because i was buying my usuals and felt like i might as well get a new product to try while i was there. i have very clear skin normally, prone to dryness, but i'd been having some seriously bad breakouts in my t-zone specifically. i have used this every other day for a week, and it has made a SIGNIFICANT difference. my face is literally clear of all the blackheads and pimples — even the mildly infected one i had! it looks as if it was never there... the only thing that changed about my skincare routine was adding this in. redness has also gone down to the point that i look like i'm wearing semi-coverage foundation when i'm bare-faced or just have the skin-perfecting tint on! i love letting my skin breathe, so it's nice not to need a very opaque foundation or concealer. my only complaint with this product is the small amount of it for the price... i'm not sure if it was a mistake, but mine was given to me only half full... i wish there were more in the bottle! i can't say this'll do anything big for cystic acne or even chronic acne, but if your hormones are out of whack for some reason and you're getting the occasional breakout, give this a shot! it smells super good, is really soft in texture on your skin, soaks right in, and isn't tacky at all (which is my only complaint with glossier solution! it's just a tad sticky for me!) i want to try all of the supers now since my success with this one ~

- glossierMore
glossier userOctober 29, 2018

Didn't really do much for me...

I bought this for 3 reasons. 1. To get rid of any blemishes, 2. to get rid of any dark spots/ even out my skin tone​, and 3. to reduce the size of my pores. The only thing that it really did for me was minimize my breakouts. However, I don't have a lot of acne so I was disappointed that that was the only thing that it did. Your skin gets drier using this so I would recommend only for oily or regular skin. It kind of makes my makeup go on weird because my skin has a weird texture to it after using this. I definitely wouldn't call this a holy grail item, it didn't really do much for me.

- glossierMore
glossier userJuly 14, 2019

daughter of a dermatologist approved

Ok, so bear with me folks, we're in for a skincare ride. Ever since i was little, like really really little, i've suffered from ALL types of eczema, and i'm vastly familiar with eczema family tree. Typically, my eczema comes in all forms, typically on other regions of my body, however, not my face! I noticed an extremely unusual 'rash' that was red, drying, and extremely textured. I had tried every. dang. thing. cortisone, vitamin E, hundreds of dollars on face creams... Finally, i consulted with my father, the dermatologist, gave me a facetime diagnosis of Seborrheic dermatitis. This was uncharted eczema territory for me. 'WHAT?' 'HOW?' 'WHY?' The explanation wasn't exactly confirmed, however, living in an extremely dry climate, with highly polluted air, unusually high stress levels, and a knack for eczema break outs, i was dealing with an extremely harsh eczema episode. and unfortunately for me this time, it was on my face, and there wasn't a turtleneck chunky enough to hide it. My dad told me to get Zinc soap with my face. I explained, dad, I do not use soap on my face due to the drying effects, and stripping qualities of soap (i use the oil cleansing method with microfiber cloths). he continued, 'well you need zinc!' then i remembered! I had somewhere in my exxxxxtremely packed beauty cabinet, there had to be zinc serum in there! I called on the Super Pure, and with a twice daily application, followed by a moisturizer, and within a DAY. i repeat a SINGLE DAY. i saw a 50% decrease in redness, effected area, and texture. so, maybe you use this post-pizza binging, however, this PURELY halted my Seborrheic dermatitis. THANKS AND GOOD DAY.

- glossierMore


Overall safe Ingredients

Zinc PCAhazard
PEG-12 Dimethiconehazard
Zinc PCAhazard

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