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Stretch Concealer by Glossier

Stretch Concealer

good for under eye(502)
blends well(331)
not creasing(230)
coverage: medium coverage
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i was extremely surprised by how buildable it, and how easily it blended to match my skin tone

- Glossier User

the stretch concealer really adds that extra touch and provides the ability to build more coverage in areas that need extra help

- Glossier User



it's extremely hydrating and does not dry out even after an 8 1/2 hour shift plus my 8 hour days at school

- Glossier User

it feels hydrating when i put it on and it leaves my skin looking flawless and amazing

- Glossier User



i'm not a fan of heavy make-up (much rather that 'no make-up' make-up vibe) and this is absolutely fabulous for that

- Glossier User

i love this so much finally a concealer that doesn't make me look caked and looks exactly like my own skin and covers up imperfections absolutely amazing must have

- Glossier User



it makes my skin look perfectly smooth and bright without looking like i applied any makeup

- Glossier User

it is a super creamy formula, so unless my skin is experiencing super severe dryness, there is never any caking and it goes on smoothly and looks super dewy and natural

- Glossier User



this concealer has an amazing texture - seeped right into the blue patches under my eyes and not only totally covered the dark color but gave a glowy, light-reflecting brightness that i've never seen in a concealer before

- Glossier User

this is so light, yet makes such a difference by lifting and brightening my entire face

- Glossier User


blends well

i love how dewy, blendable and natural this looks

- Glossier User

this was the most surprising of all the glossier products i've tried; it was love at first dab, and i'm still delighted every time i watch it blend seamlessly with my own skin

- Glossier User

under eye

good for under eye

i originally got it for my undereyes but i mostly use it to even out my skin tone and give me a nice dewy but natural finish

- Glossier User

for ladies with lotsa fine lines under your eyes, this is your best bet

- Glossier User


not creasing

i was amazed i didn't need to set it (and my natural eye shape makes creasing really easy) it looks so natural on my face you wouldn't know i'm wearing this

- Glossier User

no creasing and no clumps

- Glossier User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i apply it with my fingers under my eyes, on my pores & breakouts (so almost everywhere lol) and the coverage is good and looks like your skin but better

- Glossier User

buildable but doesn't clog pores or cause more break outs

- Glossier User

color correction

color correcting

i use a peach color corrector underneath for my extremely dark circles and it seems to work the best

- Glossier User

i find i need to combine a color corrector, plus the deep and the dark to get what i need

- Glossier User

staying power


although it does not completely cover up my pimples, it has made me become more confident in having imperfections the concealer stays on all day and truly does stretch with your skin

- Glossier User

i set it with my hd powder from elf and it lasts me all day

- Glossier User


medium coverage

not the stretch concealer, it blends with your skin and makes you look plump and healthy while giving you a light to medium coverage

- Glossier User

(received this as a gift from a friend) honestly this is my favorite light-medium coverage concealer

- Glossier User
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mira userJune 18, 2020

The holy grail of skin products Glossier. My skin is insanely sensitive. My Dr. tells me I have an abundance of histamines and a complexion from Scandinavian folklore. Combination (tends to be dry). Glossier concealer and perfecting tint outshine every single other product I have ever tried.

- miraMore
mira userJune 1, 2020

This is my favorite concealer ive used! I have it in G11. Its perfect if you hate having a lot of makeup on. It seamlessly blends into my natural skin, making it seem like im not wearing any makeup :)

- miraMore
glossier userJanuary 07, 2019


I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE this concealer. I have good skin but if i don't sleep or I'm stressed- BAM. Purple under eye circles. A few times a month I am forced to put concealer on under my eyes and this is the only product that works. My skin is incredibly dry and no matter what concealer I've tried (except for NYX's Gotcha Covered) that doesn't leave my skin looking dry and cakey. These two concealers are for people with DRY skin who want a dewy and fresh look. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP GIVING LOW STAR REVIEWS BECAUSE THEY'RE SALTY THAT GLOSSIER IS FOR WOMEN WITH MINIMAL IMPERFECTIONS. GO USE ANOTHER BRAND OF MAKE UP IF YOU WANT FULL COVERAGE. It's not marketed for people who need high coverage- if you watch the videos and read the description, it's obvious it's for women who don't have blemishes but need a dewy colorant to lightly cover under eyes. It's very frustrating people saying it looks "wet". Glossier obviously caters to women with minimal issues who don't need a whole lot of retouching or women who just simply want their naturalness to shine through (very French chic) while being able to slightly cover areas that need help. If you have oily skin, Google "matte concealer for oily skin". I really hope the reviews Glossier's received doesn't deter them from continuing to make this product or "revamp" it to fit girls who need a matte finish. The only suggestion I have is to have Glossier specifically puts in the product description "concealer for dry skin". And if Glossier continues on an upward hill, maybe having two sections of makeup- one for dry and one for oily skin. I'm ECSTATIC that a company finally is out there where me and my fellow dry skinned ladies can go to get long lasting, dewy fresh skin! I saw Emily (the CEO) on the Hills and thought she was super cool and chic. After trying to find a "Hills" reunion, I found Glossier and am so happy she created this makeup. Glossier is for women who want a minimal approach (easy and simple) when they get up. THANKS!

- glossierMore
mira userDecember 17, 2019

Hoo boy. I wanted to love this. If you like a dewy natural look this may be right up your alley but for a long lasting, full coverage concealer, I do not recommend. It is incredibly oily so it goes on very easily but it also doesn’t stay in place, cover very well, or last very long. And don’t get me started on the creasing on my fine lines. I never knew I had so many lines under my eyes until one hour after I used this product. Not cute. May be good for someone with super dry skin, and potentially might work better with a primer underneath.

- miraMore
mira userMay 7, 2019

love this concealer! so natural but yet i can build it up for more coverage . it blends so nice and gives your under eyes a nice healthy bright glow . 🤗

- miraMore

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