Stretch Concealer by Glossier

Stretch Concealer

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Key Benefits:

  • Buildable
  • Smooth
  • Hydrating
  • Color Correcting
  • Lightweight
  • Brightening
  • Blends Well
  • Good For Under Eye
  • Not Creasing
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glossier user
October 25, 2018

An absolute gem

I am allergic to a cosmetic ingredient called Dimethicone. It dries up my skin so extremely that my skin peels and turns bright red and itchy, and can even bleed. Dimethicone is very common in base products, especially concealers. I searched for weeks but just could not find any that weren't Dimethicone-based. FINALLY I found this one by Glossier and decided to try it out. It was a bit pricey ($20 including shipping) but I was getting desperate so I was willing to pay anything. And honestly, I am so glad I did! I am very fair skinned and the shade light is a near perfect match for me. It is slightly yellow-toned so it is great for covering redness. I use it all over my cheeks and chin, where I tend to flush very red when I get hot/embarrassed/cold/basically anything. The coverage can go from light to medium depending on if you build it up, and it works best blending with fingers. It's very nice on the skin and looks extremely natural, even when I build it up to medium coverage it still does not look like makeup. It covers about 85% of my redness and leaves me looking like I just have a healthy blush instead of looking like a red tomato. In my opinion you have to set it with powder to get the best wear out of it, it is VERY dewy so if you use it on your whole face like I do it will make you look a bit damp if you don't set it (but I suppose that look is in now so whatever floats your boat). I also think this comes with a lot more product than it looks like--When I first saw how shallow the pot was I was kind of shook. But I have been using it heavily on most of my face for just over 2 months now and although there is a noticeable dip in it, I still haven't hit the bottom of the jar yet, so I still have a lot left. The only negative I must add is that it creases when I put it under my eyes. This doesn't bother me because I don't wear concealer there anyways, but if you have a deep under eye crease like me and you wanted this to cover dark circles it might not work.

glossier user
January 07, 2019


I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE this concealer. I have good skin but if i don't sleep or I'm stressed- BAM. Purple under eye circles. A few times a month I am forced to put concealer on under my eyes and this is the only product that works. My skin is incredibly dry and no matter what concealer I've tried (except for NYX's Gotcha Covered) that doesn't leave my skin looking dry and cakey. These two concealers are for people with DRY skin who want a dewy and fresh look. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP GIVING LOW STAR REVIEWS BECAUSE THEY'RE SALTY THAT GLOSSIER IS FOR WOMEN WITH MINIMAL IMPERFECTIONS. GO USE ANOTHER BRAND OF MAKE UP IF YOU WANT FULL COVERAGE. It's not marketed for people who need high coverage- if you watch the videos and read the description, it's obvious it's for women who don't have blemishes but need a dewy colorant to lightly cover under eyes. It's very frustrating people saying it looks "wet". Glossier obviously caters to women with minimal issues who don't need a whole lot of retouching or women who just simply want their naturalness to shine through (very French chic) while being able to slightly cover areas that need help. If you have oily skin, Google "matte concealer for oily skin". I really hope the reviews Glossier's received doesn't deter them from continuing to make this product or "revamp" it to fit girls who need a matte finish. The only suggestion I have is to have Glossier specifically puts in the product description "concealer for dry skin". And if Glossier continues on an upward hill, maybe having two sections of makeup- one for dry and one for oily skin. I'm ECSTATIC that a company finally is out there where me and my fellow dry skinned ladies can go to get long lasting, dewy fresh skin! I saw Emily (the CEO) on the Hills and thought she was super cool and chic. After trying to find a "Hills" reunion, I found Glossier and am so happy she created this makeup. Glossier is for women who want a minimal approach (easy and simple) when they get up. THANKS!

Madeleine Simonds profile photo
Madeleine SimondsMIRA BEAUTY user
December 17, 2019

Hoo boy. I wanted to love this. If you like a dewy natural look this may be right up your alley but for a long lasting, full coverage concealer, I do not recommend. It is incredibly oily so it goes on very easily but it also doesn’t stay in place, cover very well, or last very long. And don’t get me started on the creasing on my fine lines. I never knew I had so many lines under my eyes until one hour after I used this product. Not cute. May be good for someone with super dry skin, and potentially might work better with a primer underneath.

glossier user
October 17, 2018

OBSESSED -Most natural looking concealer *no, but really*

Not going to lie after watching a makeup tutorial on YouTube using this concealer, I was skeptical. However, after day one I knew I would be ordering this many more times! I have combination skin and have always had problematic acne, both hormonal and irritative acne from makeup products. What I really enjoy about this product is that it's fragrance-free and I never see acne pop up after using it, if anything my skin feels smoother and more hydrated. Below I've listed pros/tips/things to consider with this product based on person experience so you can make the best choice for yourself. Cheers! PROs: *Light weight look & feel. On the weekends I'll use only this to cover my under eyes and blemishes/ healing scars after using a primer. It feels as if I'm not wearing makeup and gives a natural polished look. I feel much more comfortable going in public and doing outdoor activities with this on *Simple. Works great on top of moisturizer (definitely give your skin 5 minutes to absorb your primer/moisturizer/foundation base before you layer this concealer). *Natural Glow. Works great as a natural glowing highlighter (inside eyes, top of cheek bones, and eyebrow bone) *Last thing I do before I walk out the door. This is what I do to finish off my full face routine during the week when I go into the office. I like how it looks right after I finish my makeup and surprisingly, even after a full day on top of my favorite powder foundation. In my experience, if you want this to stay longer, I'd highly recommend using a powder foundation underneath or placing a finishing powder on top. If you put powder on top you may loose the 'glow', which is why I prefer using powder underneath. Depends on what you're looking for! Things To Keep In Mind: *Not a full/medium coverage *Can look oily/too shiny later in the day w/o a matte base of some sort *May not cover protruding acne on the skin but covers flat surfaces well *May be good to bring this with you and touch-up occasionally

Abby Mejia profile photo
Abby MejiaMIRA BEAUTY user
May 7, 2019

love this concealer! so natural but yet i can build it up for more coverage . it blends so nice and gives your under eyes a nice healthy bright glow . 🤗

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i don’t know if it’s “drugstore” but this one is super creamy and hydrating but it’s not full coverage.

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Glossier stretch concealer