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Lip Gloss by Glossier

Lip Gloss

not sticky(299)
hydrates lips(151)
pigmentation: sheer
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Top Reviews

chapped lips

hydrates lips

not only this, but also it leaves your lips looking plump and glassy

- Glossier User

it's not super sticky, it's actually kind of moisturizing, and it makes my lips look like glass

- Glossier User

staying power


it stays on for life and keeps my lips moisturized too, so it's a perfect comfort putting this on to start my day :)

- Glossier User

this one just glides on and stays on

- Glossier User



it really is the glossiest and has a medium thick texture that lasts and moisturizes your lips

- Glossier User

this gloss is amazing especially for women of color i definitely recommend if you love a thick consistency love love love

- Glossier User


not sticky

not only is the lip gloss not sticky and very long wearing, but it has a really nice light sweet smell that i totally love, and it doesn't make my lips look darker which is awesom since i already naturally have very pigmented lips

- Glossier User

it gives that incredible wet look without being sticky or gooey

- Glossier User



it feels light, gives a thick gloss effect, so smooth, makes lips look smoother, a little goes a long way, definitely recommend, also not as sticky as other lip glosses i've used before

- Glossier User

it feels heavy and when i say heavy i mean heavy, girl

- Glossier User



it has a great texture - thick but smooth, not goopy or super sticky like some glosses

- Glossier User

it's so smooth on the skin and looks so nice

- Glossier User



the packaging is aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic, and you can see how translucent it is through the tube

- Glossier User

i give this a good pat on my top lip and rub my lips together after putting on a sheer layer of lipstick

- Glossier User
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mira userOctober 16, 2019

I don’t know what makes this lipgloss so different from other clear glosses, but it’s SO GOOD. It has the slightest healthy pink tint, lasts forever, moisturizes, and just looks amazing.

- miraMore
mira userOctober 19, 2019

Long lasting shine, not sticky at all, and doesn’t smear when eating.

- miraMore
glossier userOctober 17, 2018

THE best lipgloss. Period.

Ok I own MOST things glossier makes...but this product wasn't something I felt a huge need to buy for a long time. I thought "it's a clear lipgloss, how special or different could It be?!" I ordered it last week on a whim just cuz I'm dabbling in getting into lipgloss for spring. It is HANDS DOWN the best lipgloss out there. It's SO SO SO shiny. Like glass. Literally. The absolute shiniest I've ever experienced. But the texture is so lightweight and not sticky at all. Lipgloss by nature isn't long wearing but I found this one to last longer than any other I've tried. So glad I ordered it, no other gloss holds a candle to glossier! Side note: I wish it came in an enormous tube cuz I'm already hooked.

- glossierMore
glossier userOctober 17, 2018


It states 'no gluey feeling, no stickiness' - but it is one of the stickiest lip glosses I have ever used. I normally used Lip Injection Extreme by Too Faced, and I find that to be way less sticky and more comfortable on the lips once the plumping feeling has worn off. The good things about this product are the packaging (it's very cute but a bit small, like travel size) and that it is long lasting.

- glossierMore
glossier userOctober 17, 2018

WONDERFUL and looks so good !!!

I got this lip gloss in the mail today (PTL!) about five days earlier than it was originally expected to come in, which is so so cool!! I normally expect transparent lip glosses with this kind of applicator to be reallllly sticky, but it's not at all! It's so nourishing and soft when you put it on, it feels kind of velvet-y (in a good way). Not to mention, it's SO pretty and naturally glossy, but just enough shine to make it noticeable that you're wearing gloss on your lips without the color. It's really great for everyday, natural makeup (or no makeup, of course) looks! I've had it on for a while today and it hasn't diminished a bit. That includes wearing it while drinking on things, too, which is super impressive. It's proven so far to be long-lasting, naturally glossy instead of shimmery, and very hydrating! This is a lovely product and I will certainly be buying some for my friends as gifts and recommending it to everyone!! Thank you Glossier for blessing us. xo

- glossierMore


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Hi! I’m looking for a lip gloss that’s thick and long lasting. Any recommendations? I’ve tried a few drugstore and pricey ones but nothing lasts long enough. #lipgloss
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hi alyssa! i personally love the glossier lip gloss. they last super long and look very shiny on the lips.
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Does anyone know some lipglosses/lipsticks to create the k beauty lip look that is affordable? #kbeauty #affordable
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I really like glossier’s lipgloss. A little goes a long way
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what is your all time-favorite makeup product?
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amazing for my lips!! lightweight and not sticky! you can still eat without it getting messed up! 11/10 recommend:)
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What is everyone’s favorite brand? Mines too faced😁
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Does anyone have a red lip color that isn’t too bold? I just want something chill enough to wear to class or out for lunch. I’m chill with any form: stick, floss, liquid, etc.
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SensitiveSensitive Skin
This lip gloss comes in red! Not too bold, and a super silky texture.
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What’s a good lipgloss or lipstick for dry dry lips?
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recommend some cheap glosses/ falsies
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my everyday products for glowing skin
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my go-to for glossy lips... #glossier
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Any lip gloss recommendations? (Something affordable)
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