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Lidstar by Glossier


not creasing(72)
pigmentation: sheer
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staying power


stays on all day and feels like nothing is there

- Glossier User

i love the fact that this is so easy- one swipe, you blend with a finger, and it lasts all day

- Glossier User


not creasing

this does exactly what it promises--applies evenly, stays on literally all day with no creasing or flaking, and it's a really pretty glow, not glitter

- Glossier User

nothing ever stays put on my lids without creasing, its so nice to have these for everyday now

- Glossier User



i rly wanted to like this but it doesn't show up like at all :( rubs right off when i try to blend and takes a ton of product to be noticeable

- Glossier User

again, immediately patchy

- Glossier User



it goes on super sheer which i love for a subtle look but it's also layerable

- Glossier User

i have it in lily and love the sheerness and sheen and it lasts all day

- Glossier User
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glossier userMarch 07, 2018

New "every day" look.

I was so excited about this launch - all of the colors look so divine. I settled on Fawn, a mauve taupe, and Moon, a sheer opalescent glow. They are infinitely blendable together and I love the color they make together, as well. I put on Moon as an all-over wash of rainbow-y shine (purple, pink, yellow, light blue) and Fawn around the eyeline to give some depth. I put them on with NO primer and pat it out with my finger and it stays on alllllll day with no creasing. It's definitely my new everyday eye look and gives a perfect shadow around the eye without looking too dark. I can't wait to get more colors and can't wait to see what colors come out next! Thanks Glossier for another amazing product!

- glossierMore
glossier userMarch 17, 2018

WORST eyeshadow I have EVER used

Got the colours Moon and Cub....honestly I can't believe I actually spent money on this and it wasn't from a pound shop. I was expecting a sheerer pigmentation than my other cream eyeshadows but this literally has just about 0. And the pigmentation it does have blends away into absolutely nothing because it's such a oily hot mess. When you apply the applicator doesn't apply it smoothly, and when you try to blend it out with your fingers it disappears COMPLETELY in patches. It literally feels like you are applying oil onto your eyelids that is impossible to get a seamless glow; it's an oily, hot mess. When it dries it's a patch hot mess. And that's after me attempting it five different times, with and without primer and with and without other eyeshadow. I have a couple of other products from glossier (boybrow, blush) which I genuinely enjoy but this has got to be the worst makeup product i have bought in 2018 and all of 2017.

- glossierMore
glossier userJune 04, 2018

This stuff is ahead of its time

I feel like a lot of people upset in the reviews might not understand what the Lidstars are about. Glossier was smart to call them "eye glows" rather than eye shadows, because there isn't enough pigment in the ones I got to cast a bit of shadow (I have Moon, Slip, and Lily). They glow on my eyes; there's no better way to describe it. They're glittery watercolor paints. They're completely sheer, and that's what so great about them. I'm a person who likes a hint of color in my makeup, nothing too obvious. The Lidstars look the way one single swipe of Clinique eye shadow looks: shimmery, just a hint of color, the barest little whisper that you might have something tinting your eyelids. The difference, and the utter magic of the Lidstars, is that that little shimmery hint of color lasts all day, and I mean for 15+ hours in heat and humidity. With other eye shadows you have to either wear primer and build color to the point that it looks like you're WEARING EYE SHADOW, or you have to accept that your thin veil of shadow will evaporate in an hour. With Lidstar, my pretty wash of color lasts all day. It could not be easier to apply, and it's impossible to screw up because it's so sheer: I put a dab on my ring finger, smoosh the dab between my two ring fingers, and smear the product on my eyelids. I don't even need a mirror to do it. It dries by the time I blink. I have oily, hooded lids, and it doesn't move or crease all day. As for the colors, Moon isn't champagne at all on me - it's more of a sheer, pale gold with blue shimmer, depending on the angle. Slip is closer to a pale rose gold on me. Lily is a soft lavender/lilac color with some more blue shimmer, and it's definitely the glitteriest of the shades I've tried. (I'm skin tint light/med, dark brown hair, blue eyes, cool-tones, for reference). Lidstar makes me feel like I've painted tiny, glittery watercolor galaxies all over my eyes. Glossier, don't ever change.

- glossierMore
glossier userMarch 05, 2018

Crease-proof after hours with no primer!

I love the fact that this is so easy- one swipe, you blend with a finger, and it lasts ALL DAY. I wore this for over 10 hours the first time with no primer and I was shocked that it didn't crease at all. I deff prefer the darker shades cause they sheer out after blending!!!!

- glossierMore
glossier userMay 24, 2018

New Favorite

Love this!! I tried in store at the new LA location and it's the perfect easy stay all day eyeshadow. I love that the liquid application allows for intense pigmentation. It's easy to blend before it dries, but once it dries it really stays put all day! I was so surprised. I have folded eyelids so almost everything creases on me, but this really doesn't! It stays bright and fresh all day long and it's my new favorite every day eyeshadow. I tried "cub" and it's a beautiful rose gold that brings out lots of warm hues in my light eyes. Definitely going to be trying other colors in the future!

- glossierMore


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