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Lash Slick by Glossier

Lash Slick

not clumping(157)
not smudging(113)
look: everyday
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not clumping

it lengthens and lashes don't clump

- Glossier User

no clump

- Glossier User


not smudging

doesn't smudge or flake

- Glossier User

my lashes look long and fluttery, and the best part is that it does not smudge (and everything smudges on my oily lids)

- Glossier User



it looks very natural, but still provides volume and length; it holds a curl, though i definitely have to use an eyelash curler first; lash slick is super easy to remove, but it lasts all day: i can take a nap and still wake up with perfect lashes

- Glossier User

this is a really great mascara that lengthens and doesn't clump at all

- Glossier User

staying power


i found this mascara works the best for me, goes on smoothly, lasts all day, lifts my lashes, gives a natural look and does not smudge at all

- Glossier User

it stays on all day without clumping or flaking, but comes off like a dream when you wash your face in the evening

- Glossier User



expensive mascara is usually either too much volume and makes my lashes look fake or it makes them look spidery

- Glossier User

i have naturally thick lashes and this really lengthens them without making them overly thick and clumpy

- Glossier User



it looks really natural, feels soft to the touch and lightweight but yet it actually gives very good length, darkness and thickness with some curl (i don't curl my lashes)

- Glossier User

honestly, i'm not seeing the curling effect everybody's raving about (possibly because i'm scandi, we tend to have really straight hair) but it does make my eyelashes look nicely enhanced yet natural, making this perfect for everyday use

- Glossier User


not waterproof

any waterproof mascara holds curl for me, and i had high hopes for this one, but within about ten seconds of application my lashes were weighed down

- Glossier User

i have hooded lids that tend to run oily, so i always have to use waterproof mascara

- Glossier User



not only, does it look natural (it truly does look like you have extensions), but it goes on so flawlessly without any clumps and actually coats your individual lashes

- Glossier User

i definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a natural looking mascara

- Glossier User
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glossier userJune 19, 2018

Puppy Lashes!!

My dog has the longest lashes in the world, I swear- and Lash Slick gives me those puppy lashes! In the past, I loved the look of mascaras, but despised taking them off because it involved losing at least 7 eyelashes, red under-eyes, and stubborn mascara burrowed into the creases of my eyes the next morning. As a result, I specifically appreciate the fact that not only does Lash Slick stay on, but it also wipes off easily, with no black gunk the morning after. Aside from that, Lash Slick definitely won't be for everyone: it's more defining and lengthening than volumizing, and it's a fiber mascara with a stopper that definitely cleans off the brush so it isn't over-loaded. Some people like a lot of product, and Lash Slick, while buildable, cannot physically become clumpy because the brush won't have enough product on it. For me, that's a plus. For others, maybe not. Regardless, I found Lash Slick to be easy to apply (the well-cleaned off brush eliminated the issue of getting mascara all over my eyelids), long-wearing, dark, and lengthening. If I was going for a smokey eye, this isn't the mascara I'd choose; however, I, like many other Glossier shoppers, am not in the habit of wearing smokey eyes or winged eyeliners regularly, making a pretty, doe-eyed, puppy-lashed look more than enough; I find that sometimes full-drama mascara looks overpowering on an otherwise bare face. My only gripe with the product, and this is a small one, is that sometimes I would get a fiber at the very tip of my lash at a weird angle, making it look a little spidery, but that has more to do with application than the product itself. Overall, I already have and will continue to recommend this to friends, especially to those who like to wear just mascara on a daily basis.

- glossier
mira userDecember 3, 2019

This is my go to everyday product. Ever since I tried it the first time I haven’t gone to another one since. It’s very long lasting and natural looking. My lashes look full and long when I apply this. And I’m aware I said it doesn’t clump and then put clumping as a con, what I meant by that is that while it doesn’t clump if you do put too much you start to get what I call “spider lashes”. No weird mascara chunks just your lashes sticking together, looking as if you have 3 big doll lashes on your eyes. Almost like you glued them together. I only found this out when testing out the build up but don’t worry it will take far too many coats for my liking for that to happen.

- mira
glossier userMay 15, 2018

Not for straight lashes

CONS Agh. I really wanted to like this. I'm Korean and have thin, straight, short, sparse lashes that need to be curled before mascara in order to look like they exist. To date I have only found one formula that holds the curl instead of weighing my lashes back down to straight within seconds—Maybelline's Falsies. It's not the best formula out there (kind of flaky formula + clunky brush that holds too much product for a completely smudge-free, clump-free application), but I've tried so many "better" ones that just won't hold my curled lashes for some reason. The problem with this mascara (for me) is that, while the brush and formula REALLY deliver on their promises to lengthen and define, my lashes drooped before I finished a single coat, and, therefore, totally disappeared. The only way I was able to make it work was to curl again after it dried a little, but that creates clumps that weren't there beforehand. Maybe that can be prevented by waiting until they're completely dry before re-curling, but then this very "everyday" mascara wouldn't be so "everyday" for me anymore. PROS They did looked beautifully long and "wispy" and "enhanced" in the few seconds before they dropped. LOL. And the brush makes it really easy to apply to BOTH upper and lower lashes without smudging. CONCLUSIKN Idk. I like the lengthening/defining power of this mascara enough to give it one more shot with a longer wait time before recurling. But if that becomes too impractical, I'm returning. Turns out that, like most Glossier products, this looks the best on people who are already naturally blessed (this time, in the curly lash department). Side note: scary that Glossier has the power to make me mindlessly purchase this product, then justify kind of ridiculous extra steps just to keep using it even though it's flawed)

- glossier
mira userOctober 16, 2019

Not exactly waterproof but definitely water resistant, it’s lengthening and volumizing without that overly thick mascara look. Builds well with a few coats and holds a curl! My every day holy grail.

- mira
mira userOctober 23, 2019

I love this mascara, it's perfect for everyday use! It's not too dramatic and gives a subtle and natural look for long lashes without the clumping. It isn't water proof, but it does not smudge throughout the day and is easy to take off at the end of the day.

- mira


Overall safe Ingredients

Stearic Acidacne
CI 77266hazard
Cire D'abeilleacneirritant
Alcohol Denatirritanthazard
Aminomethyl propanolhazard
Butylene Glycolacne

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